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PrepScholar Prices of Test Prep Courses for Students

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PrepScholar, a well-liked online SAT prep programme, provides a range of pricing alternatives to accommodate the demands of all students.

Regardless of your plan, PrepScholar provides a risk-free option to raise your SAT score. You can’t go wrong with their 160-point score guarantee.

How Much Does PrepScholar Cost?

Course PrepScholar Plans
TOEFL $187-385
SAT $397-995
PSAT $397-995
GMAT $139-779
GRE $38-895
ACT $397-995
AP $360-2400

The PrepScholar SAT Self-Paced Prep Course costs $397 and is the least expensive choice. More than 7,100 practice questions, over 100 hours of teaching, and individualized feedback are all included in this course.

PrepScholar offers SAT Live Online Classes and SAT Private Tutoring for those who require more assistance. Live online classes with 16 hours of instruction from SAT tutors are $699. Fifty-four hours of private tutoring are $2,995, which includes materials.

A guarantee of an increase of 160+ points is included with each course. This means that you will receive a full refund if, after taking a PrepScholar course, your SAT score does not increase by at least 160 points.

Getting Started With PrepScholar: A Comprehensive Guide

There are a few things you should be aware of before using the platform:


The PrepScholar and PrepExpert plans are two different online SAT preparation programs offered by PrepScholar. The PrepExpert plan is more thorough and provides extra services, including live online classes, one-on-one tutoring, and essay revision. Both subscriptions offer a variety of benefits.


The SAT and best cheap online prep courses from PrepScholar cover all SAT subjects, including math, reading, and writing. You may be certain you’re learning the appropriate information because the courses align with the most recent SAT revisions.


The SAT preparation courses include a range of tools to aid in your success, including:

  • Adaptive learning: the AI-powered platform customizes your educational experience to meet your specific needs so you can concentrate on the subjects you need the most help with.
  • Expert instruction: The instructors are all highly accomplished SAT experts devoted to assisting students in succeeding.
  • You’ll get personalized feedback on your homework and practice examinations so you can monitor your development and pinpoint your strongest areas.
  • Score guarantee: the SAT prep courses have a 160-point score guarantee. You’ll be refunded if you don’t raise your score by at least 160 points.

Can I use PrepScholar for free?

People often ask how much PrepScholar cost, and it is indeed free to use. A 5-day free trial of the SAT preparation programme is available. You now have full access to the premium plans’ features.

Simply create an account and take the diagnostic test to begin your free trial. PrepScholar will use the results of this test to determine your strengths and weaknesses and develop a unique study plan for you.

When you have a study plan, you may begin the SAT prep process at your own pace. The platform’s resources will be available, such as video courses, practice questions, and complete practice tests.

Your free trial will expire after 5 days, and to continue using PrepScholar, you must sign up for a premium plan. You won’t be charged if you cancel your subscription before the free trial expires.

You can upgrade to a premium plan or keep using the free materials after your free trial expires.

The platform provides many free materials, such as:

  1. SAT preparation blogs: For students looking for SAT preparation ideas and recommendations, PrepScholar’s blog is an excellent resource.
  2. Practise SAT questions: These are free on PrepScholar so that students can check their understanding and determine what areas they need to work on.
  3. SAT study plans: Students can use PrepScholar’s selection of free SAT study plans to design a unique study programme.

Cost of PrepScholar Courses

PrepScholar also provides a range of preparatory courses, such as:

●     ACT Prep

All of the content included on the ACT, including English, math, reading, and science, is covered in the ACT Prep course. Along with these features, the course offers adaptive learning, professional guidance, and personalized feedback to ensure success.

●     LSAT Prep

In Blue, one of the best prep courses overall, is offered by PrepScholar. The English, maths, and reading sections of the top LSAT tutoring websites are all covered in the LSAT prep course in our article. This includes the Manhattan Prep LSAT review found in our article.

In addition to these elements, the course provides customized feedback, adaptive learning, and expert advice.

●     GMAT Prep

Every subject examined on the GMAT, including verbal, quantitative, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning, is covered in the GMAT Prep course. The system also provides personalized feedback, adaptive learning, and professional supervision. This includes law school admission consultants – an article present on our site.

