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Why Is Tutoring Important? Main Benefits & Challenges of Tutors

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For years, the educational sector has benefited from the concept of tutoring. Spanning across all subjects, tutoring can help students increase their competencies and academic successes, making them thrive in school and even beyond the institution’s walls.

As we discuss the benefits of tutoring, let’s not forget the cost involved. A good understanding of how much does cost can help you make an informed choice when choosing the right platform to further your learning.

Many parents overlook this concept by merely assuming their kids would achieve this same positive outcome in the classroom. While this might be true for some, all children are not the same.

Some children learn faster than others, while some need more personal attention before developing academically. It can be difficult to ensure that every child in the classroom is benefiting equally, and this is where tutoring plays a mighty role.

Tutoring plays a crucial role in learning, but what happens when you become the tutor? Learning how to put tutoring on resume can help highlight this valuable experience to potential employers. Check out this guide for a step-by-step process to do just that.

Parents ask lots of questions like “Which form of tutoring is better?”, “Why is after-school tutoring important?” and many more. There is no major difference between the forms of tutoring except for the channel through which they all hold. The most important similarity they have, however, is personalized learning.

Personalized learning can help improve the child’s performance and give them a better chance at learning. Want to know more? Well, let’s get started.

Recognizing the importance of tutoring can be a game-changer in your academic journey. If you’re contemplating online tutoring services, knowing how much is Varsity Tutors might come in handy. We’ve compiled a thorough review on their offerings and cost, providing the insights you need.

So, Why Is Online Tutoring Important?

Fixing Educational Gaps

This is one of the major reasons why tutoring is important. A classroom is filled with students of differing abilities, backgrounds, and academic prowess. Some students learn a lot faster, but that doesn’t mean the low-performing students should be left behind. Tutoring helps to fix that gap and helps them learn as much as their peers.

Fun Learning

Due to restrictive guidelines, schools are entirely limited to certain activities. Still, as an online tutor, you have the liberty of planning the most fun activities and making learning extremely jovial for the kid.

Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

You can plan games like Kahoot, Chess, and also organize friendly competitions if you have more than one kid.

Improve Study Habit

This is another major reason why tutoring is important for students. If left unattended, students tend to have poor study habits, preferring to come home and watch TV or play games instead of going through their schoolwork. However, with tutoring, it is easy to build up these positive habits subtly.

Overcome Learning Obstacles

It is easier to overcome learning hurdles during tutoring than in a classroom setting. It is not entirely the teacher’s fault as there are many other students in class, and they might not have as much time with each child as they would have liked, but tutoring does this extra work.


The lessons can be interactive and fun for students. The tutor talks and listens to the child ask questions, and some would even ask the student to teach them a particular subject. All these make learning a little worthwhile, and interaction helps students open up more about what areas they find a little difficult.

Understanding the importance of tutoring is just the beginning. If you’re interested in effective online learning platforms, it’s worth checking out the Cambly price. This platform offers competitive pricing and a range of benefits that can enhance your learning experience.

Easy Schedule

As parents, you can easily schedule your child’s tutoring lessons according to the time that would be most convenient for both of you. As college students, you can also schedule your tutorials to times that would not clash with your lectures. You also have the liberty of postponing lectures and continuing from where you left off as soon as you’re done.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

Benefits of Online Tutoring

One-On-One Attention

This is especially important for low-performing students. That one-on-one attention gives them a feeling of being heard. Their tutor would also be able to personally identify any learning hurdles along the way.

Check our article about the differences between tutors and teachers.

Personalized learning is a concept that schools are looking to inculcate into their curriculum by employing AI to do all the technical work, leaving teachers with enough valuable time to spend with each student.

Better Performance

The child’s overall academic performance will surely increase over time. This is because tutoring helps to extensively discuss everything the child has learned in school for the day. Even if the whole knowledge wasn’t entirely grasped, the tutor could help drive the point home and make it easier to digest.

