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Review of Builder: Is It Safe?

By Alina Burakova, Updated April 26, 2024


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

Lowest price$2.95
Charged one-time
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • editor automatically updates your resume preview allowing you to see the changes made right away.
  • The website is straightforward with its modern setup so you don’t have to guess where to go and what part to click.
  • You may create an account without any fee.
  • It is a minimalist CV builder so that you can make one faster.
  • You can customize the curriculum vitae depending on the job applied.
  • It comes with a job board to monitor its user progress in job applications.
  • It is best for job hunters who are overwhelmed with the process of building resumes or cover letters.
  • The tool lets you create your curriculum vitae more quickly and easier.
  • It allows you to create many resumes and customize each of them for a particular job.
  • The CV and cover letter editor of this service failed to provide much help when you write.
  • Most of the relevant features are accessible upon paid subscription plans.
  • Its templates seem lacking compared to the other online builders.
  • Unavailability of an editing tool that enables you to rearrange things to delete certain sections.


  • We know that is a good quality service provider of curriculum vitae building.
  • Like many reviews online, this exact review hopes to help you identify if you can rely on the website and get the right job for you with its professional CV. Don't hesitate to try it yourself!

Value for Money

  • The company guarantees convenience for job hunters in creating professional resumes.
  • Template structures are designed based on the resume rules of hiring managers to ensure the recruitment of the applicants.


  • cares not just about providing awesome bios but also support to its clients.
  • The website offers fast customer service for those who may have queries or issues regarding its rates, billing, and anything related to their account.
Editor’s Choice
Price$159Lowest priceTime24 hrsPromo Code
Interview Guarantee
Professional Writers
24/7 Customer Support
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Affordable Prices
Unlimited Revisions
ATS-Friendly Resumes
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Career Coaching Option
Best Value for Money
Outstanding Support
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Unlimited Edits
Phone Consultation
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60 Days Interview Guarantee
Comprehensive Revisions
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More Resume Writing Companies Reviews: Resume Builder and Templates

Online resume-making software can make your job-worthy resume easier. Obviously, you need to research before choosing if there are several choices available for you to use.

Crafting a standout CV is essential in today’s competitive job market, and utilizing field-tested resume templates can greatly enhance your chances of landing your dream job.

If really works for you, we created a sample resume with its built-in template.

The following information will give a detailed description of the prices, how to utilize Builder’s pros and cons, and some of my favorite templates.

Turn your days of daunting CV creation tasks in minutes with and win your dream job. There are many companies out there offering the same service and similar services.

The top resume-writing company is Zipjob. Read our Zip job review and find out the reason why.

However, you need to know which one is right and best suffice your need for your CV. For this reason, you need to learn this particular tool before you decide to go for it, right? How can you be sure it is the best choice?

Know what this tool is, how it came to the industry, its service offering, and its effectiveness in building a resume. is an online-based self-service resume builder, of a CV with customizable template designs. Among the services, its offers include resume building, templates, and resume writing tips.

Only 2% of resumes make it past the first round. Be in the top 2%

Use professionally tested field-tested resume templates that are specific to what employers need. With, creating a job-worthy resume becomes simple and quick. The resume builder offers carefully structured and professionally designed resume templates, allowing you to create resumes that stand out in a competitive job market.

Based on 47951 ratings, the platform holds a trustworthy score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Many community members commend its value, stating, “Very good stuff. Very good at a very low price. The final product was great and took no time whatsoever to complete them.”

Kukahghosiri Samson praises its ease, noting, “Very recommendable. The software is incredibly easy to use and is a flexible and easy-to-use CV building tool that provides the added bonus of tailoring CVs for certain jobs.” Most users, like Samson, can craft their resumes – or, as some might refer to them, CVs – in about ten minutes.

The platform allows you to choose from several categories when you decide to create a resume. Whether you’re seeking a professional, simple, modern, or creative design, there’s something for everyone. Each category is stocked with pre-written phrases tailored for different job roles, ensuring your content is relevant and impactful. Moreover, all resumes come with examples and tips to guide your crafting process. account

The CVs crafted with are more than just visually appealing; they’re field-tested, ensuring that you’re presenting a job-worthy resume to potential employers. This attention to detail and carefully structured design is likely why the platform has seen such positive reviews.

