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Four Best LSAT Podcasts for Your Test Prep

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So you’re gearing up for the LSAT, huh? The path to law school can be challenging, but luckily, some killer resources are at your fingertips. Among the most underrated? Podcasts for studying for the LSAT. Yep, those little audio episodes you can binge while on the go. Let’s chat about which ones are worth hitting play on.

Podcast Gems for LSAT Success

Name Description
Thinking LSAT Hosted by Ben Olson and Nathan Fox, offers LSAT prep and law school admissions insights. Ideal for those who search for affordable courses and the best tutors.
PowerScore LSAT Podcast Hosted by Jon and Dave, covers test updates and broader implications. Provides detailed student reviews and section breakdowns.
LSAT Demon Daily Created by Ben Olson and Nathan Fox, offers comprehensive exam review and law school admissions coverage. Interactive and rich in content, valuable test tips and tricks.
LSAT Unplugged Hosted by Steve Schwartz, covers strategies, personal statements, and recommendation letters. Provides study schedules and practical advice for preparation.

Overall, these podcasts offer diverse insights into prep, law school admissions, and test-day strategies.They are interactive and provide a sense of community, addressing listener questions and concerns. Some podcasts offer free prep resources and in-depth section reviews, complementing test preparation.

Alright, you asked, and here it is: a handpicked selection of the best podcasts to listen to to prep for LSAT. Do LSAT prep courses help? Well, they certainly can. But these podcasts can be game-changers for those who are constantly on the move. Each offers a unique take on prepping, but they all have one thing in common: making you feel more ready for test day. Have a look at these suggestions and see what fits your study style.

Thinking LSAT: More Than Just Test Tips

Thinking LSAT podcast

Hosted by the dynamic duo Ben Olson and Nathan Fox, The Thinking LSAT podcast was birthed from a passion for mastering the exam and, well, a touch of humor. You see, this isn’t just about bubbling answers – it’s about understanding a whole ecosystem. And Ben and Nathan get that.

The real beauty of this podcast? It doesn’t just stop at the preparation step. It goes beyond exploring the world of law school admissions. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal: exam insights plus a sneak peek into what awaits after. And guess what? This gem is especially invaluable for those looking for affordable prep courses. Yep, you heard right. Quality prep without burning a hole in your pocket.

Hold on, there’s more. The podcast’s home,, is a treasure trove of resources. Think of it as a hub where you might stumble upon the best LSAT tutors.

What are the best majors for LSAT? While the podcast might not hand you a list, the broader discussions around tests and law school admissions will surely clarify you. For more information, we recommend reading our article on this topic.

In a nutshell? If you’re on this journey, Thinking LSAT is your roadmap. So, plug in those earbuds and let Ben and Nathan guide the way.

PowerScore LSAT Podcast

powerscore lsat

The PowerScore LSAT Podcast is a remarkable resource for those on the path towards the success. Hosted by Jon and Dave, the podcast delves into various topics and issues pertaining to the test and law school admissions. They provide updates and set expectations about upcoming administrations, addressing concerns about retakes, uncertain test dates, and even the broader implications of current events like the coronavirus pandemic on the test and law schools​​.

The podcast episodes are rich in content and present detailed reviews of recent LSATs, breaking down different test sections and analyzing system outages and how they affected test takers. For instance, in one episode, Dave and Jon discussed the October 2021 LSAT, which they described as a roller coaster due to system outages that prevented thousands from testing on a Saturday morning, which led to extra testing days being added.

This level of detail in reviewing specific administrations gives listeners an in-depth understanding of the test’s dynamics. Additionally, the podcast could be a stepping stone on how to find an LSAT tutor, as Jon and Dave often share their expertise and resources, which could lead listeners to reputable tutors.

Furthermore, the PowerScore offers focused episodes on various test sections, providing self-assessment tools and advice on improving speed and accuracy. They also address broader topics like the logistics and fairness of at-home testing and the impact of GPA conversions during a pass/fail grading semester.

