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By Brooke Hayes fb Jan 16, 2019
Reviewer at Edurewiever

If you are looking for a good job, then you need to have a good resume. Even if you have work experience and good feedback, you will need to submit this information conveniently to your employer so that he can better appreciate it. For none of your skills to be missed and all the information useful for your employer about you is indicated in the best possible way, you should contact a special service that will provide you with a professional resume help. In this article, we will try to take a closer look at how similar services work on the example of one of them. We will go through each item of this service in detail and consider all its advantages and disadvantages. You will be able to learn about all the characteristics of such series and choose the one that suits you best.

Website provides users with the ability to quickly and easily create their resume. To do this, you have all the necessary tools in the form of a convenient constructor of blocks that you need to fill in the course of creating your document. To do this, you only need all the information about your skills and past work experience to be beautifully placed in order. It will give your employer the opportunity, without wasting time on long texts, to see all the information needed. The site can be used by absolutely any person with or without special technical skills. To do this, follow the link and click on the “create your resume” button. Then you will be taken to the resume creation page where you will be offered a bunch of different templates to choose from. But we will tell about the details of the process further.

Payment and pricing policies of the company are very simple and straightforward. As soon as you create your account and your first resume on the site, you get access to all the features and tools of the site for a monthly payment for using the service. But the first payment gives you the opportunity to get the full use of all functions of the designer for only $ 2.90 for two weeks. You will be able to download or print your resumes without limit and create a number of new resumes and letters in the limitless amount. After two weeks, your payment will return to normal and will be $ 24.90 per month. Also, you can always cancel your subscription to this service. You also have the opportunity to make a one-time payment for the whole year at a price of $ 7.90 per month and save a huge amount of money while having access to unlimited use of the site toolkit.

In this resume help review, it is also important to say about the quality of the service provided. The site is quite simple to use, and you can easily and quickly find any information you are interested in the same as you can do on For example, if you are interested in the User Agreement or the Privacy Policy, you just need to go to the bottom of the home page of the site. There you can find all the contacts you need. If you want to log into your account or want to ask questions that interest you in a live chat, then you need to go to the very top of the page, and you will see all the necessary buttons in the right corner. There is nothing superfluous on the site and nothing that could interfere with your comfortable work with a resume. Also, you can not think about what you forgot to save or download the document as you can find all your work in your personal account. All you need to do to create it is to specify your mail and come up with a password. Also, if you are interested in the newsletter, you can receive it without removing the check mark during registration.

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to have any special skills to quickly and easily understand the work of the site. Even the child will be able to understand how it works. The only problem is that children usually do not need to create a resume. You could read about all the buttons and useful links on the main page above. And the process of creating a resume is also not very complex. You clearly see each stage of creation and know what awaits you further. Also, at each separate stage, you will receive a detailed explanation of what you will need to indicate in this or that field and what information you can use to fill out. You will also be provided with some examples if you have a gap in your information. About the details of payment and use, you can easily find out from the tabs about the use and subsequent opening windows. You will not need to guess anything yourself, and the entire interface of the site on any page is very simple and intuitive.

  • First, you can not use the tools of the site without registering, which forces you to use mail and make another account.
  • Secondly, the site can sometimes look so simple that you will not immediately guess about its full functionality and you will not understand that it is useful.
  • Thirdly, you will learn about the payment for a resume only when you have filled in all the fields, which takes quite some time.
  • Also, you can accidentally forget to remove the checkmark from the "mailing" field and receive annoying letters with unnecessary information.
  • Also, the service fee will be charged automatically, and if you forget to cancel the payment, you will lose money once a month or year.
  • The site provides a limited number of templates for selection.
  • Site services are cheap enough, and you can afford to create a resume without any restrictions.
  • Also, the site is very easy to use, and you just need to know all the information about your skills and work experience.
  • All items of the resume are supplemented with tips and sample filling in the lines if you need any additional information about skills.
  • Registration on the site takes no more than a few seconds and you do not need to go to the post office to confirm your account.
  • On the site, there is nothing superfluous and you will not get lost in the search for the right buttons and links.
  • And finally, all your completed resumes, letters, and other developments will be saved on your account page where you can find, download, and print them.
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Summing up, I would like to say that you have a great example of a good designer for creating a resume for every taste. You can easily choose the template you need and fill it. The employer will find out all the incomprehensible information about you and will not be annoyed by inconvenient form or incomprehensible information. All your key skills, general information, and all experience will be conveniently placed on one page. You can create multiple resumes and send them to different vacancies. This is often done to make it more likely to get a job. This site offers you the opportunity to arrange all your resumes in one place where you cannot lose them, and they will always be at hand. One-time payment for the whole year of using the site will help you to forget about the problems with the templates and to write or update your resume manually. All you need to do is log into your account and change or add the necessary information. You can read other resume help reviews to find out more information about the service and to have more reviews and make your own assessment.
There are many similar services on the Internet, but not all of them are so simple and understandable, and not all of them give you access to all of your templates or the ability to write and create resumes and letters on your own account. You can even find free services, but be sure that the quality of your resume will be much lower than that of paid ones. Do not be fooled and always check for paid or free services on sites and check contacts.

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I even don’t know what to say, I’m still looking for a job. Resume Help didn’t provide with a high-quality paper. Sorry, bad score!