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Spanish Pod 101 Prices for Students. With Alternatives!

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Language learning is now a hot cake. If you are a student eager to master or learn the Spanish language, SpanishPod101 has you covered. This language acquisition platform makes language learning more accessible and more affordable. Interestingly, the platform tailors its contents to suit both beginners and intermediate learners.

SpanishPod101 is considered one of the best tutoring apps for numerous reasons. Firstly, the learning process is interactive, allowing learners to pick up ideas at their own pace. The plans and prices are pocket-friendly.

This SpanishPod101 review covers all you need to know about the SpanishPod101 cost and plans offered by SpanishPod101. Let’s explore the exciting opportunities that await you on your journey to becoming Fluent in Spanish.

Breakdown of the SpanishPod101 Pricing System

The pricing at SpanishPod101 depends on the contents and learning resources available. Learners who want to take Spanish for casual reasons can try out free or basic plans that offer restricted access to most features. Learners who are keen to learn Spanish in a short period can opt for premium plans. How much SpanishPod101 costs depends on the plan. Here is a breakdown.

Plan Price Discount
Free No cost None
Basic $4 per month None
Premium $10 per month $6 with a 40% discount
Premium Plus $23 per month $13.73 with a 40% discount

To make sure that our information is correct, check official SpanishPod101 website and see for yourself. Also, see if there are any discounts going.

Alternatives to SpanishPod101

Even though many users will argue that SpanishPod101 is one of the best tutoring websites, there are other alternatives that learners can explore. BeMo reviews suggest learners should settle for a service that serves them the most.

A simple comparison of Rosetta Stone cost, Babbel cost, and Chegg cost. Some of the top language learning platforms will allow learners to know which is preferable for them in the absence of SpanishPod101.

App SpanishPod101 Babbel Rosetta Stone
Pricing Model Free content, Basic, Premium, Premium Plus Subscription-based Subscription-based
Cost  Varies by plan Varies by duration Varies by duration
Lesson Variety Audio, Video, and test materials Interactive Lessons and tests Immersive contents and materials
Free trial Yes Yes Yes
Offline Learning Only available with Premium Available to premium users Available to Premium subscribers
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes
Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation practice Yes Yes Yes
Cultural Content Available Limited Limited

The above table is a comparison of the finest platforms. These platforms offer the best app to learn languages, cooking, or any other activity. We have comprehensive articles on these alternative services; be sure to check them out.

Things to Consider Before You Start with SpanishPod101


You may be eager to jump straight into the learning process; however, there are factors one must consider before starting this journey. Understanding these factors gives you an upper hand as it will help you set realistic goals and make stable plans.

The first thing to examine is your goals. You must ask the essential questions: are you a beginner looking to learn the basics of the language? Do you have any experience with the language and want to build on it? SpanishPod101 provides content for all levels. Thus, clearly defining your objectives will help you choose the appropriate lessons and materials.

Once you clearly define your objectives, you must explore SpanishPod101 prices. There are different plans with different features, including free trials, basic plans, and premium subscriptions.

How much is SpanishPod101? Assess your budget closely and examine your learning needs to select a plan that would offer you the most value. Note that premium plans have more elaborate content and extensive evaluation tools. That is why SpanishPod101 is considered one of the best apps to learn any language while driving and keep a high level of retention.

Many learners fail to consider this factor, but understanding your learning style will help you decide the type of material that suits you best. There are visual and auditory learners, and SpanishPod101 offers both audio and video lessons. Knowing your learning style will help you know what to combine to get the best outcome.

Finally, prepare yourself for consistent practice. Did you know that it is better to practice 1 hour a day for a week than to practice 7 hours at once, once a week? Create a study plan that requires you to practice daily because practice makes perfect.

So even though SpanishPod101 is the best app to learn Spanish while driving, it is your consistency that will influence how fast you learn.

Free Plans on SpanishPod101

Prospective learners cannot help but ask the question, is SpanishPod101 cost-free? In this SpanishPod101 review, we will break down what you should expect regarding free and paid subscriptions.

  • Free Trial: The free trial allows you to try before buying, which means that most of the features are restricted. The free content includes introductory lessons, basic vocabulary, and access to a few videos and audio resources. These free contents give you a taste of what SpanishPod101 can offer. These resources cannot get you from beginner to intermediate, but they will equip you with the motivation needed to start your journey.
  • Premium subscription: Free resources can offer you so little. If you want full value and unrestricted access to all contents, opt for premium subscriptions. The platform operates on a premium subscription model, which means that nothing is restricted for a premium subscriber. Advanced learning materials, personalized learning plans, and other interactive features are available to premium subscribers. You can opt for a monthly plan or annual plan, and both offer the same features.
  • Other plans: the pricing tiers for premium differ depending on the level of access you desire. The cost differs depending on the premium tier you opt for. Factors like duration, promotions, and discounts may affect the price of these plans.

Not that the trial period is limited to a few days or weeks, after which you will not be able to access most of the features. This is because the platform expects you to decide to either make a purchase or not within the free trial period.

Pricing, Packages, Plans at SpanishPod101


The most asked question among new learners is: how much does SpanishPod101 cost? The plans at SpanishPod101 are designed to accommodate learning with different financial capacities. The site allows you to start free with no credit card details needed. Each plan offers different values and access to materials. The breakdown below includes prices and plans from the official platform.

Free: Get a Taste of Our Spanish Learning System

This plan is for new users who want to try the course before making any financial commitment. The plan is cost-free. You must join the platform to access this trial offer. You enjoy 50+ Free Survival Phrases Courses.

Three free lessons are provided for every pathway, and you also access new lessons weekly. A 100+ vocabulary list is put in place to help you get a feel of the language. This trial lasts for seven days only.

Basic: Get Access to All Lessons & Lesson Notes

This package costs $4 monthly. The package offers you all the features available in the free trial. You get access to all lessons, unlike in the free bundle, and there are well-crafted lesson notes designed to accelerate the learning process for beginners.

Premium: Reinforce Your Learning with Powerful Language Tools

Free Plans on SpanishPod101

The premium package is priced at $10 monthly. This package includes perks that make your learning process seamless and easy. This bundle includes all the benefits in the basic and free plans.

You also get multiple-choice assessments and additional test tools. A line-by-line audio dialogue allows you to develop strong communication skills. There are premium lesson tracks and personal word banks. You can also try out spaced repetition flashcards.

Premium PLUS: Get personalized guidance from a Spanish teacher

The premium plan costs $23 monthly, and it is the best plan for learners who want to learn Spanish with absolutely no stress. The package includes all the privileges included in the other plans. You also get one-on-one access to a teacher and hand-graded assessments as feedback. This organic process includes personalized assessment and guidance from experts. The cherry on top is the writing and pronunciation tool.


Is SpanishPod101 really free?

The site offers learners a taste of the learning content for free. However, when you opt for the free plan, there are many restrictions attached. The free trial period also lasts for a 7-day window, after which you must subscribe to access any feature.

Is LanguagePod101 worth it?

Of course, the Englishclass101 review shows that the contents offered are worth the price. Testaments from students have proven that a keen learner can pick up conversational skills in a matter of weeks. The Spanish course is also effective and has produced remarkable results among language students.

How does SpanishPod101 work?

To access all contents, you register and make a subscription. Videos, personal teachers, audio files, and other resources are available to aid the learner in getting up to speed with no stress.

What kind of Spanish does SpanishPod101 teach?

The platform teaches standard or neutral Spanish. This is the form of Spanish that is used in most Spanish-speaking countries.


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