The podcast hosts answer student questions in a mailbag format, addressing inquiries on various topics. This interactive format creates a community where listeners can have their concerns addressed. Within this community, prospective law students could also find insights on how to write LSAT essay, which we also have an article on.

Moreover, by exploring the recommended resources shared in the podcast, you may be more interested in various courses to prepare for this exam. In this case, we can recommend our article on the best LSAT prep courses in NYC, which could significantly enhance their academic journey.

LSAT Insights with LSAT Demon Daily

LSAT Demon Daily podcast

The LSAT Demon Daily podcast is another powerhouse platform for those eyeing the exam. Created by Ben Olson and Nathan Fox, the same minds behind the Thinking LSAT podcast, this daily podcast is geared towards covering all test sections and law school admissions.

The episodes are structured to address various aspects of preparation and law school admissions, providing listeners with various topics. In one episode, they discuss a listener’s ambition to score 170 before finishing undergrad, advising them to focus on school before getting ahead of themselves in preparation. The interactive nature of the podcast also provides a platform where listeners can find information or discussions on ratings of college consultants, which could be crucial in making informed decisions regarding their law school.

LSAT Podcasts

Moreover, the Demon Daily episodes are not confined to prep; they also look into practical aspects of the test day experience. For instance, an episode titled “The 10-Minute Break” recommends how a test-taker could utilize the ten-minute break during the LSAT, suggesting meditation to pass the time. The discussions and advice shared on the podcast can serve as complementary resources to some of the best prep websites, aiding listeners in their preparation journey.

Listeners also have the opportunity to share their concerns and receive advice, as seen in an episode where questionable admissions advice from a Harvard Law admissions officer is discussed. With many topics covered in each episode, Demon Daily stands among good LSAT podcasts that provide test preparation insights and valuable information regarding law school admissions. This daily dose of such insights and the interactive platform makes it an invaluable resource for those seeking to excel in this exam and navigate the law school admissions landscape effectively.

Prep and Law School Admissions with LSAT Unplugged

LSAT Unplugged podcast

The LSAT Unplugged podcast, steered by Steve Schwartz, serves as a comprehensive platform for those aiming for the best result and a smooth sail through law school admissions. The episodes encapsulate various topics, from detailed reviews on Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning to insightful discussions on personal statements, diversity statements, and recommendation letters.

Steve also ventures into effective study schedules and reviewing techniques to ensure listeners are on the right track. This practical advice is pivotal for those gearing up for the exam, making LSAT Unplugged one of the go-to podcasts to get ready for the LSAT​​.

Moreover, the podcast provides free prep resources, which could greatly supplement some of the best LSAT apps available for comprehensive test preparation. The episodes focusing on Logic Games and Logical Reasoning are particularly beneficial, offering listeners an in-depth understanding of these crucial exam sections​​.

With Steve’s narrative of self-improvement from a score of 152 to an impressive 175, the podcast embodies a journey of diligence and effective preparation, inspiring aspirants​​. For those seeking personalized guidance, exploring options for the best LSAT tutor in Washington, DC could be beneficial, and we delve deeper into this topic in a dedicated article.

LSAT prep podcasts

LSAT Unplugged is a compelling and informative platform for individuals on the journey towards exam proficiency and a rewarding law school admission process.


Is 172 a good LSAT score?

Absolutely! A score of 172 places you in the 99th percentile of test-takers, making it a stellar score. This could result from diligent preparation, perhaps using top-notch prep podcasts.

Is 165 a good LSAT score?

Yes, 165 is a commendable score. It puts you in the top 25% of all test-takers and can open doors to several prestigious law schools.

Is 160 a good LSAT score?

Indeed, 160 is considered a solid score, landing you roughly in the 75th percentile. Remember, quality LSAT prep podcasts can help boost those scores even higher.

Has anyone got a 180 on the LSAT?

Although rare, some test-takers have achieved a perfect score of 180. This feat requires extensive preparation, dedication, and perhaps some guidance from reliable podcasts.


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