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AmeriCorps on Resume: How to Put It? Does It Look Good?

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AmeriCorps is a program that gets its support from the federal government of U.S. corporations, foundations, and other sponsors. It was formed by the 1993 National and community service Act but first became functional in 1994. It is aimed at providing help to people and meeting community needs. Members are entrusted with Full-time or part-time posts which are given by nonprofit organizations as well as agencies belonging to the public.

The program is targeted at overseeing fields such as health care, education, environment, etc. Around 75,000 Americans are employed in it each year. Members are compensated with living allowances, Education awards, and Loan forgiveness. They also enjoy assistance such as work experience and skills development. Research carried out showed that AmeriCorps made strong civic attitudes and sentiments thus enabling members to select public service careers.

How to Put AmeriCorps on Resume: The Best Ways to List It

Writing a kickass resume can sometimes be a hustle especially when you want it to be in line with the job description. You could also be thinking of the job experiences to put into your resume. If you are wondering how to list AmeriCorps on resume then this guide is for you.

Designing an excellent AmeriCorps resume can take up to weeks just to impress the employer. From the research that was carried out, it was noted that employers only take about 5-7 seconds to have a look at one resume. The following are ways in which AmeriCorps can be included in a Resume:

Adding contact information to your AmeriCorps Resume

A journey of a thousand miles begins with only a single step. It’s good to take small sure steps than a whole task. You should break down the list as this will give you an aspect of accomplishment. Thus the first important thing to be considered is your contact information.

  1. Name: This is the first thing that you should ensure appears on your resume. Since it is the very first thing that the employer will see, one should make sure it is as impressive as possible. Writing it using a larger font will achieve this since the employer will not even need to struggle to look for it. The few seconds that he will spend to have a glance at your resume matter a lot as the employer will want to know who you are.
  2. Address: It is important to include the address of the area or state where you reside especially if you intend to apply at a local area. If you are applying outside your area or state of residence, then you can go ahead and omit the home address. There are some employers who will ignore the applicants with an address that is outside the state.
  3. Social Media: We are living in a world of technology and social media falls under this. Social media has a big role to play in our daily lives. There are various handles that one can indulge in. May you choose to have your LinkedIn profile, ensure you update your information more often. This will make it remain relevant.
  4. Adding relevant Education to your Resume.

This is an important section in one’s resume and you should ensure you include it. Most of the employers will use a lot of time to have a look at this section as compared to the other sections of AmeriCorps NCCC resume. Therefore it’s obvious you will be needed to make it as brilliant and precise as possible.

The following are things you will want to mention in your education segment:

  • The date and year of graduation.
  • The Name of the school where you studied.
  • Grade point Average although it can be optional.
  • Any Education certificates that are related to work.
  • The graduate degree.

Employees will normally search for something quite different from your education section. It is always good to include something that you feel will be of importance to them. Ensure that you go through all the requirements of education mentioned in the job description. What they are looking for should be included in this section. In addition, you can add ROTC on resume.

  1. Innovate an AmeriCorps volunteer skills segment on your Resume

In this section, you may want to mention the position’s job description that you are applying for. You may include in your Resume only those skills which match or are relevant to the job you are looking for. You may look at some resume examples of AmeriCorps vista volunteers before you begin on the job search. They may assist in a big way. When you are listing the skills, you ought to include the most noticeable or distinguished skills. Don’t forget to be honest with whichever skills you possess.

  1. Naming the AmeriCorps volunteer experience

Sometimes it can be tough settling on what to mention on the job experience section. Various factors need to be considered when it comes to the experience. They include; the kind of job you are interested in applying for and how much experience you have. It is important to note that any experience that you mention should be in line with the post you are applying for. Include enough details when mentioning about the responsibilities assigned in the previous working station.

When to Include AmeriCorps on your Resume


The photo was taken from the Green River Area Development District

Being an AmeriCorps alumnus, one possesses competitive skills that the employers are exactly looking for. This goes an extra mile in building your network. Its important to include the AmeriCorps in your resume as this will create your network with influential employers. The following are the circumstances when one can include AmeriCorps on the Resume:

AmeriCorps can be included in the section of the “Experience” in the profile. Here, you add at least 3 points that tell more about your achievements. It is important to mention a short description of the program that you worked with.

There are several attributes that one acquires through being a member of AmeriCorps. These qualities are exactly what the employers are normally looking for. They will definitely give you an upper hand and make you outstanding. Some of these values include:

  • Adaptability – Being able to adapt with a lot of ease;
  • Initiative – Ability to ensure that the work is done well;
  • Accountability – Ability to be obligated to a certain task and answerable for;
  • Interpersonal and Intercultural communication – Displaying ability to communicate well and cooperate with others.

Does AmeriCorps Look Good on a Resume?

One thing goes without saying- Adding AmeriCorps on the resume makes one outstanding and uniquely different from others. A good impression is worth a million other words. It speaks volumes and does wonders. Committing to the service is a character that is highly appreciated by most employers if not all.

AmeriCorps positions are normally an entrance to acquiring the state jobs. One stands a high chance when those opportunities emerge. It provides a very brilliant experience although one has to be involved in the culture of the national service in order to be successful.

AmeriCorps allows one to gain relevant knowledge and skills in the area of expertise one is about to be in. For instance in data entry, one learns how to key in data in the computer either using alphabets, numeric or even symbols.

AmeriCorps is absolutely free as it does not demand any fees from people. Young people get the opportunities to enroll in the short-term courses that help them greatly.

AmeriCorps provides the members with worthy experience that assist them in careers like forestry and conservation as they participate in activities that relate to them.

AmeriCorps as a program helps people and organizations to eradicate poverty and make communities stronger.

AmeriCorps on Your LinkedIn

As a federal agency, AmeriCorps connect the people and assemble them together in order to find solutions to the problems facing the country.

LinkedIn is an important tool as it offers a networking and path for the career platform. Due to this networking, one is likely to get good opportunities. LinkedIn groups are one that is greatly endorsed. These groups create a network with professionals who are in the relevant industries. They are simply a center of mentors, looking for jobs, hiring unemployed people etc.

It is important to be active members in these LinkedIn groups if you are looking forward to being hired one day. You are free to be a member of up to 50 LinkedIn groups. Also, check our guide on LinkedIn profile formatting.

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