And, if you’re in the midst of a job search, doesn’t just stop at helping you with your CV. The platform’s built-in engine streamlines your hunt, giving you the best matches based on your qualifications. Concerned about your investment? The platform comes with a money-back guarantee. This assurance ensures that if you’re not satisfied with the services, you’ll receive a refund.

But this review isn’t just about singing praises. Throughout the assessment, every aspect, from the application tracker, user interface, and versatility, to editing and even the additional tools, will be put under scrutiny. Dive deeper with this review and keep an eye on every detail of this essential tool. Try today at no cost.

Keep reading to find out more. You can always check our Resume Help review and ResumeCorner review. Overview

Online professional story builder and resume builders offers jobseekers professional resume builders and already-tried CV templates. The tool uses a 3-step advanced builder that is fast and very easy to use.

It allows them to fill in their personal information with simple prompts. Their expert writing tips will be right there to help you along the way from the beginning until your CV completes. resume

Templates enable you to create a job-worthy resume that can land you a new job very quickly. You can edit the formatted and custom-tailored bio online with ease.

Add pre-written phrases to your bio so you can communicate your skills very well. It has a full spell checker re-checker that comes automatically to prevent possible typos and mistakes.

Once done, you are free to export your CV to any platform.

Is safe to use? Is a scam?

Of course, everyone only wants to shop online use. The high rating gained by the website indicates that it is safe to use. This means that the site is not infected with any malware, scam, fraud, or phishing.

We have not found any evidence of a scam online either. Some customers complain about the subscription, but this issue can be solved by canceling it in time.

Whether or not it is legit, many positive reviews guarantee that it is reliable. reviews

The website promises to provide only high-quality service. It aims to make sure that those getting their CV will take the job they are applying for.

Is fake? Is this tool legit? These are the common questions of the applicants who would want to get this service. Find out for yourself with the following review then.

Resume io Story

What is outlines its corporate jumpstart in 2012 upon introducing a web app that creates online documents, including basic bios and cancellation letters.

Since most of its users visit its site for curriculum vitae, it decided to build CVs.

The website studied and tested the criteria and trends of most employers or recruiters in hiring applicants. It started to create winning bio templates and made them approved by the experts.

Later on, it came to a realization referring to CV building as a science. This was the fruition of the strict rules incorporated in the bios. example

It came up with the perfect resume structures and incorporate the rules to help job seekers win the job they applied for.

Since then, it has already helped many create their CVs and get hired quickly.

Features and Tools at

You can save time building an amazing CV easily and quickly with the company’s own resume template online resume builder in three steps.

The primary objective here is to help you overcome difficulties in formatting writing resumes.

There are available six templates that are professionally designed for you. These templates are approved by recruiters.

They are structured so that they follow the rules every hiring officer looks for during the application process.

You can edit and download them within five minutes. Those building their resume for the first time are offered services for free. my resume

Save your biography in PDF and Microsoft Word in one click. Exporting the files is made easier but limited to two formats such as .txt or .pdf. Feel free to download your CV at no charge, provided that it is in .txt format.

You can also create a professional resume based on recruiting practices and expert knowledge from actual job recruiters.

The professional resume editor and expert resume builders team share content writing tips and give recommendations on the best resume structures, or you can always read one of our resume services online reviews and choose one of the best resume creator services.

Confidentiality for the site is as important as its customers. You can assure that all personal info and CVs written here are kept private. CVs can only be accessed by clients who are registered on the site.

Be a registered premium member first, so you gain access to the resume templates of the company. The premium account highlights PDF downloads and access to the site’s designs of the resume template.

Account deletion is also possible should you wish to do so. This action goes along with the cancellation of any of your active subscriptions.

The company also offers clients a trial period of 7 days. This allows full access to all the features of its premium CV creation. The subscription will be renewed to a premium membership every month once the trial ends.

