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Best MCAT Physics Books for You

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Best Physics Book for MCAT at a Glance

Mastery in Physics for the MCAT is crucial. Hence, I plunged head-first into the pool of resources to fetch the best Physics book for MCAT. However, not all books are equally made. Some shine clearly, others impress through depth.

This guide will identify books that are exceptional in different respects: characteristics, value, and renewed authors. No matter whether you start from scratch or just brush it off, these picks would definitely turn your poor knowledge of Physics into a strong MCAT arrow.

As we continue, let’s examine what book is best for Physics MCAT and why it is essential.

Overview of the Best MCAT Physics Books

Just like I noted before, it is a fundamental exercise in choosing the best MCAT prep book for Physics. For this reason, I have strived to write this review comprehensively so that everything relevant becomes your possession to understand.


Price starts from $1799
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  • More practical resources than competitors.
  • A different approach to learning.
Kaplan's Physics Books for the MCAT are perfect choices, particularly those targeting Physics and Math problems. This brand was founded in 1938, and it has been the leader of exceptional education.
price kaplan mcat
The review of each subject by Kaplan experts and 3-D illustrations from Scientific American make them stand out. These are not just books but complete learning materials supplemented by diagrams and graphs for complex ideas.

I had a go at it only to realize that there was so much in this book, especially the MCAT Physics and Math Review 2023-2024 edition. It is usually priced around $15, but check the price on Amazon first. It is an affordable yet complete proposal. The fact that this MCAT Physics book comprises more practice resources than I have seen in the competing products makes me classify it as a low-cost but the MCAT Best book for Physics and Math.

They coincide with AAMC recommendations, which are important when preparing for the MCAT. However, Kaplan’s MCAT Physics Book uses a different method of instruction that makes it easy to learn complex topics.
customer review kaplan book
However, the user review details are scarcely found online, especially praise for their highly qualified instructors. My experiments with various study materials have shown that Kaplan's blend of visual aids and comprehensive content is rare. It's no surprise that it's rated 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon. This book simplifies MCAT Physics preparation, making it a valuable tool for students.


Price starts from $149
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  • Accessibility in education.
  • Explanations a bit lacking.
  • While the questions are abundant, the answers sometimes miss the depth needed for thorough understanding.
Examkrackers Physics Book for MCAT stands out as a top choice for students. Founded around 2016, this company offers an exceptional resource for MCAT preparation. Their book, titled "Examkrackers: 1001 Questions in MCAT in Physics 2nd Edition,” is a masterpiece crafted by Jonathan Orsay and Jordan Zaretsky and edited by Scott Calvin. I tried and realized its comprehensive nature. It's packed with 1001 annotated questions, covering every MCAT Physics topic, with a range of difficulty from easy to very tough.
price book physics exam
It's surprisingly affordable. Prices on Amazon vary, so check it yourself first. Usually it comes from $6.79 to $34.00 for the paperback version, making it a cost-effective option. This is not just any book; it's possibly the best MCAT Physics review book in terms of value for money. You get a detailed, topic-organized guide that prepares you thoroughly for the MCAT.
feedback book exam mcat
I've noticed people online often praising its unique approach. They enjoy how it makes learning engaging with quirky cartoons and memorable acronyms. These fun elements not only break the monotony of studying but also aid in retaining complex concepts.
feedback exam boook two stars
From what I've gathered, this book can be a good Physics book for MCAT for those who appreciate a lighter, more enjoyable learning style.

TPR MCAT Physics and Math

Price starts from $1399
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  • Provides the most common physics and math topics included in the test content.
  • Over 1000 sample questions and three full MCAT simulation tests.
Princeton Review is a reputable education company that has been operational for more than four decades. It offers the TPR MCAT Physics and Math book, among other complete MCAT instructional materials. The fourth edition of The Princeton Review MCAT Physics and Math has been an excellent help for MCAT candidates.

This 4th edition of the Princeton Review MCAT Physics book consists of the most common topics in Physics and Math included in the test content. The program consists of exhaustive subject reviews, procedure breakdown to problems, more than 1000 sample questions, and three complete tests simulating MCATs, making this whole set an all-in-one solution package for MCAT preparation.
price book princeton book
This is a notable thing about the text as far as the price of the paperback version, which goes for around $30. Always check the price on Amazon first, because it can change pretty often. This amount allows students to use proven techniques in dealing with difficult questions, summaries of the Physics formulae and constants written in bullet form, complete colorful illustrations for illustration, and the exhaustive glossary for more clarification.
Fqqdback princeton book
Users on Reddit commend this TPR MCAT Physics and Math book for its exemplary comprehensiveness and clarity. The material is very concise yet highly comprehensive, with complete descriptions, multiple illustrative cases, and valuable figures that explain things.

The inclusion of a complete glossary of Physics terms and an appendix consisting of Physics formulas make the text user-friendly, especially for those who do not have a solid command of English. The other important point is that the book does not forget about vital pre-MCAT Math lessons.

