EduReviewerTutoringTakeLessons Review: Is It Reliable or Not?

TakeLessons Review: Is It Reliable or Not?

By Alina Burakova, Updated April 18, 2024


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About Take Lessons
Lowest price$25
Charged per hour
My Verdict Pros & Cons
Not Recommended


  • TakeLessons is an online platform that enables independent teachers to monetize their knowledge by matching them with learners interested in their skills.
  • Teachers on the TakeLessons are not professionals in their field and have not many years of experience to show that they know their stuff.


  • To join as a teacher is free; you get to choose your class period, duration, and prices. However, TakeLessons takes up to 40% commission of your payment until several repeat classes later.


  • Some instructors have complained about the slow response on the part of the customer service when it comes to responding to emails.
  • An average platform for independent teachers.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Simple eligibility criteria.
  • Teachers can sell multiple lessons.
  • Teachers can set lesson costs.
  • Nice management.
  • Transparent process.
  • Stiff competition.
  • 40% commission.
  • Difficult for new teachers to get reviews.
  • Inferior quality of services.
  • Teachers have complained of spam emails.
  • Employees have complained of little or no room for flexibility and improvement.
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TakeLessons Overview


What is TakeLessons?

TakeLessons is an online marketplace where learners meet teachers. It started in 2006 in San Diego, California, with music lessons. Today, there are numerous classes and disciplines on the platform. Music, mathematics, languages, algebra, chemistry, sewing, chess, drawing, and many others are some classes available on

Learners have two alternatives to choose from; online classes or in-person lessons. As a learner, you can find a teacher on the platform in your local city, and you get to meet the teacher in an area you both agree upon. The learner can also learn online after choosing the class and package they prefer.

TakeLessons target audience can vary from toddlers taking guitar classes to young adults taking French classes with a teacher in Europe. With many courses and lessons from different disciplines, it is not unlikely to find various groups of people learning on the platform.


How do TakeLessons work?

TakeLessons claim that around 2 million people take one lesson or another on their platform at the time of the writing. They satisfy or attend to these people using three simple steps.

  1. Match: the learner visits the platform then signup or signs in as the case may be. The next thing to do is search for the lesson they are willing to learn. An endless list of teachers in the learner’s chosen field will be shown, and the learner can choose.
  2. Meet: having searched the course or lesson the learner is willing to go through, the next thing is to meet the teacher. From the teachers’ list to take the lesson, you can view the teachers’ profiles before reaching out to them to book a class. You get to see their location, time availability, and price for courses in the teacher’s profile.
  3. Master: having chosen your teacher and your learning package, the next thing is to dive right into the lessons. Your teacher takes classes that are customized to help you grow. You get to learn fast and easier than you ever imagined with your expert instructor.


Does TakeLessons guarantee that they have good tutors? Does TakeLessons help at all?

As of the time of writing this TakeLessons review, they claim to have over 6,000 teachers. The only issue is that it might be tough to vet all teachers and ensure they deliver all they claim to do.

However, in all of that, getting the right teacher depends on the learner. That is because each teacher has a profile. And in the profile, ratings, past learners’ comments, and Take Lessons reviews are made available.

It is also understandable that it might be a hurdle too high to cross, going through many teachers’ profiles before choosing. However, TakeLessons customer care can come in to help choose from the list of their best teachers depending on the lesson you are willing to take.

So, while TakeLessons may not be able to say for sure that all their teachers are outstanding, the teachers themselves know that if their outputs are wrong, no learner will sign up with them. And in a way, that cheered the teachers to increase their productivity to get more students.


Are TakeLessons online lessons as practical as they say?

The effectiveness of any independent online platform like TakeLessons depends on a few factors such as the teacher’s competence, internet connection, pricing, and many others.

Teachers can teach their courses from anywhere in the world – except the physical classes. Because of this model, the management of TakeLessons has no say on internet connection and mode of teaching per se.

However, many learners who have taken classes related to music have agreed that TakeLessons online classes are practical. And this is unsurprising, seeing that music classes were the first set of classes started at

For the most effective tutoring, you should hire tutors at This is an excellent tutoring website with expert teachers. Is Preply a scam? Read more in the Preply student reviews on our blog.

Is Take Lessons legitimate? Is TakeLessons a scam?

TakeLessons is a United States company that runs the marketplace business model bringing teachers and students together.

The online classes are done through FaceTime, Skype, or any other available platform, while the physical courses are done in an agreed location between teachers and students. TakeLessons makes its requirement open, and the mode of operations are transparent.


