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Planning for a test can be challenging. Students have to consume a wide range of materials and do a lot of research. Students who are passionate about the dental school must pass the Dental Admission Test (DAT). The DAT test costs USD 525 to take and lasts for 4 hours and 30 Mins.

There are numerous resources available to students who are preparing for their DAT. In my experience, I have realized that the prep community is divided into two broad communities, which are DAT Bootcamp vs Destroyer.

Each approach offers unique benefits, reviewing and comparing these preparation approaches will help prospective candidates make the right decision. A great deal of research has allowed me to articulate the advantages that each study material offers to students who are preparing for their DAT.

Detailed features of these prep materials will be examined in this review, offering clear insights to shape your decision-making process on DAT Bootcamp vs DAT Destroyer issues. By learning the pros and cons, you will know what best works for you.

Main Differences Between DAT Destroyer and Bootcamp

  • DAT Destroyer focuses on practicing challenging questions, while Bootcamp provides a comprehensive review of DAT study materials.
  • DAT destroyer covers biology, chemistry, perceptual ability, and quantitative reasoning, whereas Bootcamp provides a well-rounded approach with video explanations.

Destroyer employs a workbook format, whereas Bootcamp uses an online platform to deliver content.

Overall Comparison: DAT Destroyer VS Bootcamp

DAT Destroyer and Bootcamp have one simple goal, to assist students in getting better scores on their DAT test. There are key differences that make each of these resources unique, this comparison does justice to all the DAT Destroyer vs Bootcamp issues.

Product DAT Destroyer DAT Bootcamp
Resources 1955 Questions 730+ Videos
Practice Tests Focus on Four subjects All-rounded 10 practice tests
Practice Questions 446 Organic Chemistry

494 General Chemistry

862 Biology

153 Quantitative Reasoning

All-rounded, 13000+ practice questions
Mobile Experience Not Available Outstanding
Mobile App Not Available Yes
Tracking and Monitoring Not Available Present
Price $174.95 $499 for 90 days and $899 for 180 days
Learning Style Active problem-solving Versatile content, including videos and quizzes
Strengths Intensive practice Comprehensive content
Self-Study Yes Structured for both self-study and tutored learning
Format Workbook style Online platform
Use Case Specific practice, Content mastery Structured learning
Emphasis Critical and independent problem-solving General understanding of concepts

The table above is a product of my experiment with the materials. I have discovered that the DAT destroyer is ideal for students who want to have a hands-on feeling with DAT questions. The DAT destroyer allows the candidate to solve a wide range of questions in general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and quantitative reasoning.

The price for the DAT Destroyer is relatively low compared to the Bootcamp, and no renewal is needed. Opting for Bootcamp allows you access to a wide range of videos, quizzes, and other study materials that give you comprehensive insight into the test. The learning system in the Bootcamp is structured to allow you to learn on your own or with a little guidance.

Key Features of Destroyer and Bootcamp

My research on DAT Destroyer vs. DAT Bootcamp has helped narrow key features that influence the practice process of prospective candidates.

DAT Destroyer

The DAT destroyer is a study material created by Dr. Jim Romano, the study material is sold under the name Orgoman. This material has helped over 100,000 students in the DAT Test preparations since 1999. Here are some of the key features of this material:

  • A comprehensive collection of about 2000 practice questions
  • Detail-oriented solutions
  • Covers Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology, and Quantitative Reasoning.
  • Assorted and full-length practice tests
  • Online practice questions are available
  • Active social media communities (Facebook)
  • Customer support available

dat destroyer welcome page

Now let me break it down to more specific aspects:

  • Practice Questions: The practice questions in this material are challenging and engaging. The workbook-style format offers you detailed explanations for each problem.
  • Content Nature: The content is structured in a way that requires intensive practice. There are drills on specific content areas, the material is designed to help in targeted improvement.
  • Problem-Solving: one key feature of the DAT destroyer is that it inculcates problem-solving skills in students, helping them develop critical thinking skills.
  • Self-study: even with the rich social media community, students have to consume these materials independently. The resources are tailored in a simple and detailed manner, which can be consumed without guidance from any tutor. The DAT destroyer requires active engagement and breeds self-reliance.

