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MCAT CARS: Top Practice Resources

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As my friends started the journey to master the MCAT, I quickly realized that finding the right preparatory materials is almost as daunting as the exam itself. This article focuses on the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section, an MCAT section often viewed as particularly challenging.

To guide you in finding the best MCAT CARS practice resources and best prep sites online, I checked numerous resources, synthesizing insights and real user experiences. I aim to provide a well-rounded guide to the best CARS practice MCAT resources available. Whether you’re looking for free courses or comprehensive guides, find some of the best practice materials for MCAT CARS below.

Best MCAT CARS Prep Resources at a Glance

Blueprint's Free MCAT CARS: A Zero-Cost Gem

Price starts from $249
Promo code N/A
  • Free critical analysis and argumentation course for the MCAT.
  • Level of teaching.
  • Deep immersion in the nuances of critical analysis and argumentation.
Free MCAT@ Verbal Strategy Course
In my journey to conquer the MCAT, I stumbled upon a hidden gem: Blueprint's Free MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Course. This 90-minute course, offered at zero cost, turned out to be a treasure trove for someone like me, eagerly seeking the best CARS MCAT practice.

What sets it apart is the caliber of instruction—led by an experienced tutor, the course masterfully demystifies verbal reasoning techniques, which are pivotal for excelling in the MCAT CARS section.
Free MCAT@ Verbal Strategy Course Feedback
My experience aligns closely with the sentiments we've seen echoed in online user reviews. Many, like us, are astonished by the high-quality teaching this free resource provides. It's rare to find such exceptional guidance without a price tag, especially in the competitive world of MCAT prep. This course is not just a cursory overview but a deep dive into the nuances of critical analysis and reasoning, making it, in my opinion, the best resource for CARS MCAT practice available online.

As someone who has been overwhelmed by an array of MCAT preparation materials, I can confidently say that Blueprint's course stands out. It's not just about the cost (or the lack thereof); it's the quality of education that's remarkable. The course doesn't just teach; it engages and challenges you, sharpening your skills in a way that textbooks and flashcards simply can't match.

The value of this course is immeasurable for anyone on the MCAT journey, be it high school students or those who, like us, are revisiting education after a break. It's a testament to Blueprint's commitment to accessible education, offering a beacon of hope and guidance in the often daunting path of MCAT preparation.

MCAT Verbal Practice: 108 Rigorous Passages

Price starts from $149
Promo Code N/A
  • A rich collection of complex passages.
  • Development of analytical skills.
MCAT Verbal Practice, priced at around $30 new on the moment of writing, is a masterpiece by Bryan Schnedeker. It stands as one of the best practice books for MCAT CARS, offering a rich collection of challenging passages. My experience with this book aligns with user feedback that praises its complexity and effectiveness in enhancing analytical skills. This resource is a prime example of the best MCAT CARS practice passages aspirants can use for advanced preparation.
FeedBAck Verbal Practice
The book has garnered numerous reviews, and one particular review resonates significantly with my experience. This review, shared by a fellow MCAT aspirant, encapsulates the essence of what makes this book a standout choice for CARS MCAT preparation.

BeMo's Ultimate Guide to MCAT® CARS: Comprehensive and Insightful

Price starts from $1997
Promo Code N/A
  • A lot of practical excerpts and strategic ideas.
  • Accessibility.
BeMo's Ultimate Guide to MCAT® CARS isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in what many consider the best practice book for CARS MCAT preparation. For a new copy at something like $26, this guide offers a rich, comprehensive experience, skillfully addressing the complexities of the CARS section. It adeptly merges rigorous practice with stress-busting strategies and expert advice, highlighting its status as the best CARS practice for the MCAT.
BeMo's Ultimate Guide Feedback
Affirmed by user reviews that resonate with my personal findings, this guide receives accolades for its extensive and astute counsel. One particularly impactful review from a non-native English speaker credits this book with transforming their approach to the CARS section. It offers an array of practice passages and strategic insights, all while being accessible for students mindful of their budgets.

For all these reasons, I have to suggest this guide as one of the top choices for MCAT contenders. Its approach is proven to give that little extra to students in need of extra confidence and guidance without spending a fortune.

The Admissions Experts Blog by BeMo: Insightful Beyond MCAT

Price starts from $1997
Promo Code N/A
  • Ease of navigation.
  • Tips and key information for each step of the medical school admissions process.
Baner Bemo Blog
Checking The Admissions ExpertBlog by BeMo, I discovered knowledge that stretches far beyond MCAT preparation. This blog is a goldmine for prospective medical students, as it offers insights, tips, and key info on every stage of the medical school admission process. When I started checking reviews, I found my opinion shared by plenty of student testimonials. Many praised the blog’s thoroughness, pertinence, and ease of navigation.
Video Bemos
Clearly, this resource doesn't just scratch the surface but provides all the essentials of med school admissions. The wealth of positive reviews from students who've benefited from the blog is a testament to its impact. They celebrate the blog not only for its guidance on the MCAT CARS section but for its broader advice on navigating the complex journey to becoming a medical professional.