The teachers decide which students to take and who to reject. The learners have access to teachers from diverse fields that include but are not limited to chemistry, drawing, dance, singing, hair braiding, algebra, WordPress, Origami, and public speaking.

Do TakeLessons have the best online tutors out there?

With more than 6000 teachers in various disciplines and services to more than 3000 the United States of America cities, it is safe to say some of the best online tutors can’t be found on the TakeLessons.

Because teachers are free to choose their teaching mode and availability, the best minds are encouraged to sign up and meet their students without leaving the comfort of their homes.


Another thing to take note of is that all teachers on the TakeLessons platform are certified. Even though signing up as a teacher is free, the process involves an in-depth phone interview, annual criminal background check, and personal and professional reference checks. So, while you are signing up as a student or learner, you can be sure the teacher at the other end isn’t some psychopath looking for people to take advantage of.

Story of TakeLessons

TakeLessons makes three promises to its customers. The first promise is that of expert teachers; they believe their instructors are top-rated and will guide their students every step of their learning journey. TakeLessons also promises customized lessons. You get to learn at your pace and your style. Since your teacher will be taking you alone during the period you have both agreed upon, you have their undivided attention.

The third promise of TakeLessons to her customers is a 100% refund guaranteed in unsatisfactory lessons.


Since the teachers have the freedom to take a class and cancel when they don’t feel up to it, the TakeLessons customer service team has to help learners get back their money if that happens.

With TakeLessons, you have two options to learn. You can have local lessons. In this setting, your preferred tutor might be just in your neighbourhood, and all you have to do is get in touch.

The other setting is the online lessons. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can meet your tutor or instructor wherever they are in the world.

Services at

Some of the services TakeLessons renders the following services;

  • Music lessons:

Whether you have a love for music or already understand music and want to sharpen your skills, chances are you will find an instructor that suits your need on TakeLessons.

You can discover your creative side through TakeLessons in different musical instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, drum, saxophone, cello, and many others. You can also learn singing and dancing which will get you closer to what inspires you.


  • Language lessons:

You find classes on the most widely spoken languages in the world at TakeLessons. Italian, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Ukrainian are some of the popular classes available.

Whether you are a traveler and willing to learn the language of the locals or you are just interested in learning another language, find the best website for learning English grammar on our website.

Other language lessons available on the platform include sign language, Mandarin Chinese, and German. We made our own TakeLessons live review too.

  • Academic TakeLessons tutoring lessons:

You also have access to several live classes and amazing instructors on TakeLessons taking popular academic classes like algebra, math, Chemistry, geometry, biology, and many others.

There are not so many positive Take Lessons live reviews, though. So, we recommend checking the best math tutor online.


Other less popular courses available include writing, reading, SAT, and calculus. Again, the amazing thing is several independent tutors are taking each course on the platform.

So, the learner has the liberty of choosing whoever they want and for whatever time they desire.

  • Computer skills and other lessons:

TakeLessons also take courses in disciplines like computer skills, visual art, performing arts, crafts, and hobbies. Acting, dance, ballet, and voice acting are some of the other courses available.

For many, access to these courses is a dream come true.

Pricing of the Lessons at Takelessons

There is no precise price for courses on the TakeLessons platform. Most courses, however, can cost up to $100/hour on average.

The reason why this is so is because of two reasons. One, the teachers have the liberty of choosing how much their course will be.


So, they can factor in some costs like commuting time, gas, and studio rent, if it is a music course, into their prices.

Two, the teachers are aware that TakeLessons takes up to 40% commission for teaching on the platform, and this can cause the teachers to increase their prices more than they would normally have.


Teachers on the TakeLessons are not professionals in their field and do have not many years of experience to show that they know their stuff.

Many are first-degree holders, and their profile on the platform shows their qualifications outside the platform and reviews from their past students.

Again, with over 6000 teachers taking classes every other day, effectiveness can increase with time.


Customer Service

There are two ways to look at TakeLessons ‘s customer service. The teachers’ perspective and the learners.

We are making this Take Lessons review from both sides, it seems TakeLessons gives more preference to the learners, and the reason is clear – they are the direct paying customers.

Meanwhile, some instructors have complained about the slow response on the part of customer service when it comes to responding to emails.


On the part of the learners and their guardians, the customer service seems average, and not always on their toes to get the learners to stay on the platform.