DAT Bootcamp

The DAT Bootcamp is a study platform that incorporates videos, quizzes, and practice tests to help students hit high scores on their DAT tests. This platform is famous for its holistic content and detailed videos. Bootcamp offers elaborate content, I particularly enjoy the Chemistry lessons as they offer facts that students cannot find in most textbooks. The platform has over 3500 videos, each loaded with quality information targeted to help you get better scores on your DAT.

datbootcamp welcome page

Here are some general features of the DAT Bootcamp

  • High-quality videos
  • Customizable study plans and practice questions
  • More realistic practice test relative to other materials
  • Costs $497 for pro and $897 for Plus Plan
  • Guided learning
  • 13000 practice questions
  • Mobile App available
  • 90 Days active period from subscription

Offering you more details about certain aspects of the platform will help you make more informed decisions, thus:

  • Comprehensive Content: The platform offers a detailed review of DAT content through the years. The contents include high-quality videos, practice tests, and quizzes.
  • Variety of Questions: the mixture of questions on the Bootcamp is quite similar to that in the actual test. A dynamic learning experience is presented to students through the videos. This allows students to get a versatile approach to the test.
  • Structured and guided Learning: You can customize the learning experience to suit your demands. There are varied learning resources, ranging from full-length practice exams to short quizzes. The platform is ideal for students who prefer guided and structured learning.

Mobile friendly: You can practice on the go, there is a dedicated mobile app allows you to access all your study resources from your fingertips from anywhere in the world. This offers students flexibility and the opportunity to learn at one’s pace.

How Is DATBootcamp Better Than DATDestroyer?

Even though it all boils down to preferred learning style and format, my experience has shown that there are aspects for which Bootcamp serves a better purpose than any other platform. So when you ask DATBootcamp or DATDestroyer, these should come to mind.

Students who enjoy comprehensive content must opt for Bootcamp over other platforms. DATBootcamp takes a detailed approach to its content. The full-length practice exams simulate the actual exams as closely as possible. With this, students get a holistic rather than a specific and targeted understanding.

datbootcamp feautures

The study content is not limited to quizzes and practice tests, students have access to video resources. This variety helps cater to the individual needs of different students. Through structured study plans, students have a sense of direction when learning. According to research, guided learning produces the best results.

The tracking features make it easy for students to identify their weaknesses and strengths, which can help shape their study plans. You can also monitor your progress, I find this important as getting feedback is the best way to improve on your drawbacks.

dat bootcamp user reviews

Regular updates are made to the platform to ensure it meets the current needs of students. Unlike other materials and platforms that are rigid, this allows students to get access to new content and experience.

How Is DATDestroyer Better Than DATBootcamp?

The superiority of DATDestroyer over DATBootcamp is case-specific and largely dependent on the learner’s learning style, target, and overall needs. DATDestroyer and DATBootcamp aim to help the student, but these characteristics make DAT Destroyer a better option for some learners.

DATDestroyer encourages intensive practice and drilling, the material is focused on providing students with challenging problems in four subjects. This is beneficial for students who want to gain mastery of certain subject areas.

The solutions provided to guide students are detailed, this aids the learning to learn without the need for a tutor. Students develop a deeper understanding of difficult concepts in an applicable way. Self-study is the core of DATDestroyer, it aims to make students independent and self-reliant. With such content structure, students develop content mastery that sticks with them permanently.

datdestroyer student review

Students need to understand their strengths and weaknesses before opting for either of the above. Independent learners will find the best value in DATDestroyer, whereas students who prefer a little guidance will find DATBootcamp more worthwhile.

The Prices Comparison

The internet has made it possible for students to lay their hands on a wide variety of learning materials. Preparing for a Dental Admission Test is no small task, choosing the right study material is another big task. One of the key factors to consider when choosing the right study aid is pricing. This section is dedicated to comparing the pricing between the two dominant players, DATDestroyer vs DATBootcamp.

