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Bootcamp vs Booster: DAT Comparison

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Passing the Dental Admission Test is a prerequisite for gaining admission. The fact is, there are many platforms out there that offer help to prospective DAT candidates. Regardless of the variety, DAT Booster vs Bootcamp has remained the top option among students. This is because these platforms offer similar services.

This detailed guide will offer you insights about these study aids. I have purchased both programs and have narrowed out key distinctions and similarities. Here, you will learn the pros and cons of each platform from a user experience point of view.

Not only does this review help you understand the nature of these programs, but it also helps you understand which program better suits your learning needs.

Let us jump right into the review by pointing out some key differences that will prepare you for this DAT Booster vs DAT Bootcamp review.

Main Differences Between DATBootcamp and DATBooster

  • DATBootcamp offers a comprehensive approach that can take up to 3 months, whereas DATBooster takes on a short-term approach.
  • DATBootcamp employs comprehensive videos and other resources, while DATBooster employs concise videos and study notes mostly.
  • Mobile users have better access to DATBootcamp, DATBooster has an average mobile platform.
  • DATBootcamp is a bit pricey, and DATBooster is more affordable, but there is a difference in the quality of content.

Overall Comparison: DAT Bootcamp and Booster

Through my experience with these programs, we will not beat around the bush, a detailed comparison will be done to enable you to make well-informed decisions. Here is a concise breakdown of some of the key features of DAT Bootcamp vs DATBooster.

Program DAT Bootcamp DAT Booster
Content size 3500+ Lesson Videos 3000 + Lesson Videos
Practice tests 10 Full-Length tests

60 Practice Test

12 Full-Length tests

80 Practice tests

Questions available 12000+ Practice questions Simulating real DAT questions 8900+ Practice questions simulating real DAT questions
Monitoring and Evaluation system Present Present
Dedicated Mobile App Yes Not available
User experience Top-Notch Average
Subscription lasts for 90 or 180 days 90 days with room for extension
Pricing Pro plan – $499 for 90 days

Plus plan – $899 for 180 days

$299 for 90 days

$499 for 180 days

A more descriptive explanation of these features will help better your understanding of these materials.


There are certain subject areas that you can assimilate using a normal textbook. However, some topics need a visual aid for better understanding. The resources available in these courses are a key differentiator.

These programs do a good job of catering to the visual needs of learners outside traditional textbooks. Both programs are loaded with videos that are descriptive and efficient in communicating complex ideas.


datbootcamp welcome page

DATBootcamp has made a name among competitors for offering high-quality and detailed video lessons. This is the primary learning resource in the program. The videos point to facts that can easily be missed from textbooks. You will always find new facts in the videos, especially the Chemistry lessons. Many sites have pointed out that DATBooster has the best chemistry videos relative to competitors.

Reviews from some students show that the content of the videos can be overwhelming, so learners must take it one step at a time. It is quality over quantity when it comes to these videos. There are many videos, each offering you new experiences and information. Ensure to finish one video before moving to the next. That is the best way to gain the best value from the learning resources on DATBootcamp.


datbooster starting page

I can confidently say that the videos on DATBooster are almost the same as those on DAT Bootcamp. However, DAT Booster takes a more concise approach instead of being detail-oriented and comprehensive. The videos are brief and concise, the platform boasts a collection of 3000 videos spanning different topics. Most students opt for this program because of the brevity of the material.

Numerous users have praised the study materials here, the materials offer you the exact information required to attempt the Dental Admission Test without beating around the bush. Cool features like 3D imagery allow you to interact better with different content. There are well-crafted notes that allow you to get additional information on some areas. Booster is great for PAT and Biology study.

Practice Questions

The main idea behind these programs is to offer you an experience of what the actual DAT is like. The best way to get this experience is through practicing test questions. Both programs are amply loaded with questions that simulate the actual test. This means that all the questions are of the highest standard.

DAT Bootcamp

dat bootcamp advantage

This program contains over 12000 practice questions. Within the three months of your subscription, you can practice with 98 questions daily. This amount of practice puts you in the mindset of the actual exams, as all the questions are quite close to the real deal.

DAT Booster

dat booster advantage for students

Here, you have access to about 9000 practice questions, so for your 90-day period, you can practice 100 test questions. The similarity to the actual test is amazing, the questions are interactive, allowing you to use the 3D feature to manipulate images and so on.

Full-Length Practice Tests

The practice questions offer you the opportunity to get a more hands-on and complete experience of what the Dental Admission Test is. You can monitor and get feedback on these tests to help you identify your weaknesses and strengths.