Website and Mobile App Usability

The app can be downloaded on the Google play store or Apple Apps store and is friendly and easy to use.

The website and app are built with the learners in mind, and even the teachers have a clear platform that lets them set their profiles and classes.

Upon visiting the website, you are welcomed to an array of courses available to you, and you can also search right at the top of the page.

  • An average platform for independent teachers.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Simple eligibility criteria.
  • Teachers can sell multiple lessons.
  • Teachers can set lesson costs.
  • Nice management.
  • Transparent process.
  • Stiff competition.
  • 40% commission.
  • Difficult for new teachers to get reviews.
  • Inferior quality of services.
  • Teachers have complained of spam emails.
  • Employees have complained of little or no room for flexibility and improvement.

Take Lessons Alternatives

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$33.99 Lowest price N/A Promo Code Read Review

Take Lessons Reviews 10

  1. Anonymouse says:

    Takelessons was the best website for tutors until Microsoft took it over and is making it less and less user friendly for teachers. Their goal is to get rid of all the teachers and replace them with AI. They made the teacher’s notes section teeny tiny, do not automatically send the teacher the student’s welcome letter anymore, and have removed all the non-active students from the teacher’s roster (students would often come back later, but Microsoft just deleted them all). The calendar could be more user friendly, and they apparently told one trainer that tutor complaints do not matter; they are not changing it back to what it previously was. Everyone is complaining in the Facebook teacher group.

    Preply, on the other hand, has a very high commission rate and forces teachers to give free lessons. They have a very low teacher satisfaction rating in the ESL world.

    Really, the best thing is for tutors to start their own blog or Shopify account and run their own business because when these companies get too big, they just abuse tutors.

  2. Roxie says:

    A VERY GREEDY company!! In the past, it was easy to sign up with Take Lessons. I was also able to speak to a real administration person over the phone for help! Well, not anymore! Recently I signed up my daughter again for voice lessons and it was confusing, to say the least with no real person to help. After the signing up apparently, I was tricked to sign up for some subscription. There was nothing saying that I was going to have to pay for anything (except what I already paid for). All I remember is some image popping up in front of my submit payment and I clicked on it to get it out of the way so I can finish signing up. Or I clicked on it after I paid to get the pop-up out of my way. There were no emails to me confirming that I signed up for a paid subscription at all ever!!! Nothing. So then I find out I was being charged $14.99 a month for something I never used. When I requested a refund and explained what happened all they were willing to do was refund me ONE payment. Yeah, this company is RICH! Yet they are so greedy they couldn’t even refund the other $14.99! Yeah so no longer will I use this company. I may just go around them and continue to PAY the teacher what they deserve and not let this greedy company take a profit from them. I suggest everyone do this. It’s better for us and the teacher. Take out the greedy middleman!!!

  3. Sue says:

    Like many here, I visited the website to look at pricing and put a lesson package in my cart to see all costs involved. Shocker: there are surprise fees. To do this, I had to put in my email and phone number. Big mistake. They have called me every day since to offer to “help” me complete my purchase.
    Fast forward, signed up 40 piano lessons @45min for my son.. teacher did not show up for the first 3 weeks, asking for refund , they refused..instead try to reassign another instructor ..even worse!!

    I could see how one call and message might be “helpful.” But everyday? Ask yourself this – if a company thinks so little of your intelligence and cares so little about pestering you, what else are they willing to do to you? Run fast, run far.

  4. Mark Anderson says:

    The site is a scam. Had one lesson, the tutor quit and the site refused to issue a refund. They said they would but never did. The tutor quit probably because they realized they weren’t getting paid.

  5. Anastasia Guliaeva says:

    Terrible service. I tried to register as a teacher and the money was withdrawn from my banking account. Then it took a long time to find out that the account is not active, I won’t be able to teach with Takelessons and the registration money are not refundable.

  6. Andrew G. says:

    After I registered, I began to receive spam emails daily. Remove me from your base! I didn’t subscribe to this!

  7. Lynn says:

    You have an inconvenient mobile app. And the 40% commission? For what? Give me back my money.

  8. Jacob says:

    I thought that learning music online is a good idea, but now I see that I was mistaken. It’s neither convenient nor productive. I don’t recommend this service!

  9. Sarah says:

    If I knew that I’d waste time, I’d never have turned to this service. Lessons are not worth the money.

  10. Peter says:

    I made an appointment with the teacher, but he didn’t show up. And only after being late for 20 minutes said he was more comfortable communicating online. It is not okay!

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