EduReviewerTutoringMy Guru Tutoring Review: What Is It? How It Works?

My Guru Tutoring Review: What Is It? How It Works?

By Alina Burakova, Updated April 30, 2024


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About MyGuru
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Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Knowledgeable and well-experienced tutors;
  • Individualized planning of strategies;
  • A series of positive reviews;
  • Highly affordable.
  • Online classes highly depend on electricity and internet access;
  • Matching you to a tutor may take a long sometimes.


  • My Guru is an extensive service with various courses and subjects to tutor.
  • It comprises highly skilled tutors who provide quality instruction to the students.
  • The range of issues that you can find on their website reflects their diversity.

Value for Money

  • You can get professional exam tests, standardized exam preps, and even subjects being taught.
  • Considering that the services go at affordable prices, you can get value for your money.
  • The extensiveness of the preps will ensure that you not only acquire the necessary information but also memorize the aspects of the specific field you are in.
  • For instance, with CFA, you could acquire fundamental finance knowledge that makes your navigation of the area much more accessible. The same applies to a variety of other courses and subjects.


  • My Guru offers a rich knowledge base of the required materials during a prep.
  • Therefore, it dramatically prepares the individual to be better suited to their exams.
  • Therefore, it dramatically prepares the individual to be better suited to their exams.

Most people strongly believe in hard work and determination, especially in the education sector. With this in mind, you might be online looking up the best tutoring services. The process of selecting a tutoring service requires a keen review of the available ones. Each service has a significant speciality that they excel at the most. Everybody aims to find that perfect session that caters to all their needs.


Today we will offer you a review of MyGuru Tutoring services. We stumbled upon MyGuru amid the search results for the best tutoring services. We got a structural idea of what they offer from the My Guru tutoring customer reviews. Before we delve into the unique attributes of MyGuru, we must outline the requirements for an ideal teaching service. The goal is to decide on one that fits your educational purposes and produces high-quality work.

Soon, looking up appropriate options for you, you will find out that many sites offer almost the same things as MyGuru. Each of the sites asserts the credibility of its content. Therefore, here are a few things to look at to enhance your knowledge of tutoring services;

  • The quality of services
  • Customer services
  • Affordable pricing

Since several sites offer various teaching services, you must pick one that can deliver all three. Other than the same, there is the question of the expansiveness of their services. You want an entire board review of every aspect of the one you pick.

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My Guru Review

At most times, the only marker for online teaching is the richness of their portfolio. With diversity affecting everyone and even institutional systems, it is helpful if a writing tutor has abundant knowledge in various fields. This diversification of the portfolio is amongst MyGuru tutoring services’ principal characteristics.

My Guru is an online website that caters to tutor students and helping them prep for their tests, including SATs. Their services comprise private online teaching by experienced tutors with highly flexible hours. It focuses on the individual customer and their needs. This aspect translates to complete coverage for whatever you need to learn. MyGuruEdge coaching reviews from clients’ feedback show a consistent quality service track.


When it comes to their portfolio of subjects, the site boasts of covering most issues at the high school, college, and grad school levels. They have MyGuru tutors to cover a wide variety from English to physics and even data science. Also, they offer AP and IB courses.

Short Story of My Guru

The story behind MyGuru’s founding is one of opportunity and service to others. My Guru presents itself as one-on-one learning and test prep company. A group of graduate students from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, identified a niche in that the available websites were more focused on selling their services. They were not interested in the individualism of the clients. The founders were, in most cases, riddled with problems of finding experienced tutors in the murk of average and less qualified ones.


Therefore, MyGuru came up as an answer to all their academic plights. While the idea was conceived in 2009, it wasn’t until 2010 that fundamental strategies were made. The principal founder, Mark Skoskiewicz, made a point to contract independent and experienced tutors for their 1-1 lessons and test prep. His early strategies were marketing the business through an informative website and liaising with local organizations such as high schools, universities, and the like.

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From the year 2011, MyGuru has noted an expansion in their services and a rise in the same demand. There was an added feature to their grand portfolio with each passing year. However, they maintained services to improve students’ performance. Besides offering research-based learning with experienced tutors, My Guru also has four other educational channels. These are

  • Book summary
  • Blogs for example the nursing school blog
  • Podcasts
  • MyGuru eBooks

Tutoring Services

At this point, you must be wondering about the MyGuru tutoring reviews. My Guru tutors are well-versed in their fields, which translates to clients’ positive feedback. The ideal way to answer the question of MyGuru’s performance over the years requires us to draw from the ratings of the business. Within the different sites, these ratings are carried out MyGuru takes a 4.5 rating and higher with numerous instances of a 5-star rating.


The next big question is what services are offered at MyGuru. Though it is commonly conceived as a tutoring service, it helps to understand the whole package. As it is, MyGuru has the following;

  • In-Person Private Tutoring for CFA Prep

CFA prep is widely known to require hours of rigorous training and prep. Supposedly you will need about 300 hours of CFA prep to pass the level 1 CFA exam. MyGuru CFA reviews reveal that the strategies of My Guru tutors do work. The tutors offer online CFA prep for the length of time needed at your convenience. MyGuru has one of the best finance preps for CFA and other courses.