DAT Bootcamp

Bootcamp provides students with 10 full-length practice tests that will give them a direct experience of the DAT. From my experience, once you can pass all 10 full-length practice tests, you should be able to score high on the actual test. With the tracking and monitoring feature, you can assess the learning process better.

DAT Booster

With 12 full-length practice tests, you will surely gain real experience. Monitor your activities and make improvements.

User experience

I must point out that both programs are fantastic, and there is no solid way of comparing the user experience as it is quite subjective. However, here is what I have discovered from using both programs.

DAT Bootcamp

dat bootcamp mobile app download page

Personally, the interface on this platform is easy to use and quite decent. The design ensures speed and smooth sailing, the navigational process is frictionless and everything just fits. You don’t have to waste time finding key features on the platform, as everything is designed.

 DAT Booster

The interface here is quite decent. However, Bootcamp has a slight edge over it. Most students cannot even spot the difference, but one of the key differences is the unavailability of a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.

Program Verdict
Materials Bootcamp has a slight edge for having a generally comprehensive study guide.
Practice Test Bootcamp has a slight edge for having more practice test questions.
Full-length practice test Bootcamp has a slight edge for being directly representative of the actual exams.
User experience Bootcamp has a mobile app which gives it an edge over Booster.

Key Features of Bootcamp and Booster

This part of the DAT Bootcamp vs DAT Booster review concentrates on specific features of each of the programs. The research I conducted led me to interesting features of the programs, these features are why the programs are considered the best. However, a close look at these features will reveal to you which platform has an edge over the other.

DAT Bootcamp

With a subscription of $497 for 90 days or $897 for 180 days, you get access to features and functions that ensure you high scores when rightly followed. The program contains:

  • 10 full-length tests that are of top quality
  • 8,800 practice questions covering a wide range of relevant topics
  • Top-notch DAT Bio Bites QBanks
  • Unlimited PAT practice questions (generated by PAT Generators)
  • Dedicated app for Android and iOS users to practice flexibly, on the go or at leisure

Unique Features

Some unique features of this app include:

  • Tagging System: This system is tailored to help you rate your progress and understanding of a certain topic. What this allows you to do is tag questions you would want to check later on. This creates a filter for questions you are cool with and areas you need a little help with. So once you encounter a question that you have answered with a high success percentage, you can attempt it confidently and tag it as “mastered”. You can also tag questions, learn or review, and create bookmarks.
  • Study Calendar: A study schedule is in place to ensure that you have a sense of direction since the training lasts for 3 months. The study schedule allows you to create plans for 3 to 6 hours daily. This will let you create a positive study habit.

DAT Booster

datbooster main featuresDAT booster compacts its learning experiences into short but complete videos that briefly equip learners with new knowledge without unnecessary redundancy. Some of the standout features of the platform include:

  • Well-Structured Study Plan: A ten-week study plan is put in place by experts at DAT Booster to help you smoothly run through your learning process and preparation for your DAT.  You have the luxury of extending depending on your timeline and assimilation of the contents. The plan has 3 phases, namely:
    • Content learning phase (starting from day 1 to 39)
    • Review and practice phase (from day 40 to 55)
    • Practice tests and fill the gaps (from day 56 – day 70)
  • A comprehensive variety of learning materials: Nothing is too small to be covered by DATBooster. There are 8,900 practice questions, 80 practice tests, study notes, and detailed solutions. The content here is not only diverse but up-to-date, representative of real questions. There are 3000+ videos to help you learn and gain confidence about the test.
  • Tracking and Monitoring system: Every learner would want to know how well they are doing. Through the tracing system on the platform, you can identify your strengths and drawbacks. Knowing your weaknesses, you can better align your learning resources to patch up those leaky areas.
  • Live DAT Crash course: The fact is, some students appreciate the live nature of traditional classes. The program allows you to access a live crash course. The crash course is interactive and fun, so if you need help with an area in biology, the crash course is a good option.
  • High score guarantee: You will get your money back if you go through the program and fail the test. This insurance makes the platform more trustworthy.

DATBooster: How Is it Better Than DATBootcamp?

DAT Booster goes straight to the point without overwhelming you. The platform offers concise explanations, pointing out specific information while keeping the learner occupied and engaged. The study material includes study notes and videos that are of premium quality.

