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How to Include DoorDash on Your Resume

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In today’s world, where individuals prioritize autonomy and freedom, many are turning to gig or temp jobs. Some companies, such as DoorDash, hire independent drivers in cities across the United States for part-time and even full-time work.

You are frequently torn about whether something is relevant enough to include on your resume. “Experience is the teacher of all things,” said Emperor Julius Caesar.

There’s a lot of truth to that, and if your experience as an independent contractor with DoorDash is relevant, add it to your resume.

Employers may give you an advantage because you are dependable, on time, have a strong work ethic, and so on. As a Door Dasher, you will be rated, and you should include those ratings on your resume. Continue reading to learn how to put DoorDash on resume.

Should I Put DoorDash on My Resume

The answer to the question, “Is DoorDash a legitimate resource to include on your professional resume?” is not straightforward.

Listing gigs on a resume may appear unprofessional to some people and should be avoided. However, we believe that listing your delivery driver job on your CV can add significant value to your resume in some cases.

We had a great conversation with the HR manager of a multinational company while writing this article.

I would never turn down someone based solely on a DoorDash gig on their resume, particularly if the candidate has demonstrated success and knowledge of customer experience strategies and customer service operations.

You can read our article on the list of achievements for resumes for high school students to see other things you can include in your resume as a high school graduate.

DoorDash Adds Value to Your Resume

Working as a freelancer isn’t for everybody. While flexibility is one of the primary benefits of almost all digital labor platforms, not everyone can fit into that category.

Employers value these skills and can help you stand out when applying for internships or job opportunities. Including DoorDash on your resume will increase its value, but only if you emphasize the opportunity and experience you gained from the gig.

Also, don’t forget to include a list of your accomplishments. Achievements are excellent for highlighting skills that may set you apart from other applicants. We recommend that you have your Top Dasher status on your resume if you are among the best Dashers.

When to Put DoorDash on Resume

There are certain situations that require that you include your experience as a delivery driver in your resume. If you don’t include your DoorDash in your resume in those cases, you might be at a disadvantage. Here are a few situations when you need to put DoorDash on resume:

You Are Seeking Your First Job

When seeking a job, it is necessary to include your educational and job history. If you’re seeking your first job, you don’t have proper job experience but if you have worked with DoorDash you should include it. Including it would give an upper hand over any other applicant with just a high school diploma.

You’re Looking For a Job Like DoorDash

If you’re applying for a similar position with another delivery service like Uber, you should include DoorDash on your resume. In this case, I recommend that you include your experience as an independent contractor in your cover letter. This would increase your chances of getting the job because no one wants to employ a person that doesn’t know the in and out of the job role.

You Want to Show That You Are a Reliable and Safe Person.

DoorDash conducts extensive background checks that include both your criminal and driving records. Being a certified DoorDash driver implies that you have a clean driving record. It also shows that you are a safe driver who follows traffic laws.

You should include DoorDash into your resume as proof that you’re a reliable, safe driver. Regardless of the job role, you’re applying for, including DoorDash on your resume for this purpose is very valid.

Also, you can include DoorDash in your resume when you need to show that you’re good with time management. Time management is one of the most important skills you would have gained as a DoorDash delivery driver, and it should be included in your resume.

You-Want-to-Show-That-You-Are-A-Reliable-And-Safe-PersonHow to List DoorDash on a Resume

You can include DoorDash on your resume just like any other job. List it as “DoorDash Courier,” along with the time you worked there and the city, if applicable. If you’re writing a resume with job descriptions, don’t refer to DoorDash as a business you ran, even though that’s essentially what it was.

Suppose you apply for some position. Instead, discuss your achievements during this time that will make you appear to be a good employee. These include reducing delivery times by finding better routes through. You could also explain how your revenue has increased since you started, which may help you negotiate a higher salary for your desired job.

In terms of demonstrating your abilities, you could go into greater detail and include some of the following:

  • Make use of bold statements.

The bold statements catch the eye and ensure that the information below them is at the very least skimmed. Bold the heading if it’s important to you and relevant to your work ethic and the job you’re trying to get.

  • Use bulleted and numbered lists.

Bullet points condense large amounts of information into minor, easy-to-read points of interest. Nobody wants to read huge blocks of text detailing every aspect. You should include a brief description of your DoorDash experience.

  • Write a brief paragraph about your DoorDash experience.

You should only include information in this paragraph that you believe is most relevant or closest to what is appropriate regarding the type of job you’re seeking. Keep it brief and to the point. Keep it short and to the end.

As a DoorDash driver, you are also a DoorDash representative. Many aspects of your time with DoorDash, including potential marketing skills, are reflected in how you performed your job. No need to mention the DoorDash headquarters address in the resume, though.

It would help if you emphasized things like:

  1. Punctuality
  2. Your evaluations
  3. Your approachable and open personality
  4.  Aspects of teamwork
  5.  Rate of success
  • Describe how you’ve grown since you began, whether by finding faster delivery routes or increasing your revenue.
  • Provide your rating and some customer feedback to demonstrate your ability. It is helpful for jobs that require you to interact with customers.
  • List some skills you learned or developed as a DoorDash driver, such as time management, communication, organization, etc.
  • Include anything pertinent.


DoorDash Delivery Driver | San Francisco


  • Over 2,000 successful deliveries have been completed.
  • Focused on customer service and ensuring customers received their orders on time, resulting in a 4.8 rating.
  • Excel spreadsheets were created to track mileage and other business expenses.

Favor’s Bargain Outlet – DoorDash Driver

08/2022 – till now:

  • Demonstrated professional conduct with clients
  • Delivered food and services to customers on time
  • Communicated well with customers to keep them up to date about their orders.

Key Takeaways

  • Catch the attention of your recruiter by putting your DoorDash title in bold.
  • Provide Ratings and great client feedback
  • Ensure that your DoorDash experience is very short.
  • Don’t forget to add your skills too.

If you’ve ever delivered for DoorDash and are unsure how to list it on your resume, perhaps it’s time to consider professional help.


There’s no reason to be embarrassed about including DoorDash on your resume. In terms of work experience, it is just as valuable as a regular 9 to 5 job.

There’s more to a DoorDash resume in many ways, simply because working for yourself entails more responsibilities. That speaks volumes and distinguishes you in the burgeoning gig economy.


How do you explain DoorDash on a resume?

It’s straightforward; just put the description “delivery driver.” After that, explain the things you did as a delivery driver. Briefly list your services and talk about your achievements explicitly.

Also, include the values and the names of the companies you have worked with. You can read how to sell yourself on a resume for more ideas.

How do I list a DoorDash driver on my resume?

Now that you know you can include a list of your gig jobs on your resume, you must determine the best DoorDash job description for your resume. This will be highly beneficial as you list DoorDash to your resume.

To begin, you would include DoorDash on your work history like any other position. Start focusing on your accomplishments. You can hire writing websites to help you to write a professional resume. Read up our article on top resume writing websites for all levels to find the best resume writers’ websites on the web.

How do I put DoorDash on my resume?

You put your DoorDash on your resume just the same way you add your other job history to your resume. DoorDash should be added to your job history section. And you don’t have to say much.

Just write the title “DoorDash,” including the date and duration, and then go ahead and add your achievements as a delivery driver. Check our article on how to add side projects to your resume for further help.



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