There is also a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the 7-day trial. examples of resume cover letter creator is as easy to manipulate as the resume builder. Note that with review and resume maker only, you cannot print either your resume or CV unless it is downloaded in PDF format.

Yes, you can customize your CV, but only the available color scheme and templates are editable. Everything else in the document is already fixed.

You can’t move around the personal details section. Information here will be filled in automatically. Among the default sections in the dashboard are employment history, skills, and education.

You may modify the orders of these sections and the others, which are up to 11 like extra-curricular activities, courses, and languages.

This service uses a simple ZipRecruiter-powered engine for its Job Search function. It enables you to build a cover letter that requires manual template selection.

The process aims for minimalism in formatting and editing options. Unlike in curriculum vitae building, you can only download cover letters in PDF format and be a subscriber.

Moreover, the company goes the extra mile as it tracks the jobs you are applying to. Its Application Tracker tracks your employers and job seekers to keep you at the edge of the recruitment competition. Pricing and Subscriptions

Is a free service?

Earlier, we mentioned here that you could create an account to access resume templates.

This means that the cost depends on your plan and its corresponding features. You are given 7 days to try the features of the premium plan.

After that, you will get to decide to cancel your account or continue. If you fail to cancel after the trial period, your monthly premium subscription will automatically be effective. Your bill each month then is $24.95. prices

Receive as much as a 75% discount on cost, when you subscribe for its 6-month or annual premium plan at $44.95 or $74.95, respectively.

For such a price, you will be given access to premium features throughout your membership. Your plan automatically downgrades to a free plan upon failure of cancellation. It is at your discretion to upgrade anytime you want to.


The company also makes its membership available for one-time payments. This offer depends on the country of origin of the client.

A Periodical subscription is not necessary to download the CV. This is not a subscription and does not automatically renew, so you do not need to cancel it. payment

Not sure if you want to build a top resume builder on your own? We recommend you to read Top Resume reviews online, where you can find happy clients’ comments, pros & cons, and pricing of the service.

At TopResume, you can have a professionally written resume or a free resume review.

Memberships, trials, and premiums are both priced and billed based on the U.S. dollar currency. Other currencies are also accepted depending on your residence or location.

You can manage and edit your billing right from your mobile devices with its app.

Quality of Service

In terms of quality, strives and makes sure that your CV will stand out. You can attest to this with the positive feedback and customer experience that Resume-io reviews from its clients.

Most of its clients were able to create their CVs with ease and get hired with no delay. 10 important steps

Biographies created here are carefully structured and formatted by recruiters and professionals. They help applicants appear appealing to the hiring officers.

Competition in job hunting was made a lot easier with its experts’ guidelines, tips, and recommendations.

Its additional tools, Job Search and Application Tracker are very innovative, giving an ace to the quality of its service.

Quality of the Builder is devoted to enhancing your CV to the maximum. You can prove this through testimonials from their clients. Most client’s CVs were created easily and they got jobs without delay.

Biography is carefully structured and formatted for recruiters and professional writers. This allows applicants to seem appealing to recruiters.

Competition for jobs has been greatly enhanced using expert guidance, tips, and advice. It is an excellent alternative job search and application tracking software. chat

Resume Builder Usability only offers the most relevant and necessary features perfect resume employers considering its minimalist design. The formats of its resumes are predefined.

This can limit your creation of a perfect bio, yet it sticks to its promise of a fast and easy-to-use way of CV creation. examples

The good news is the site becomes very useful if you make your biography from a mobile browser. You can create a resume and edit your resume from mobile browser even when you are away from your desktop or laptop.

On the other hand, mobile editing could be better as it requires your phone to be in its landscape position.

There was a downside, given the unavailability of the full cover letter builder, editor and job board in its mobile site version. But recently, they have launched a great cover letter tool. You can check it out here. cover letter

Also, you cannot start the editing process unless you have an account first.

