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Rules For Writing An Essay In College

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The majority of notable universities require students to write a biography and submit it alongside their applications. Although it seems like an assignment and will require a significant amount of hard work, it will come in handy in the long run.

Admission panels deem the high school grades and exam scores of applying students more significant while determining the acceptance or rejection of their applications.

However, lots of worthy applicants with identical grades and test scores submit their applications to these notable colleges, and are usually too many to accept.

Therefore, to pick the best applicants amongst the multitude, they use their essays alongside letters of recommendation and after-school activities.

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Many students do not know the essay writing rules and regulations they need to follow to help them stand out from other applicants.

However, to gain an edge over other applicants, don’t sound too smart while composing such an article as that is not entirely necessary. In this review, we will discuss the basic essay writing rules required to help you gain admission to your preferred college.

The following are rules to follow while composing standard college essays:

  • Begin as early as possible;
  • Use proper formats for your essay;
  • Choose the right essay outline;
  • Write an essay that would serve as an extension of your application;
  • Write according to the instructed number of words;
  • Use proper illustration methods;
  • Grab the attention of the marker in the first paragraph;
  • Write with a joint theme if you are writing a vignette college essay;
  • Write with a single focus if you are writing a narrative college essay;
  • Do not rephrase.

essay writing rules

1. Begin as Early as Possible

To ensure that your article is well written ahead of the deadline, start jotting down as early as you can. Doing this will give you an edge as you can go through it over and over again to remove or add more relevant words. Besides that, starting early would give you enough time to show it to your teachers or colleagues for further improvements.

2. Use Proper Formats for Your Essay

Based on the essay writing rules tips, ensure that the layout of your article is straightforward, as university administrators are required to work promptly.

Therefore, using fancy formats and unique letterings might put the admission officers off as they could be hard and time-wasting to read. Besides that, avoid using writing formats like italics if you are submitting your article into a textbox as it might not display in the box.

Additionally, it will be clearer for a college administrator to read your biography if its letters are 1.5 or double-spaced. Aside from that, ensure that you make use of PDF if you want to attach a file to your essay. It is not necessary to add a title, but you can include it if it will serve a significant purpose in the biography.

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3. Choose the Right Essay Outline

After choosing a title, which is optional, plan your article’s trajectory before you commence writing. Such a trajectory includes the best way to start your writing, the body of the essay, and its conclusion.

Do you intend to outline your biography chronologically? Or a jam-packed way whereby you introduce a title or point, talk about something else, and return to the initial point at the end? There are several alternatives but ensure that you observe the structure of your writing before you begin.

Additionally, according to the rules for essay writing, you are meant to arrange your ideas in an outline. However, your writing does not need to be based on your outline alone, as you can add notable points as well.

Besides that, if you notice that your chosen structure isn’t good enough, you can try another idea. To end up with a proper college standard essay, it is vital to have numerous drafts of the particular article. This is because you will be able to compare the points and select the relevant ones for the original biography.

4. Write an Essay That Would Serve as An Extension of Your Application

The University administrator can discover a lot about students by going through their high school records and official assessment results. However, your biography would serve as an opportunity to convince the admission panel that you are a standout student.

While composing such an article, do not forget that you have already written a bit about yourself in your application. Therefore, write the essay to provide personal information that is not present in your application to the administrator.

Other things you can go with are several observations and experiences that might not have been significant to you during their moments of occurrence. However, while writing about such things, you are required to portray your real character to make it sound more realistic.

If you still don’t understand the grammar rules for writing an essay of this nature, we recommend that you try the following procedures:

  • Write about a particular achievement you hold high regard for;
  • Write about a goal you aim to achieve in ten years;
  • Write about the most difficult encounter you ever had.


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5. Write According to The Instructed Number of Words

You can’t put your whole life story into a 650-word college essay, so avoid adding too many points to your articles. Although, according to the rules of essay writing in college, the word count is always confined, it’s best to write precisely and persuasively.

Rather than trying to impress the reader with the entire summary of your high school life, concentrate on illustrative and relevant occurrences. We have an article about essay writing rules. You can look it up for comprehensive essay knowledge.

6. Use Proper Illustration Methods

According to the rules for writing a college essay, it must include details that would make the reader connect with the thoughts of the writer perfectly. For instance, anybody could claim to be adventurous, but only you can describe the feeling of driving a speed boat for the first time.

Writing such experiences would sound more realistic and personal to the reader and also show that you are adventurous. We have article about resume mistakes, so ou can go through it for proper article help.

7.  Grab The Attention of The Marker In The First Paragraph

Every year, most college administrators read over 1,000 applications, and if they are not well started, they are likely to get skipped over. To make yours exceptional and follow the rules for writing a formal essay, ensure that it is written according to the essay rules of writing.

Begin your biography non-passively and in the present tense so that it draws the mind of the reader to a particular time frame and location.

Use the opening paragraph of your article to outline the body of your unique biography in the sense that it summarizes what is to come. Grab the attention of whoever is to read your article from the first paragraph to avoid it being skipped over.

8. Write With a Joint Theme for a Vignette College Essay

While writing a vignette article, do it according to the rules of writing an essay. Structure your article in a manner that you make use of a common theme in explaining various occurrences that are not similar.

For instance, you could complete it based on several occurrences where you were able to make a good omen out of a bad one. However, ensure that every experience you write connects to the theme of the article.

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9. Write With a Single Focus for a Narrative College Essay

Structure your writing according to rules for writing a college essay while writing a narrative college biography. Focus on a particularly relevant story that portrays several elements of your personality. While writing in this structure, the theme of your essay must be written based on a partially brief event. Explain the details of the event bit by bit.

You could mention the moment you were part of a beauty pageant in middle school, high school freshmen year, and senior high school. Each of these events can be used to illustrate an element of your character.

In this article, you can also learn how to make an outline for a narrative essay.

10. Do Not Rephrase

While writing a college application essay, you must avoid rephrasing your points. Besides that, none of your points must contradict another.

Aside from that, while structuring your college biography, don’t outline your test scores, school grades, or accolades as they are already in your applications. We have an article about online vs. in-person tutoring. You can read through to know the best help to seek to improve your skills.

Key Takeaways

Even though a college essay might seem like a difficult assignment, doing it right would serve its purpose eventually. Therefore, study the proper ways of doing it to have the edge over other college applicants.

You can also read our article about online vs in-person tutoring.


What are the rules for a college essay?

  1. Begin as early as possible;
  2. Use proper formats for your essay;
  3. Choose the right essay outline;
  4. Write an essay that would serve as an extension of your application;
  5. Write according to the instructed number of words;
  6. Use proper illustration methods;
  7. Grab the attention of the marker in the first paragraph;
  8. Write with a joint theme if you are writing a vignette college essay;
  9. Write with a single focus if you are writing a narrative college essay;
  10. Do not rephrase.

What should you avoid when writing a college essay?

Avoid the normal 5 paragraph rule you were taught in high school while writing a college essay, as the structure is entirely different. Besides that, do not write beyond the word count.


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