Therefore, it presents the complex theory of Physics to the audience through a holistic approach that covers its contents in depth combined with pictures that aid understanding and loads of practice questions that stimulate the student’s mind to seek mastery of them. It is a handy source for preparing for the MCAT exams. As such, for people who prefer it a lot for the preparation.

Nova’s MCAT Physics Book

In my experience, Nova’s MCAT Physics Book, particularly the 2021 edition, stands out as the best content review book for MCAT Physics. Authored by Dr. Garrett Biehle, a Ph.D. graduate from Caltech, this book reflects his decade of science education expertise. The book, part of Nova Press’s offerings since at least 2012, studies Physics concepts essential for MCAT preparation.

book nova mcat price

The value for money is remarkable. You can grab the Kindle version on Amazon. At the time of writing, I’ve seen it for just $9.95, an absolute steal considering the depth of content. The hardcover ranges from $40.65 to $49.95, and the paperback version is priced between $13.72 and $36.90.

My experiments have shown that each format is jam-packed with 49 MCAT-style passages and over 500 practice problems, complete with detailed solutions. The addition of illustrations and tables clarifies complex ideas, making them easier to grasp.

What truly sets this book apart is Dr. Biehle’s engaging style. For example, he explains complex concepts of Physics in an easily understandable and engaging manner. It’s much more than just some study guide – it’s a physic-like trip targeted on the MCAT that is relatively inexpensive as well.

good feedback book nova

Users generally consider it the best MCAT Physics book online, particularly for those with no prior knowledge of Physics. A biomedical science major who is one user said that this approach was really straightforward and turned simple to complex for them. The book remains one of the most effective tools for transforming organizations.

Although it does not have flashy colored prints and glossy pages like others, it performs its fundamentals well in a simple, clear way. This focus on core concepts has proven to be important in my experiments with different MCAT resources. However, it’s not without flaws.

bad feedback book nova

Another user reported a printing issue with their copy. Despite this, the book’s ability to simplify complex topics and provide ample practice questions makes it a valuable asset for MCAT preparation.

Sterling Test Prep MCAT Physics Practice Questions

The Sterling Test Prep MCAT Physics Practice Questions is a product of Sterling Test Prep, which is a reputable test preparation provider that has been in existence since no less than 2012. It is a testimony of how they have strived to help the students fare well in the MCAT.

The questions behind this book are carefully created by Physics teachers who are very experienced in both teaching and practicing Physics. The expertise can be seen in the fact that there are 825 high-yield practice questions in this book. The aim of these questions is to provide a solid coverage of important MCAT Physics areas.

feedback test prep mcat physics price test prep

The Sterling Test Prep MCAT Physics Practice Questions are available on Amazon, check the price here. I’ve seen it selling at around $55 when writing this article, which is a fair price. It is not only a single handbook but also one of nine books included in the MCAT Science Preparation package. It is an economical choice that comes with a lot of practice materials one has to familiarize with in order to perfect their skills and master all the required information.

feedback test prep mcat physics

An active Amazon customer had something to say regarding the Sterling Test Prep MCAT Physics Practice Questions and revealed an exceptional factor about this asset. Firstly, they spoke about how practical the book was for them in understanding and applying Physics equations, such as liquid flow equations and kinematics equations. This was because the customer felt satisfied that the book kept on testing their understanding of these concepts until they became used to them.

The story encapsulates the general viewpoint shared by users of Sterling Test Prep MCAT Physics Practice Questions. The book is usually commended for being very strict on its ideas that help one know what is right in terms of practicing Physics concepts. Just reading or memorization is not enough. You have to involve yourself in challenging questions.


What are the best books to study for MCAT?

From a personal perspective, I have often found that Physics and Chemistry best prep book for MCAT are usually published either by Kaplan, Examkrackers, or The Princeton Review. Princeton Review’s MCAT Physics and Math Review, 4th edition, is a very well-known book. Physics and Math are well done, with practice tests and step-by-step explanations.

Is Kaplan Physics good for MCAT?

Kaplan MCAT Physics book is a good source of preparation for MCAT. It contains significant Physics points and provides sample questions accompanied by solutions. This book is the most complete overview that I have encountered in terms of topics covered on the MCAT..

Should I buy MCAT books?

It might be advisable for anyone going through a preparation process for this exam to purchase MCAT books. The books give adequate content coverage, sample quizzes, and tests to take home to pass in examinations.

Should I use Princeton or Kaplan’s books for MCAT?

In case you are torn between Princeton’s review MCAT Physics book versus Kaplan’s MCAT practice, the choice will depend on preferences in learning as well as specific demands. Both Princeton Review and Kaplan differ in their approaches. In particular, I could say that Princeton’s reviews of Physics and Mathematics topics and test-taking advice were most beneficial for me in mastering the concepts required for the MCAT.

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