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MyTutor Review 2020

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By Alina Burakova fb Apr 27, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Online tutoring is more popular than ever. A study from 2016 found that up to 64% of tutors now offer their services online and this number has only increased since. Online tuition is cheaper than other forms of private tutoring and allows you to receive one-to-one tuition from the comfort of your bedroom.

Most students seek out online tutors for learning a foreign language (including English), with test preparation and reading/ writing skills as a close second. These reflect skills that students cannot find support for within their peer group or social circles. There are a lot of different guidance websites, all claiming to offer a premium service, which can make it difficult to know which one to choose.

This review will aim to give you as much information as possible about to help you decide if it is the online tuition website for you.

This review will give you a comprehensive, expert breakdown of the online tutoring website MyTutor UK. There are five criteria that need to be considered when evaluating an online tuition service, they are as follows:

  • Qualification: Are the tutors sufficiently qualified and does the website have strict enough procedures in place when picking and verifying tutors?
  • Curriculum: How many subjects does the site offer and how many syllabuses do they cover for each subject?
  • Pricing: Does the site offer hourly, monthly, or yearly payment schemes?  How much does the site charge and do they offer better value for longer packages or subscriptions?
  • Learning tools: Does the service provide inbuilt tools to maximizeefficiency and help students learn quickly and easily?
  • Platform: how complicated or easy to use is the website? Is it easy to navigate and are the help/ FAQ sections detailed and useful?

This MyTutor review will analyse how well the website meets these five criteria. We will evaluate the claims and promises they make on their site and compare them to MyTutor reviews from customers who have used the service to see if MyTutor really offers the quality tuition it claims to provide.

What is My Tutor? 

MyTutor is a UK based website that offers a variety of online tutoring resources across a wide range of subjects.

How does MyTutor work?

It works by hiring student tutors from top universities across the country, aiming to double as a high-quality educational service and a way for students to make money at university. It boasts many features, such as: an interactive classroom with whiteboard space for demonstrations; a wide array of tutors; and the opportunity to meet tutors via video call for free before you hire them for lessons.

Does MyTutor guarantee that they have good tutors? Does MyTutor help at all?

MyTutor guarantees its tutors are handpicked from ivy league universities and that only one in eight applicants are successful under their stringent selection process. Positive MyTutor reviews make it clear that many parents, students and partner schools have found MyTutor to be a helpful, reliable service.

Are MyTutor online lessons as effective as they say?

According to numerous negative reviews MyTutor’s online learning tools are very dependent on stable internet connection. Many users claim that the service has a lot of technical and customer support issues that make it difficult to use without fiber-optic internet connection.

Is MyTutor safe? Is MyTutor scam?

From the number of positive reviews, it is apparent that while MyTutor has its faults it is not a scam.

Does MyTutor have the best online tutors out there?

MyTutor does not provide the best possible tutors for your money; most of them are undergraduate university students trying to earn money in their free time.

MyTutor was founded by three men with a shared passion for improving education with wider access to private online tutoring. Robert Grabiner was a struggling father trying to find reliable tuition for his daughters; Bertie Hubbard was an analyst looking to use his knowledge to solve crucial problems in education; and finally, James Grant was a philanthropic entrepreneur who wanted to help disadvantaged kids in schools.

That’s all the information one can find on the story of MyTutor. Their ‘about us’ section is very sparse and is more about reminding you of their mission statement, to bring ‘life changing’ tuition to all, than it is about telling you the origins of the company. If you click on any of the staff photos in the ‘about us’ section, you will only find empty, grey boxes that look like they should probably have text in them.

MyTutor offers private tutoring to students sitting GCSE, A-Level or university entrance exams. They also offer language courses for a variety of languages; however you can only learn a language as part of a curriculum, rather than learning it to a conversational or fluent standard. At time of writing they do not offer tutors for learning English as a second language which is by far one of the most popular subjects that students seek online tutors for. They also cover some subjects for Scottish higher and IGCSE, however not all subjects have tutors for these syllabuses. Overall, the range of subjects is very focused around the English education system. If you are enrolled in the Scottish or Irish systems it may be better to find a tutoring service that specializes in these syllabuses, as customer reviews indicate support for these curricula is limited.

MyTutor also works with partner schools to help students who are struggling in their studies but may not seek out one-to-one tutoring on their own. A case study on their website details how the service was integrated into Langely school with very positive results. Teachers identified struggling students and directed them to MyTutor, who reported that their service greatly improved student’s confidence and engagement in class by giving them the freedom to ask questions they felt uncomfortable asking in a full classroom. It all sounds great, although being singled out by your teacher for private tutoring could be very awkward for the student and could risk attracting derision from other students who might feel that others are receiving preferential treatment.

As well as the above, MyTutor offers fairly standard interactive classroom software, along with the ability to record lessons for future reference. Their site also has a few study resources, such as 10,000 free study notes to aid with revision, and a helpful blog for parents containing articles about helping their teens through exam stress.

MyTutor UK offers a pay as you go subscription model and promises that you will only pay for what you use. It offers three categories of tutor at incrementally increasing prices:

  • New tutors who are fresh to the site at £18-22 per hour.
  • Tutors who have been working for up to 6 months and have had mostly positive reviews at £22-30 per hour.
  • The most accomplished and well-reviewed tutors on the site at £30-40 per hour.

