EduReviewerPrincetonReview vs Kaplan: GRE Comparison

PrincetonReview vs Kaplan: GRE Comparison

Preparing for the GRE is essential if you want to achieve amazing scores for your admission application. Kaplan and Princeton are two of the most trusted companies by students looking for GRE preparation services.

Choosing between Kaplan and Princeton Review GRE can be a challenge since both are great for providing education services. The same hard task is to choose between Kaplan vs Magoosh GRE because all of these companies are outstanding options.

Below is a quick guide about Princeton Review vs Kaplan to help you compare these two and help make the right choice.

GRE – Kaplan vs Princeton Review

Kaplan costs

According to the text, when it comes to the pricing of the GRE prep courses, the Self-Paced Package of Princeton Review is cheaper than Kaplan. Princeton Review charges $499 for the Self-Paced Package, while Kaplan charges $699.

However, when it comes to the Live Online test prep, Kaplan is cheaper than Princeton Review. Kaplan charges $999, while Princeton Review charges $1199, although Princeton offers lots of discounts, for prices as low as $899.

Additionally, Kaplan offers two options for books: the GRE Prep, which costs $16, and the GRE Prep Plus, which costs $28, while Princeton Review offers more than 20 books to choose from, with prices ranging from $10-40.

Princeton academic prep

For students who learn better from physical resources, you’ll find Kaplan or Princeton Review GRE books helpful in your test prep.

Feature Kaplan Princeton Review
Price Self-Paced Test prep – $699

Live Online Test prep – $999

Self-Paced Test prep – $499

Live Online Test prep – as low as $899

Books 2 Books (GRE Prep and GRE Prep Plus) More than 20 books to choose from
Practice Questions 5000+ practice questions, Quiz Bank 3500 practice questions
Flashcards Mobile Flashcards Online Access Flashcards
Course Formats Self-Paced, Live Online, Tutoring, and In-Person. Self-Paced, Live Online, Private Tutoring.
Video Lectures One-on-one Lecture Style One-on-one Lecture Style
Retake Options Full refund available for unsatisfied clients, Full Course Retake. Full refund available for unsatisfied clients, Refresher courses available.

Our Conclusion

In conclusion, Kaplan and Princeton Review are both well-established options when it comes to GRE prep courses. Both offer similar features such as self-paced and live online courses, as well as similar retake options.

However, when it comes to pricing, Princeton Review’s self-paced package is more affordable than Kaplan’s self-paced package. Kaplan’s live online test prep is more affordable than Princeton Review’s, although Princeton Review offers various discounts.

Kaplan offers more practice questions, while Princeton Review offers more books to choose from. Kaplan offers mobile flashcards and Princeton Review offers online access flashcards.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on May 25, 2023
Verified by Max Zabairatskii
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