  • Online Tutoring Prep

With the growth of the internet, we can all rest easy with contracting some businesses online. The cost of tutors has substantially gone down over the years as the internet has been integrated into people’s functioning. My Guru offers its idealized study services online, where all can access it.

  • Subject Tutoring

The range that is covered in My Guru’s portfolio takes on different fields. As mentioned, the tutors are well diverse and handle various topics. Each utilizes its unique strategies to enforce your understanding of a topic.

For instance, while the MyGuru physics tutoring may include more calculations and practice, another subject may require intensive reading and reflection. Thus, MyGuru offers diversified student reading tutoring at all levels in different languages.

  • Standardized Test Prep

MyGuru has a large staff number, especially with its growth. Therefore, there is always someone available to help you with your standardized test preps. These tutors are divided into different groups so that there is a MyGuru ACT prep tutor and a MyGuru MCAT tutor, MyGuru GRE tutor, MyGuru GMAT tutor, and more.


Currently, work is underway to expand GRE and GMAT courses as a partnership with You will find a helpful MyGuruedge GMAT review online.

  • Professional Exam Prep

Other than institutional bodies of education, MyGuru reviews also aids in the acquiring of professional licenses. The site records a high number of professional exam preps. Whether a My Guru NCLEX tutor or a MyGuru TOEFL Lexington tutor, the goal is to get someone with expertise in your field.

The sum of MyGuru’s tutors also comprises of MyGuru CPA tutoring. Essentially, they offer a range of services for the individual needs of their clients. Check the site for MyGuruedge money and banking options as well.

Pricing of the Tutoring

Wondering how much does MyGuru pay their tutors is a great way to delve into financial matters. According to My Guru salary for tutors currently stands at $46.88 per hour. This figure is reflective of the amount of working time and the progress achieved. The tutors each get paid according to the course or subject they are teaching. While there is a 70% MyGuru tutor pay, the business does take a 3% service charge on top of their 30% commission.

When it comes to your side of the matter, the MyGuru pay rate entirely depends on what you need help with. Private MyGuru ACT tutoring costs start at $49 up to $129 per hour. The site offers you the chance to lower these prices with discounts on bulk hours purchased. With deals, you can enjoy 5-20% less of the initial buying price.

While some subjects and courses require small amounts of money, others need massive amounts. For instance, some SSAT classes charge $85 an hour, while MCAT needs up to $253 an hour.

Tutoring Option Base Rate Live Recording 24/7 Instructor Access
1-on-1 In-Person $129 per hour Unavailable No
1-on-1 Online $109 per hour Unavailable No
Premium Online $179 per hour Yes Yes
Small Group Online $109/hour + $30/ person Yes No

In numerous tutoring sites, there is the issue of refunds. Most of them frown upon refunds regardless of the customer’s satisfaction with services. From an individualized My Guru CFA review, there was an account refunded money with only a 5% deduction on the processing fee.

Generally, the same applies to all the other clients. As a buyer, one of the first things you will enjoy is a ‘managing’ client who will oversee your fit with an appropriate tutor.


Retrospectively, the business was set within the morals of producing avenues of quality and reliable tutoring. In the years of its founding, the graduate students wanted to develop a way that tutors could be verified and presented to students in need. The alternative was going through wades of tutors of all expertise.

MyGuru postulates the idea that tutoring should be done individually. Their 1-1 client tutoring has been credited for its effectiveness in improving performance. MyGuru offers a comprehensive body of quality strategies to offer tutoring services to students and professionals. MyGuru tutoring customer reviews concur.

Customer Service

When we first started looking into MyGuru, we chatted with their customer service agents for a while. Though we were a little confusing each time, the agents were always extremely patient and thoughtful. They are entertaining and make the waiting process of match-making with a tutor easier. One of the essential things that reviews reiterate is that the response time is speedy.

Speaking from experience, MyGuru online tutoring customer service recipients respond to the questions and comments quickly. Overall their customer service would be rated on a high 7 out of 10. The remaining 3 are a result of slight lags when using the websites.

Learning Platform Usability

Throughout the time we interact with the MyGuru websites, there haven’t been that many hitches. Every once in a while, there is the occasional hitch, but everything works fine most of the time. In one of the MyGuru GRE reviews, the student went into a detailed account of how he had enjoyed using the websites. Even after we flooded their site with numerous people at once, it still proved effective.

The underlying idea is that My Guru has an interactive platform that enables their customer service to respond immediately to client requests. Therefore, the medium is easily useable, and there aren’t that many problems with navigation within site.

Like everything in the world, My Guru has pros and cons. Either of the two is most influenced by the individual factors affecting the relationship between the business and its clients. Here are some of the common pros regarding MyGuru.

  • Knowledgeable and well-experienced tutors;
  • Individualized planning of strategies;
  • A series of positive reviews;
  • Highly affordable.
  • Online classes highly depend on electricity and internet access;
  • Matching you to a tutor may take a long sometimes.

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