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Why High School Doesn’t Matter: Is College Better?

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“I was the head of the soccer team. The world better be ready for the upcoming Ronaldo.”

Now, hold on a minute. Okay, so maybe it’s possible to go boom in FIFA and earn a golden ticket to college, but who said anything about high school determining Romeo?

As crazy as it sounds, people believe high school determines the future. Unfortunately for little Ronaldo, Einstein, and Juliet, high school will have as much effect on their lives as pouring water on a fish.

So Does It?

Of course, it does! Nobody said high school is useless, but statistics say it only affects your future by about twenty percent.

Yes, you must read and not even think about dropping out. You have to stay put and go through everything you meet there, from waking up early, missing the bus, facing the bullies, doing tons of homework, and bagging detention to waiting for the bell that indicates the end of school.

Then, you walk home to the same cycle of loads of assignments and chores before watching TV and finally going to bed. But you see, everything you go through in high school shouldn’t bother you too much because that’s where it all ends.

We are trying to say that high school does matter, but not so much that you would beat yourself up about it.

Why High School Doesn’t Matter

“When I was in junior high school, the teachers voted me the student most likely to end up in the electric chair.” — Sylvester Stallone.

You see, people spend the whole of elementary education yearning for middle school and the whole of middle dreading high school, even before they get to have a taste.

Yeah, sure, high school is terrible. But it’s so temporary that it almost doesn’t matter what happens there.

To be honest, the only major thing you could bring out of high school that could help you is your GPA. But you’re eventually going to figure out why high school GPA doesn’t matter. Do you know why?

It’s because that, too, expires when you eventually gain admission into college. And you’re going to meet hundreds of other little prominent champions who did much better than you.

And that’s it. That’s just about it!

After High School, then What?

Then, the real thing begins. It won’t take long for any student to realize that everything changes once you’re out of high school.

You might want to ask why high school doesn’t matter after graduation. But quite frankly, it’s a question you’ll answer once you enter college (i.e., for those planning to go to college).

The “On Your Own” phenomenon

In college, nobody, I mean absolutely nobody, cares about what brand of jeans you wear, what purse you buy, how much you have, how many medals you’ve earned, or even how many pop quizzes you’ve won. Nobody cares about that. And anybody who does care is a Nobody.



College usually determines whether you will be responsible because now you’re free. No five o’clock alarms or eight o’clock bedtimes. Everything that happens to you depends on how you want it to happen.

This is also one of the reasons why high school doesn’t matter compared to college. Because it’s in college that everything begins. It’s here you realize whether you’re a quick machine, a slow and steady English Queen, a public speaker, or a writer.

Signs of these traits begin to show in high school, but they don’t bloom until the free breeze of college caresses your heart and brain.


You’d be shocked at the very little attention you get from those hot dudes, although you were in the cheerleading squad.

You might also wonder why girls or boys aren’t flocking around to touch your hair and wipe your feet. The answer put simply, is Maturity.

Students tend to display their childish behaviors still when they get into college. But it’s always temporary and doesn’t usually last more than a month.

In a bid to adapt to the new environment and systems, the brain develops, and you find yourself dropping some nasty habits you once considered wonderful.


New, Meaningful Relationships

I’m not saying high school friendships always don’t go beyond the gates. I’m saying that only about five percent do.

As your brain matures, so does behaviour. Your likes and dislikes change, and you eventually realize that you and Maddie might not be Best Friends Forever after all.

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Real-Life Benefits of High School

“Let’s face it. No kid in high school feels as though they fit in.” — Stephen King

First, we must know what ‘High School’ is, right? In layman’s words, it is the educational institution you proceed to after middle classes, usually from grade nine to twelve.

Okay, so maybe that might not exactly be layman’s language, but I’m sure it hits the nail on the head well enough. To say that High School isn’t important is to say that water isn’t important. It is important, especially for the following reasons.

Easier College Admission

Okay, everyone knows that you have ninety-nine points nine percent chance of not gaining admission into college without a reasonable GPA (Grade Point Average), especially if your college of choice is Harvard University or Yale. To earn a result that you can defend, High School exists as the best’ place’ to make that happen.

Unveiling of Future Ambitions

“I want to be a Doctor, like my Daddy.” “I’ll be a cop and fight the bad guys with my gun.” “I want to be a pilot to fly around the world.”

Anyone would recognize these as the words of average elementary pupils. But how many of them become what they claim they want to be? Not many, that’s how.

The fact is, elementary and middle education levels are a little too early to decide what field of life a child should take. And college is a little too late. Actually, college is very late.

However, during those years, your mental and psychological capacity has grown so that you can decide the field of life that suits you.

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Job Seeking


For those unable to secure admission into college, putting a high school on resume is one solution to the problem. Some jobs don’t require a college diploma to get.

For example, you could be a Nanny or Mailman without going to college or even a Gaming manager.

There are also resume writing services that could make this part a little easier. Information about how to go about hiring a resume writing service is available online as a separate article if you need one.

Key Takeaways

“I went through a lot of battles in high school.” – LeBron James

High School is the educational institution from which you graduate from middle school, usually beginning from grade nine to grade twelve, and it doesn’t have to be hell. In fact, it could be the best years of your childhood.

  • High School does matter, but not so much that it decides how your future will turn out
  • In gaining easy and assured admission into college, passing through High School without failing is very crucial.
  • It’s in high school you begin to know the Profession you want to pursue.
  • The only major reason your GPA during those years is important is to ensure you get admission into college. But then again, not everyone who passed wants to go to college.
  • Another way your GPA could benefit you is if you are looking for a job in high school. But with a college degree, employers don’t need your GPA.
  • In college, nobody cares about your achievements or failures. Your school achievements on your resume matter only when you intend to include them for a better placement than you think. You’ll find an article related to this topic for further explanation.
  • You become mentally and psychologically mature in college, and you find yourself cutting off from the people of your past to accommodate the people of your present.


Does high school actually matter?

Yeah, but not half as much as college does. Because in high school, you are just getting started. And about ninety percent of what you start in high school ends at the school gate.

Do high school grades matter in life?

They do, but only temporarily. An example is a period of securing college admission. Another is when you need a job, and your only credential is your GPA.

However, those with college degrees can put High School off resume when creating one. An article related to this topic is available on our site.

Is high school incorrect?

No, it isn’t. Although some might consider it irrelevant, this is not enough justification for skipping the process because it has the advantage it offers students.

Do employers care about GPA?

Well, most people consider skills and experience more than GPA. This is not to say that you shouldn’t work hard for a good result. More information about this is provided in another article available on our site.

Why is college not like high school?

Simple. High school is merely a preparation for the journey of the academic part of your life, while college is the first big step in that journey.

Not just that, High School comes with rules and policies that you have no choice but to follow. College, on the other hand, is another word for freedom.


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