●     GRE Prep

The GRE’s verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing components are covered in the GRE preparation course. The course also includes features that might help you succeed, such as personalized feedback, adaptive learning, and a knowledgeable instructor.

To answer the question, how much does PrepScholar cost? – These courses cost the following amounts:

Course PrepScholar Plans PrepExpert Plans
SAT $397 $699
PSAT $397 $699
GMAT $895 $995
GRE $895 $995
ACT $397 $699

How their pricing works

Our PrepScholar review in our article shows that it provides a range of online SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, and LSAT preparation courses.

PrepScholar prices have a tiered structure, with various plans providing various features and support levels.

The PrepScholar plan and the PrepExpert plan are the two primary plans.

PrepScholar Plans

Starting at $397, the PrepScholar plan is the most cost-effective choice. This strategy comprises all necessary components, including:

  • Adaptive learning: PrepScholar’s AI-powered platform customizes your learning experience to meet your specific needs so you can concentrate on the areas where you need the most assistance.
  • Expert instruction: The instructors at PrepScholar are all highly accomplished SAT experts devoted to assisting students in succeeding.
  • You will get personalized feedback on your practice examinations and homework assignments so you can monitor your development and pinpoint your areas for growth.
  • Score assurance: PrepScholar guarantees a 160-point score on all SAT prep courses. You’ll be refunded if you don’t raise your score by at least 160 points.

PrepExpert Plans

The more extensive choice, starting at $699, is the PrepExpert package.

Everything from the PrepScholar plan is included in this one, plus the following extras:

  1. Live online classes are available, and qualified SAT instructors will teach them.
  2. You can arrange one-on-one tutoring sessions with a PrepScholar instructor.
  3. Essay review: A PrepScholar admissions specialist will comment on your SAT essays.
Plan Price Features
PrepScholar $397 Adaptive learning, expert instruction, personalized feedback, score guarantee
PrepExpert $699 All features of the Prep plan, plus live online classes, 1-on-1 tutoring, and essay review.

Good Alternatives to PrepScholar

There are other additional exam preparation providers accessible. These include Prep Expert and Princeton Review.

The following table contrasts PrepScholar with these two businesses:

Feature PrepScholar Princeton Review Prep Expert
Course options GMAT, GRE, LSAT, AP, college admissions counselling, private tutoring. SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, AP, college admissions counselling, private tutoring. SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, AP, college admissions counselling, private tutoring.
Pricing $397-$995 $499-$1,599 $499-$999
Teaching methods Adaptive learning, expert instruction, personalized feedback. Live online classes, video lessons, practice exams, personalized feedback. Live online classes, video lessons, practice exams, personalized feedback.
Score guarantee Yes Yes Yes


How much does PrepScholar ACT prep cost?

For $397 for the PrepScholar plan and $699 for the PrepExpert plan, PrepScholar cost offers ACT preparation.

The PrepScholar plan covers all necessary components, including personalized feedback, expert training, and adaptive learning.

Along with live online lectures, private tutoring, and essay reviews, the PrepExpert plan includes all of the components of the PrepScholar plan.

How much is PrepScholar SAT prep?

The SAT preparation plans from PrepScholar and PrepExpert cost $397 and $699, respectively. The best option for you will depend on your needs and financial circumstances.

The PrepScholar plan is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a cost-efficient and productive way to study for the SAT. The PrepExpert plan is excellent if you desire more extensive study experience. This includes the Target Test Prep cost – an article on our website.

How long is the PrepScholar free trial?

PrepScholar provides a five-day free trial. During the free trial, you can use the PrepScholar plan’s features, including adaptive learning, expert advice, individualized feedback, and a score guarantee.

If you’re unsure if PrepScholar fits you, I suggest starting with the free trial. You can review the PrepScholar plan’s features and decide whether you now prefer them.

Is PrepScholar a good source?

PrepScholar is undoubtedly a dependable option for test preparation. It offers a variety of classes for renowned standardized tests.

PrepScholar’s courses are taught by certified test preparation experts who use adaptive learning technologies to help students focus on their areas of weakness.

Furthermore, all of PrepScholar’s courses come with a score guarantee that entitles students to a refund if they don’t improve their results by a certain minimal threshold.


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