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Tutor Clothing Guide: What (NOT) to Wear as a Tutor

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Being a tutor is an amazing thing. There is no reason to explain why tutoring is important for college students. You can help them expand the knowledge they have and reach their career goals. However, most people like you have a common problem – they do not know how to dress as a tutor.

Why Is It Important to Dress Properly As a Tutor?

It is amazing if you are trying to improve your communication skills or try to figure out how to become an SAT tutor. However, the ability to share knowledge with words is not always going to be enough. There are many factors that will influence your results.

Believe it or not, there are certain tutor clothing standards that you will have to respect. No, you are not following the fashion standards just to look nice. For those kids, you are a role model and a person of integrity. That is the reason why you need to look professional whenever you share your knowledge.

If you wear inappropriately, the impression that you leave is going to be wrong. Despite that, if you are not a positive example, students will not respect you, which will automatically influence their desire to learn.

Main Things to Wear for Tutors

You are probably thinking now, “tutor fashion must be a complex thing”. Fortunately, wearing appropriately as someone who shares knowledge is not challenging at all. Despite that, you also want to spend a fortune to get the necessary clothes. Let’s analyze the main things you should wear!

Go Smart Casual

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Style tutors clothing is actually pretty close to smart casual clothing. In other words, there is no need to experiment with things.

For starters, during peer tutoring classes, it is not only the point to use the best possible methods to improve the knowledge of students. You also need to find a way to make the atmosphere relaxing.

Casual clothes will, without any doubt, leave a relaxing impression. However, at the same time, you will also show that you have authority, credibility, and integrity to talk about certain topics. Let’s say this is some sort of balance!

Male tutors should wear a smart cotton shirt and combine them with some casual trousers. On the other hand, the style tutors clothing for ladies can be a mix of cardigans and denim. You can also make combinations with light blazers in case you do not possess cardigans in your wardrobe.

Focus On Bright Colors

Tutors must not be “men in black”. On the contrary, it is essential that you focus your clothing on bright colors. Light colors show that you are an open person that is ready to listen to all the questions and concerns that others have. Sky-blue trousers together with a white polo T-shirt can, for instance, be an ideal combination for men.

Don’t Forget About Comfort

As mentioned, the purpose of tutor clothing is to highlight your authority and integrity. But, leaving that impression should not be a “punishment”. The clothes that you wear must not reduce your focus and creativity and make you feel uncomfortable. Feet, for example, can hurt a lot if you stand for a couple of hours in high heels.

Sneakers are acceptable for male tutors, without any doubt. On the other hand, ladies can wear flats in case they feel comfortable that way. Besides, flats will certainly make them look more professional.

What NOT to Wear As a Tutor

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Now when you know the best tutor clothing, it is about time to highlight the things you should not wear as a tutor. Let’s go!

Avoid Too Formal Clothes

It is nice if you like to wear suits and cocktail dresses. However, these combinations can be good for formal events, business meetings, etc. Working with students is a lot different than that. Do not be too extreme and, as mentioned, focus on smart casual clothes. You will get more respect that way!

Avoid Flip-Flops

Comfort is one of the main things tutors need to ensure when choosing the perfect tutor clothing. Yet, that doesn’t mean every comfortable option is available to you. Flip-flops can be a great thing if you are going to visit a friend and drink a coffee with him/her. However, if you want to be a true professional, then flip-flops are not appropriate workplace clothes.

Key Takeaways

It is always good to have the necessary pieces of information before you become a tutor. After you know which clothes are appropriate, all you have to do now is to learn how to describe tutoring on resume and start seeking that job on one of the best tutoring platforms online. That will certainly raise your chances of getting a job!


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