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By Alina Burakova fb Dec 18, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Learning a new language is an endeavor many people love to embark on. It’s not something that people do just for the sake of traveling but also because they want to interact with people from different cultures and learn more about their lives. Language is a very powerful tool in this sense as it can make the difference between a mediocre travel experience and one that has a lifelong impact on one’s life.

However, these days when the whole world is essentially locked down due to the lockdown, many people are looking for reliable online English language tutoring services, and that’s where our reviews come in. These reviews are created to help you get a better understanding of the different options you have to learn languages online. They are unbiased and take into account various crucial factors like quality, pricing, customer support, accessibility, and more.

Once you have gone through our review of an online language learning service, you will be more aware of your options and will be able to make a much more informed decision about which service is best for your particular needs and situation.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about one such service, FluentCity, that is making waves online. Our FluentCity review will give you a complete overview of what is on offer and whether you should give it a shot or not.

Does FluentCity have good teachers? Does Fluent City help at all?

These are the first questions that would come to the mind of anyone going through online Fluent City reviews. The service does have good teachers that are trained and vetted. They are up to the task and ensure that each Fluent City teacher review you read online is positive thanks to their dedication and hard work.

As far as helping in learning a language, it doesn’t matter if you read Fluent City Boston reviews or Fluent City NYC reviews, you will see how students in two of the most student-centric cities in the USA have gotten help from the service. The way that languages are taught via this service is very interactive to help people of all kinds learn a new language in a very natural and semi-academic way.

Is FluentCity safe? Is FluentCity a scam?

Based on the many reviews for Fluent City by satisfied customers, it is very safe to say that the phrase ‘Fluent City scam’ has no basis. It is a legitimate service that pairs students up with teachers from all over the world to learn languages through an online interface.

No Fluent City review or analysis would be complete without talking about the services they offer. Here are some of the top features and services that are praised in FluentCity reviews:


The first thing that’s great about this service and which receives appraisal in many reviews and comments by users is the fact that this is a very accessible service. This is due to the fact that classes are held via Zoom. As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect with your teacher for an interactive study session.

Group and Individual Classes

Based on what kind of coaching you need, you have the ability to take part in either group classes or individual ones. This ensures that every student who comes to this site after reading positive Fluent City online reviews gets the best possible atmosphere for learning their preferred language.

If you opt for a group class, you will be given different activities and learning modules based on your skill level. For example, if you already speak good Spanish, then you’ll be given more advanced modules to improve even more. To get more familiar with this, reading some Fluent City Spanish level 5 reviews from students who have experience with this service might be a great idea. What concerns English language learning, you should check italki reviews on our website, these guys and their tutors are very good at it.

In individual classes, you will have the freedom to progress at your own pace. You can also schedule your lectures based on your lifestyle so there is no pressure to stick to classes at set times like in the case of group classes.

Lots of Languages

What makes this such a good service for people from all over the world is that they focus on not one, not two, but 11 different languages. These include English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew. This means that you can read international customer feedback and assessment in Fluent City Italian reviews just as well as you can check out reviews of Fluent City Spanish teachers.

And if you want to get a course on one of the abovementioned languages, you can read the Cudoo review and find yourself a great option.

For group lessons, the prices start from $399 for each course. The beginner courses have a total of 10 sessions, each lasting for two hours. As you keep progressing, each new course costs $399 as well and varies in the number of sessions and the time for each session.

For individual classes, you can choose how many lessons you want per month. The prices are $49. $199, $299, and $399 per month for 1, 4, 8, and 12 lessons per month, respectively.

It doesn’t matter if you read ‘teaching in Fluent City’ DC reviews or Fluent City Manhattan reviews, you will see that most of the students are very satisfied with the quality of learning they receive. The teachers employed by the service are more than 250 in number, from all over the world.

Each of the teachers and instructors is vetted by the company and it is made sure that they are up to the job. Before hiring new tutors, they have to provide video submissions as well as give live-lessons. Once hired, these new educators are paired with mentors to ensure that they provide the best possible experience to their students.

Because it is established that nothing about the words ‘FluentCity scam’ is true, the service doesn’t really offer any guarantees or return policies. They have created a very good name for their work and have students all over the world at this point which is what they bank their reputation on.

Unfortunately, there is no app available for this service. However, since classes are held via Zoom, students could easily use the Zoom app on their phone to join classes when they’re on the go.

As for the website, it is well-laid out in terms of the information that you would need to check. The homepage greets you with the option to get a free learning plan and you also have the various levels and plans of the program to enroll in.

What is FluentCity.com?

FluentCity.com is a website that offers training programs in 11 different languages, no matter where you are in the world. It offers language training via video call in which you can get all the benefits of properly structured classes but from the comfort of your home. This makes the process of learning a language very structured and comfortable.

How does FluentCity work? How to use FluentCity?

The service works by offering you either group or individual lessons, based on the plan you choose. These lessons are held online and are designed according to your language level. As you keep progressing, the levels keep progressing as well. To use Fluentcity you just need to register on their website, choose a plan, and then you’ll be paired up with your instructors.

How much does FluentCity cost?

For group lessons, each course costs $399. Individual lessons vary from $49 to $399 per month depending on how many times you wish to meet your teacher.

  • It is a very accessible education platform that anyone can take part in, unlike other language tuition classes.
  • It offers the flexibility of choosing group or individual classes depending on how you like to learn.
  • The conversational style of teaching mixed with study materials offers a great experience.
  • Fluent City online reviews also show that the classroom-style study sessions are among its best characteristics.
  • An option to pay for all the hours you want within one year upfront is a great way for those who don’t want to make monthly payments.
  • The teachers hired by the service are highly qualified and one of the highlights in online reviews for Fluent City.
  • The cost of the programs is quite high as compared to other online language-learning services.
  • The group classes have very specific starting dates and timings, which may not fit everyone’s schedule.
  • Some students have had problems with the study materials sometimes not being provided before class.
  • Group sessions may often have people of different capabilities, which would cause slowdowns for those students who are more advanced.
  • The service doesn’t offer any makeup classes in case you miss one unless you pay for an additional session.
  • Some classes may be led by non-native speakers, which is not ideal when you’re trying to learn a new language.
My verdict
Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
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Despite the higher price tag that the service comes in at, FluentCity offers a very formal learning experience as compared to other online services that are app-based. The human element included in these classes separates them from other competitors, as having a teacher to talk to and discuss issues that are crucial for learning a language at an advanced level. That is why any Fluent City private lessons review you read online will showcase how having actual discussions with the teachers is a big part of the whole system.

So, with all the high ratings, positive comments, and criticism that is included in this review, we do recommend FluentCity for everyone who wishes to learn a language seriously and is willing to put in the work. It is a well-organized service that has some very good teachers from around the world. We recommend new students to try it out on the subscription model first to see how they like it and then go from there.

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