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What to Put On a Resume If You Never Had a Job

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Most if not all people believe that without adding work experience to their resume, they don’t stand a chance of getting a job. How to make a resume if you’ve never had a job, you may wonder? Is this even possible? Yes, it is possible, and it is easier than you may believe. You still need a resume, and it will still help you get the job, your first one in this case scenario.

We must add that it is perfectly normal for a person who has just graduated to have a ‘’work experience’’ section different. All employers know this, and there is no need to provide you with more details. This doesn’t mean you don’t need a resume, or you need a special one. Your resume will just be a bit different until you get the first job.

Below we will reveal what to put on a resume if you never had a job and how all of this works. The actual process is simpler than you may believe, and it is straightforward. Your work experience will not be blank, and there are a lot of other things you will have to include. Here is what you have to do.

What Should I Put On a Resume When I’ve Never Had a Job?

While you can still apply for jobs without a resume, something we have covered, we believe that having one is a much better decision. The goal in this case scenario is to put an accent on other aspects you have to offer that will make your resume interesting. Do you want to know how to create a resume if you’ve never had a job? Well, here we will reveal a few things you need to know and the ones that will still help you get the resume you need. Include these tips when writing the resume.

  1. Be Focused On Your Skills

The first and most essential thing here is to be focused on your skills rather than past experience. Skills can have a huge role in all of that. The answer is no, especially not in this case. The more skills you can present, the better. It will help you stand out from the crowd and a potential employer will recognize the appeal.

  1. Include Academic or Volunteer Word

You obviously can’t include work experience. But, you can include volunteer or academic work in the resume. The goal here is to include this in the ‘’past experience’’ section. You can make a separate section if you like or really want to do that. Past experience is much broader. Hence, you can include the details that are not obtained from an employer. Make sure to know all about achievements in high school on your resume just so you can know all about the specifics and make sure the details are appealing.

  1. Present Your Career Goal

Keep in mind that presenting your career goal is not always recommended. But when you don’t have work experience, it is mandatory. It tells your potential employer that you have great plans and that you will want to accomplish them. In other words, your employer will realize that you have the skills needed, and you also want to do all it takes to make your plan possible.

Some employees pay close attention to this element, so you may want to pay close attention when writing it. For successful people (odds are high that potential employers are successful) plans and goals have the main role.

  1. Use Different References

The top resume writing website will always tell you to include as many references as possible. You can still do this but in a different way. You can use a reference such as your teachers, professors, people you have volunteered with or people who worked on a project. As you can see, this is a powerful tool and something that you will want to include. Now is the time to move to a more specific explanation.

How to Write a Resume If You Never Had a Job

Do you still want to know how to make a resume if you never had a job? If the answer is yes, then you are on the right page. For the lack of a better word you still have to write a resume and follow most of the steps. Now is the time to present to you a couple of things you will want to use. Let’s start with the template.

  • Name

Contact information and something about you. In separate sections.

  • Education

List your school high school, college, and any additional educational institutions.

  • Skills

List all skills you have separately.

  • Past Experience

Include volunteering work or projects

Once you know all of this, you can start writing your resume. How to write a resume if you never had a job? Well, look at the example we have below, and you will get a better idea.

John Willis


  • 2010-1014 Long Island School
  • 2014-2017 School NNN, Chief Mechanic Class


  • Exotic car repair
  • Computers and web
  • Communication

Past experience

  • How long vehicle can run on the same oil (college study)
  • Made gasoline engine (set)

What to Put Under Experience On Resume If Never Had a Job

What to put under experience on a resume if never had a job? It is the main element here and one thing you will need to understand completely. As you may know by now, the main goal is to include all the academic, volunteering, and other experiences you may have that match the job you are looking to get.

For example, if you are a nurse looking for your first job, you will include clinical rotations, clinical experience, and all the similar experiences you may have. By doing this, a potential employer will know that you still have some experience that can be useful in is company or institution and that you are a good person for the job. There are 4 main types of experience that you will need in your resume, and each one is more important than the other.

The alternative is handing over a resume with these sections completely blank or non-existing. While this may sound like a better option, it is not. It is the only easier option and knows that some people will go for this approach. You also need to know that your resume will look better and be more appreciated. Hence, you can use this to your advantage. Read also our article about should I remove a high school from resume.

Here are a couple of answers that will help you with the process and make your resume much better. The best thing is that all of these examples are simple to implement but do have a huge, positive effect. Just make sure to create a ‘’previous experience’’ section and include these in that section.

Previous experience:

  • 02-2015.01 Restoring Mustang 1962
  • 09-2020.06 Testing new fuel type

Previous experience 2:

  • 02-2015.01 Helping people with gambling addiction
  • 09-2021.06 Developing song-matching algorithm


Here you can see a few examples that can help you even more. How to fill out a resume if you never had a job? Only remember that the whole process is the same except adding previous experience section. In the section, you should add relevant past experiences that you had that are important for the job you want.

Example 1:

  • 06-2012.03 Made electric car
  • 08-2018.06 Testing new brakes

Examples 2:

  • 05-2015.08 Volunteering at John Hopkins
  • 04-2018.05 FDA unapproved drug testing at college

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