All prices are set by the tutors themselves, and many My Tutor UK reviews from people who have worked for the website claim that MyTutor takes a hefty amount of their pay as commission, in order to keep the site running. This might serve as a disincentive for university students looking to work for them.

Furthermore, there are numerous My Tutor reviews that report customers struggling to get refunded for missed lessons. According to MyTutor this is because it is up to the tutor to authorize a refund, not the site themselves, which is obviously a trust-based system prone to abuse by dishonest tutors.

MyTutor proudly boasts that it hires tutors from Ivy league universities and that only one out of every eight applicants are selected to work for their site. The logic behind this is that university undergraduates were teenagers themselves not so long ago. As such, they are surely the best people to help coach teenagers through GCSE’s and A-levels. As some negative MyTutor reviews point out, this system comes with many issues. University students are not qualified tutors and as such are not always aware of changing curricula.

MyTutor claims that it keeps all its tutors up to date with changes to the syllabuses they teach. This does not help with the fact that many of the tutors on the site have only done the subjects they are tutoring up to A-level, which is not helpful for students seeking a more advanced understanding of their subjects, or for students trying to learn a second language.

Lastly, there are numerous MyTutor UK reviews that complain of tutors being rude, dishonest or simply unhelpful. The problem with hiring tutors who are university students, is that getting 6 A*’s at A-level, doesn’t mean you will be a good teacher. Qualified tutors are experienced at explaining difficult problems to students, however with the tutors from this site it is touch and go whether you will receive someone who is both knowledgeable and good at explaining things. If you get a good tutor then great, but if you are not so lucky it could be enough to put you off online tutoring altogether.

Reviews on MyTutor’s customer service are mixed. Many of the schools they have partnered with claim that the site has excellent customer service and is quick to try and solve any problems that may arise. Many of the negative reviews about the website on Trustpilot and Looking Glass have responses under them from MyTutor themselves, offering apologies and numbers to call where they can try and resolve their issues. On the surface this looks like a dedicated and helpful customer service.

However, there are numerous My Tutor UK reviews that suggest the website’s customer service is quick to offer help but slow to actually provide it. There are complaints of customers being left endlessly on hold when phoning the help lines, and that even when they do get through, MyTutor is limited in how much they can help. This is because, as mentioned above, refunds have to be authorized by the tutors themselves and can take up to two weeks to come through if this is not done. The site is also plagued by technical issues, that can only be solved by you having fiber-optic internet, which is not something everyone can afford.

The website for MyTutor is nicely laid out with colourful pictures and short, quippy paragraphs of text. It is reasonable easy to navigate, although some sections such as the ‘about us’ page are oddly barren, with a few buttons that lead to nowhere. Unfortunately, many reviews claim that the messaging system is notoriously buggy. One customer discovered to their horror that any message sent by a parent or student can be seen by every tutor on the site, not just the one they were messaging. This led to the customer receiving unsolicited messages and offers from tutors who they had no interest in contacting.

There is no mobile app for customers, just for tutors, and the virtual classroom is reportedly very band-width hungry, requiring you to have a very good internet connection if you want to avoid lag and dropped calls. This wouldn’t be such as problem if the technical support wasn’t so ineffective at helping customers overcome these issues. Many MyTutor reviews tell frustrating tales of half lessons interrupted by failing tech with no immediate support or refund being made available.

  • You can meet tutors for free before booking lessons with them
  • Wide variety of tutors offering help with A-levels, GCSE, and University entrance exams
  • Young tutors who can better relate to teenagers and the struggle of GCSE/ A-level exams
  • No subscription or sign up fees
  • School partnership program to help students struggling with their academic studies
  • Large pools of study notes, guides, and a parent’s blog with helpful info on how to handle exam stress and support children sitting crucial exams
  • Refunds are difficult to claim unless the tutor is honest enough to authorize one within two days
  • Most courses are focused on the English education system with limited support for other UK syllabuses
  • Tutors are often undergraduate university students and are therefore not qualified tutors with experience explaining difficult concepts
  • Some tutors are prone to rudeness, condescension and sometimes dishonesty
  • Service is potentially unusable if you do not have fiber-optic internet connection, due to technical issues
  • If you are looking to become a tutor, MyTutor takes a sizable portion of your fees as commission.
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
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Overall, MyTutor is not a scam and it certainly looks good on the surface. However, there are much better, more reliable online tutoring services available for struggling students. This review would not recommend MyTutor as your experience will greatly vary depending on whether you get a good tutor or an inexperienced undergraduate looking for quick cash. Instead you should look for other online tutoring websites that offer more professionally qualified tutors with better learning tools and more helpful customer support.

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We didn’t like the experience with this service and we don’t recommend it.


My daughter’s tutor was very strict and even rude, it shouldn’t be like that! It was difficult for her to learn and the lessons didn’t help at all.


I’ve been waiting for a refund from a tutor for more than a week! Give me back my money!


Your lessons are absolutely not effective and not interesting.


You call your tutors professionals? I disagree! The lessons are bad and too expensive. I don’t recommend it.