Prepare For College

If the kid is in either elementary or high school, then this is an added benefit. Tutoring helps the child prepare for college by slowly developing their organizational and study habits over time. This is extremely important because kids do not develop study habits on their own.

As parents and tutors, it is an obligation to subtly help them through this necessary process so they can make better decisions when they are finally on their own.

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring works almost the same way as physical tutoring. They provide supplemental help to students after school hours. The most important advantage it has is flexibility and easy rescheduling.

As a tutor, many technologies would help kickstart your career as an online teacher. If you are new to tutoring, you can always speak to the parents of your kids at school and tell them about your online service and be sure to tell them the benefits they would gain from joining.

While appreciating the effectiveness of online tutoring, it’s also important to explore affordable learning platforms. Our article discussing how much does Memrise cost gives a complete rundown of their pricing structure, helping you find the best learning solution for your budget.

All you have to do is register online; no specific software tools are needed to make this happen. You can use Zoom to teach your students or Google meet and other valuable apps.

To make the classes run smoothly, you can get a good computer or tablet, a webcam, a microphone, and a good internet connection.

How College Students Can Benefits From Tutoring

How College Students Can Benefits From Tutoring

College students are sometimes too shy to ask for help. Some of them struggle with their academics but have no one to confide in and talk to. For people who ask why tutoring is important for college students, here is why:

Extra Help

Sometimes all they need is an expert to teach them that particular subject. As high schools don’t have enough time for personalized learning, college is far more extensive. The lecturers or professors simply do not have time to spoon-feed each student, so some struggle to grasp each course’s knowledge. This is where tutoring comes in—providing that extra help that is desperately needed for academic success.

Comfort And Confidence

Sometimes students can not raise their hands in class to ask a question, which can hinder their knowledge. In tutorials, however, they are a lot more confident and comfortable enough to ask questions about the courses they have taken.

Make The Most Out of College

Tuition is expensive and based on the calculation of the fees paid by an average student each year. A student approximately pays about $70 per day through the university. Even on days you spend wasted on the couch after a frat party. The cost is so high, why waste it?

There would be several more years outside college that you can spend doing what you like, but spend time wisely while you’re in college.

Aristotle said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

Peace Of Mind

With tutorials, students don’t have to worry about bad grades anymore. No more nightmares every exam eve, and no more tension each time there is a test to write. Tutorials help you boost confidence in your capabilities and give you peace of mind. There is no greater joy than seeing an exam question and knowing you’re at the top of your game.

Online tutoring offers a plethora of benefits, but costs can sometimes be a barrier. To get an idea of the prices for various language learning platforms, have a look at our comprehensive article on Lingoda prices. You might find this platform an affordable solution to your language learning goals.

Importance of Tutoring In The Time of COVID-19

Importance of Tutoring In The Time of COVID-19

The pandemic put a huge stop signal to every business in the world, including the educational sector. Everything was at a standstill, and people thought things would not go back to normal, but online tutoring came to the rescue. Let’s see how:

Helped Kids Stay On Track

Even though kids could not go to school due to the ban on huge gatherings or crowded spaces, online tutoring served as a space where they could still learn with their peers without risking their health. It helped kids keep track of school work and not forget them during the long time the pandemic stayed around.

Also read: Online tutoring vs In-person

Kill Boredom

Kids started to get restless and bored doing nothing at home, and that’s not a good combination for kids. They need to be active and online tutoring provides a channel for them. For a few hours each day, they could go online to learn and talk to their friends, killing off the bout of restlessness.

Strong Attitude To Learning

When the world was confused and education stopped, online tutoring picked up the forte and forged an open door in the educational sector.

Despite the vast amount of free time on their hands, the kids still had to dedicate certain hours to learning each day. This helped them develop stronger attitudes to learning and improve their study habits.


Tutoring is highly beneficial, whether online or physically, and parents need to take advantage of this concept to equip their children better. If you do not have time to do all this, check out the post right here.

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