The good thing is you get all these experiences and quality for an affordable price. Instead of getting a rigid subscription, you can keep extending your access period until you feel ready enough. This ensures continuity rather than a linear process that has a rigid start and finish window. There is a money-back guarantee that builds trust and confidence between the students and the platform.

In a case where it is either DATBooster or DATBootcamp, your preference of study material should help guide your decision.

DATBootcamp: How Is it Better Than DATBooster?

DATBootcamp and DATBooster are fairly similar. DAT Bootcamp is used by more than 90% of pre-dental students. Dr. Ari’s study plan has guided over 50,000+ students to get high scores on the DAT. As most students use their mobile devices as their primary access to the internet, a dedicated app is the most sort out feature among learners.

With the mobile app available for Android and iOS users, students can easily learn on the go. The user interface is exquisite. The comprehensive library of learning materials includes over 3500 videos filled with detailed explanations. The program also contains many practice questions.

Prices Comparison of Bootcamp and Booster

The pricing of a platform should equate to the value it offers. Pre-dental students must have a good understanding of the pricing of the platforms to get the best value. This little comparison will bring to light different aspects and advantages presented by the pricing of DAT Bootcamp vs Booster.

DAT Bootcamp

Bootcamp Pro is a basic package that lasts 90 days and costs $497. This membership offers you access to numerous study materials. The Plus plan costs $897, however, it offers you a 180-day membership and access to more study materials.


DATBooster costs less as you get a 90-day membership for $399. Students who need more practice can opt for the 180-day plan, which costs $699.

Pricing plays a crucial role, mostly determining the quality of content you will get from a product. In this case, Bootcamp is more expensive than DAT Booster by $100, both offer similar content, however, DAT Bootcamp offers more elaborate explanations and depth. The learning materials are also more.

Students who have strict budgets can stick to the DAT Booster as it offers almost the same value. If you are confident in your learning abilities and are down for a comprehensive experience, put in the extra $100 and get a detailed experience.

Quality of DAT Material

In terms of quality, both DAT Booster and Bootcamp are exemplary. The materials provided by these platforms are reflective of what the real exams are like. Students have a study plan that is designed to maximize the experience. DATBootcamp is focused on offering a holistic experience, whereas DAT Booster takes a more crash-course approach.


DATBooster contains materials that will boost your readiness for your DAT. The materials are concise and point to specific information. The materials cover topics that other materials shy away from. The material is representative of the actual exams, a thorough consumption of the material assures you a good score.

One would say that the platform is confident in the quality of its material and that it offers a money-back guarantee to students who fail after subscribing and completing the material. 12 full-length practice tests offer you a simulation of the real experience. Students can take advantage of the cheat sheets and worksheets as well. The study notes are deep and easy to use.


The materials here have helped over 50,000 students achieve good scores on their DAT. The materials offered are comprehensive. Every important detail is captured and well explained. There are over 3,500 videos, 12,000 practice questions, and 60 practice tests.

All these materials are structured clearly. Students can consume these materials on their own or under guidance. There are over 3600 flashcards that are only available in Biology, the quality of this item is outstanding.

Verdict: Which DAT Course to Choose?

This is one of the most exciting reviews I have done, purchasing and using both DAT Boosters and DAT Bootcamp assures me that students have access to the best materials in preparation for their pre-dental exams. Bootcamp is a holistic learning package that allows students access to the best and most comprehensive content. The details in the videos can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, the study plan is there to guide you. Through the tracking system, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Even though there are many similarities, DAT booster stands out due to its reputation and content quality. It is an expensive option though, but worth it. Students who are not financially buoyant can opt for DAT Booster as it offers almost the same value and experience.


Is DAT bootcamp better than DAT booster?

One cannot forwardly say that DAT Bootcamp is better than DAT Booster, however, from my experience, I have assessed that DAT Bootcamp has a slight edge over Booster. There are aspects of Booster, however, that will appeal to specific learning demands better than Bootcamp.

Is DAT booster similar to real DAT?

Of course, the questions available on the DAT booster are constructed to mirror the actual exams. This means that if you perform well on all the full-length tests, you have a 90% chance of scoring high on the actual exam.

Are DAT bootcamp tests harder than DAT?

The questions are the same standard as the DAT, this means that the questions are at the same level of complexity as the actual test. This offers you a hands-on and real experience without any consequence of actually failing

Is the DAT bootcamp crash course worth it?

From my experience, I’d say the crash course is worth it. The information available there is specific, and finding such information in textbooks can be a challenging task.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on January 26, 2024
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