  • editor automatically updates your resume preview allowing you to see the changes made right away.
  • The website is straightforward with its modern setup so you don’t have to guess where to go and what part to click.
  • You may create an account without any fee.
  • It is a minimalist CV builder so that you can make one faster.
  • You can customize the curriculum vitae depending on the job applied.
  • It comes with a job board to monitor its user progress in job applications.
  • It is best for job hunters who are overwhelmed with the process of building resumes or cover letters.
  • The tool lets you create your curriculum vitae more quickly and easier.
  • It allows you to create many resumes and customize each of them for a particular job.
  • The CV and cover letter editor of this service failed to provide much help when you write.
  • Most of the relevant features are accessible upon paid subscription plans.
  • Its templates seem lacking compared to the other online builders.
  • Unavailability of an editing tool that enables you to rearrange things to delete certain sections. Templates

The resumes templates on have four categories: professional, simple and professional, with several templates being displayed within different categories.

FAQ About

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about

Is resume IO legit or fake?

Resumesio is legit.. The site is backed by nearly 24 million registered users around the world and helps employers build resumes in less than two years.

Is resume IO actually free? offers several useful online applications that are 100% free of charge without credit card details.

Can I cancel resume io?

Upon request your account will be able to cancel it. Once you log out, you can select the menu and select the account settings. Please keep your information confidential when deleting your personal information.

How do I get my money back from resume io?

If you buy a trial and you find yourself in a situation where you have no cash or money back you can ask for a replacement. Visit Trustpilot for more reviews. 10 a.m. Web site. Information. 03:00. Login Options/Profiles. 04:52.

Using the resume template. 08:08 Cover Letters: What Are They? What Are the Methods? 08:53:51. Prices are available. 05:33. Jobs are tracked automatically. 9:40. Final decision.

Is Free?

It’s not free. Although the website has some features which are free such as the possibility to use the online resume builder, the download of a resume in Word documents is free, unless you pay. A free 1-month trial subscription for $299.99 ($29.95 – auto renewal) can be purchased for $44.95 if it lasts 4 weeks. Alternatives

$30 Lowest price Read Review
$80 Lowest price 48 hours Minimum deadline Read Review
$59.95 Lowest price Read Review Reviews 11

  1. Olexandr says:

    I used a trial account once, after which I did not perform any more activity on the service. They debited funds for a full premium subscription without informing me, without warning, and without prior confirmation of payment. They simply debited the funds and refused to return them. At best, support responds in a day (if at all), but they can’t help. I do not recommend the service, do not pay anything here so that your bank card data does not get to them. Be careful.

  2. Mona M. Abd El-Rahman says:

    They charged me $25 recurring payments for a year without any notification or invoice. I discovered by chance after a year.

  3. Nick says:

    Expensive subscription scam.
    Paid $3 for resume and ended up with $25/month payments.

  4. Eric says:

    Below is someone else review but it happened to so many others. Please, just please be careful using their services.

  5. I Ray C says:

    A single purchase turns into an expensive recurring monthly payment plan without any notification or alert. It is a shame that they scam unsuspecting people who are looking to create a resume. Unfortunately, I should have read the reviews before I jumped in.
    Do not provide any personal information to this company. There are far better free to use resume builders out there.
    Company owners, if you are reading this…Try being honest. It will serve you better.

  6. Weronika says:

    The service is not responding for messages. They don’t ask if you want to continue your subscription after 7 days trial and even if you don’t use your account they charge you every month for 24,95 USD and don’t even answer for e mails.

  7. Peter says:

    I am pleased that I tried to create a resume on this site. It was easy, fast, and in really high quality, thanks!

  8. Rick says:

    Pretty good service for an affordable price. You won’t regret using it.

  9. Howard says:

    In the course of consciousness of the resume, I could immediately check how it would look. It is very comfortable! Great service!

  10. Jessica says:

    I never thought it was possible to create a resume so quickly and easily. Great service, I highly recommend it!

  11. Kevin K. says:

    Who would have thought that for an excellent CV it is enough to simply enter personal information in the special fields? I received a call from the employer in a few days and all thanks to your program!

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