In short, from what I saw and collected from users’ reviews, I can safely suggest this blog as a great source of information.

AAMC Official Prep Question Pack: The Authentic Choice

AAMC Baner Main

The AAMC MCAT Official Prep Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Question Pack, Volume 1, priced at a reasonable $15 per year, stands as an unrivaled resource in the realm of MCAT preparation. The reason behind this is simple: it’s the official study material for MCAT. As such, it offers the most authentic and thorough insights on the test compared to the competition. What’s noteworthy are also its deep level of interactivity and the vibrant communities surrounding this resource. On platforms like Reddit, it’s easy to find students eager to share their experiences with the question pack.

FeedBack AAMC

From my experience, I can only agree with most of the user reviews I found online. It’s abundantly clear that this resource’s effectiveness and its ability to replicate the feel of the actual exam are among its standout features. The Reddit screenshot above perfectly resumes my and many students’ opinions about this resource, making it one of the foremost materials for MCAT CARS practice.

Examkrackers 101 Passages: Challenging and Rewarding

Price starts from $149
Promo Code N/A
  • Exciting and rigorous practice experience.
Priced at around $40 for a brand-new copy, at least when I’ve been writing this, Examkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: CARS offers an immersive and rigorous practice experience that caters to MCAT aspirants seeking a formidable challenge and diverse preparation. What sets this resource apart is not only its price but the sheer volume of user reviews it has garnered on platforms like Amazon. The amount of positive feedback speaks for itself about the popularity and effectiveness of this book.
Feedback Examkrackers 101 Passages
Also in this case, I can’t but agree with the general sentiments expressed in these reviews, as they all agree on the book’s intensive and highly effective approach to MCAT CARS preparation. It's evident that Jonathan Orsay crafted a practice tool that strikes the right chords. It prepares students for the complexities of the CARS section with a wide range of challenging passages and questions. Or all these reason, I can confirm its status as a go-to choice for those seeking an intensive and rewarding MCAT CARS practice journey.

Kaplan's MCAT CARS Review: Up-to-Date and Comprehensive

Price starts from $1799
Promo Code N/A
  • Taking into account the new patterns in the MCAT exams.
Kaplan's MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review 2023-2024 is a resource recently released at the competitive price of around $46. Regardless of its young age, it’s quickly establishing itself as a pivotal asset for up-to-date and comprehensive CARS preparation. This edition is meticulously attentive to the evolving MCAT exam patterns and comes with plenty of online content. As such, it’s a wonderful choice for those searching for the best CARS practice passages MCAT.
FB Kaplan's MCAT CARS Review: Up-to-Date and Comprehensive
Because of the book's fresh off-the-press status, widespread user feedback is still accumulating. However, the initial reviews, some of which can be found on platforms like Reddit, already corroborate my impressions of its current and in-depth content. These early commendations hint at the guide's potential to become a mainstay in the MCAT prep landscape, with its well-curated content reflecting the latest exam structure and requirements.

MCAT CARS: The Best Resources

In conclusion, navigating the myriad options for MCAT CARS preparation can feel overwhelming, but having sifted through a range of resources, I can confidently guide you toward the best. Blueprint’s Free MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Course stands out as a remarkable, cost-free solution, offering in-depth insights and techniques crucial for the CARS section.

For those seeking rigorous practice, MCAT Verbal Practice: 108 Passages offers a challenging yet enriching experience. BeMo’s Ultimate Guide to MCAT CARS emerges as the most comprehensive guide, blending expert advice with practical strategies.

The Admissions Experts Blog by BeMo provides invaluable insights that extend beyond MCAT prep, while AAMC’s Official Prep Question Pack is the authentic choice for familiarizing oneself with the exam format. Examkrackers 101 Passages presents a daunting but rewarding challenge, and Kaplan’s MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review remains the most current and thorough option.

Each of these resources caters to different aspects of preparation, ensuring that MCAT aspirants are well-equipped to excel in the CARS section. With the right tools in hand, mastering the CARS section of the MCAT is an achievable goal.


What is the best source of CARS practice for the MCAT?

The best spot goes to the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Question Pack, Volume 1. Being an official source, it offers the most authentic practice material as the actual MCAT.

What is the best CARS strategy for the MCAT?

Nothing beats hard work and constant practice. Active reading, testing diverse passages, time management, and honing analytical skills are all must-does for a successful MCAT.

What is the best way to study for MCAT for CARS?

Practice regularly with quality passages and analyse your answers. But key to effective CARS preparation is also learning from mistakes and understanding the reasoning behind correct and incorrect answers.

What is the best book for the MCAT CARS?

Examkrackers MCAT 101 Passages: Cars is highly recommended for its comprehensive and challenging practice passages, making it an excellent resource for CARS preparation.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on June 13, 2024
Verified by Alina Burakova
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