It is crucial to understand the financial investment required for these study aids. Knowing the price lets you compare the value and know what best works for you. I will walk you through the intricacies of the pricing structure of these platforms to help you make well-informed financial decisions.

DAT Bootcamp: You can make two subscriptions to enjoy full access to all content on DAT Bootcamp. The first package is:

  • DAT Bootcamp Pro: This offers 90 days of access to the platform, where you will get access to all the materials that will ensure a high score on your DAT. This plan offers:
    • 60 representative practice tests
    • Prometric Mode
    • Mike’s Chemistry Videos
    • Bio Bites
    • 400+ Biology Videos
    • 8800+ Practice Questions
    • Study schedule
    • iOS and Android App

This plan is $499 for 90 days (3 months) access. When comparing the math DAT bootcamp vs destroyer, there is a huge price difference, but it all comes down to the nature of the content.

  • DAT Bootcamp Plus: This package offers 180 days of access and 5 full-length practice tests. This is the best package for students who want more practice and study time. The package includes:
    • Everything on the pro plan
    • Biology Plus Test
    • General Chemistry plus test
    • Organic Chemistry plus test
    • Perceptual Ability plus test
    • Reading and Comprehension plus packs
    • Quantitative Reasoning plus test

The package is available for $899, however, with Afterpay, you can make 4 interest-free payments of $225.

DAT Destroyer

Unlike the DATBootcamp, The Destroyer is a textbook that can be purchased once and that’s it. On the official Orgoman website, the material goes for $174.95. This price is quite low compared to other materials and study aids. By purchasing other books by Orgoman, you get a discount to save $30 – $110 on the combo deal.

Price Comparison and Value 

The DAT destroyer is cheaper compared to the Bootcamp. The Destroyer is a textbook covering a limited scope of four subjects. On the other hand, the Bootcamp is a comprehensive and detailed platform aimed at offering an engaging experience to prospective candidates. Regarding the value of content, Bootcamp offers videos, full-length practice questions, and other materials. This justifies the price difference between Destroyer vs DAT Bootcamp.

Quality of DAT Test Prep Material

A simple breakdown of the quality of these study aids will help your decision-making process. I considered factors such as format and content type to evaluate the quality of each material.


DATBootcamp is known for its detailed approach and commitment to high-quality content. Lessons are delivered via videos, which makes it a more engaging experience. There are quizzes and full-length practice questions that are tailored to simulate the actual Dental Admission Test. You can get guidance and monitor your learning process to find your weaknesses and strengths, this is a big advantage.

DATBootcamp good reviews


Regarding quality, the DATDestroyer is fashioned to satisfy the needs of students who want targeted mastery. It offers a rigorous learning environment. The test questions are well explained, and solutions are offered step-by-step to ensure learners pick key information.

DATDestroyer positive user reviews

Verdict: Which DAT Prep to Choose?

I have experimented with both DATDestroyer and DATBootcamp and have concluded that both platforms can help prospective candidates improve their scores when used properly. Students are advised first to evaluate their learning style and needs before opting for a study material. Students who are independent learners should try out Destroyer. A more guided approach is what you will enjoy on Bootcamp.

To wrap it up, in terms of comprehensiveness, variety, and feedback, Bootcamp throws a knockout punch, sending Destroyer to the corner of the ring.


Is DAT booster similar to real DAT?

Most of the questions in the materials are structured to simulate the real exams. The contents put you in a real-life situation.

Is DAT booster better than Bootcamp?

It depends on your learning needs, style, and expectations. Most students prefer Bootcamp because of the detailed nature of the content and variety.

Are DAT booster practice tests accurate?

These test materials are scrutinized by experts to ensure that they are accurate. Most of the questions are extracted from past test materials, thus making them credible.

How long does a DAT booster last?

A booster pro plan lasts for 90 days; however, students can opt for the plus plan, which lasts for 180 days and offers more content.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on January 26, 2024
Verified by Enthony Ferdinand
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