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Examkrackers MCAT Review

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 25, 2024


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About Examkrackers
Lowest price$149
Charged per 12 hours
Promo CodeN/A
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • The presence of the unique CARS strategy in studies where you develop one strategy per chapter based on full length practice examples.
  • The book covering the CARS section is of much higher quality than competitors.
  • Good video content that covers Physics and Chemistry.
  • 6-month free subscription offer.
  • Some explanations are lacking and require more depth, like in Kaplan and Princeton offerings.
  • Psychology and Sociology content is the weakest, in my opinion.
  • Poor editing and certain website accuracy issues.
  • PDF files for the program are password-locked and cannot be printed out.


  • The general quality is decent, except for Psychology and Sociology, which require prior knowledge.
  • The presence of graphics, tables, graphs, and visual elements makes it a great choice for those students who want to focus on Physics and Chemistry.
  • The quality of the private tutors has been more up my alley, and I recommend checking the most affordable 2-hour option for personalized feedback and approach.

Value for Money

  • Things are not very good here, even with all the course pricing options, as it is quite pricey compared to competitors.
  • Still, a promising KrackU On-Demand Live course is more within the affordable range.

Student Feedback

  • The general opinion of students and fellow experts about this company is somewhat mixed because it depends on the approach that works for me.
  • I have found the lack of a particular focus on each subject not much of a problem, as Chemistry and Physics had good visual support and accompanying videos.
  • Other students found the approach by ExamKrackers lacking depth and too challenging.
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Examkrackers MCAT Overview

The MCAT exam represents a list of 230 questions and six hours and minutes to complete. You must dive into Chemistry and Physics to showcase due critical analysis and an ability to reason. Then you continue with Biology, Biochemistry, Psychology, and Sociology.

Examkrackers Overview

Still, it does not represent a typical science exam, as it focuses on the skills and ability to analyze and process information. As people seek the best ways to take the MCAT exam, finding help becomes essential.

Coming across the Examkrackers MCAT, I want to provide an unbiased Exam Krackers review and evaluation of existing features and help you understand the pros and cons.

The criteria that I use to evaluate this online test prep service include:

  • Quality of the content on offer.
  • Available features.
  • Website Usability.
  • Value for Money
  • Student’s Feedback.
  • Guarantees like money-back features, user privacy, etc.

This Examkrackers MCAT course review is mostly based on my experience and personal testing of the Examkrackers service, one of the first results that students and parents come up with as they seek MCAT exam assistance. Finishing reading this review, you will have an explanation of what it is and shall see its worthiness.

Examkrackers MCAT Features

Who will find this platform helpful?

This platform is an excellent choice for those who plan to take MCAT exams for the first time, seek Examkrackers LSAT review opinion, and need a more general approach to studies.

While there is no detailed focus on each subject like with the Kaplan platform, the people behind ExamKrackers provide easy access to the forum where you can talk to an instructor. The lack of a deeper approach shows that this MCAT preparation course is best for situations when you need to brush up on your knowledge.

Examkrackers LSAT review

The main features to consider:

  • You receive 5 complete MCAT exams online, which reflect the real deal.
  • Access to 5 in-depth study reviews based on the results you have.
  • 34 recorded MCAT instructional videos are quite helpful.
  • Over 30 different test reviews provide a somewhat mediocre impression.
  • A 6-month access to an MCAT instructor is a good feature I find helpful.

I was impressed by the presence of three MCAT strategy coach sessions that have already been included. Another interesting point worth checking is the Sunday Night Study Group sessions for those who wish to practice with other students.

The books that the on-demand MCAT course used for this Examkrackers MCAT review provides:

  • Biology 1: Molecules.
  • Biology 2: Systems.
  • Psychology & Sociology.
  • Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research, and Math.

How do things work?

After you make a payment, you receive access to the forum where you talk to your instructor. Next, you receive the books online and in print, and finally, access all the multimedia materials.

I have found the 30-minute test especially challenging because I did not have a chance to go through enough learning and training before I took it. Your mileage may vary, so make sure to check the books first!

My thoughts and experience with Examkrackers

Examkrackers MCAT review

My experience testing the system with the Examkrackers MCAT 10th edition review has shown that Sociology and Psychology books lack clarity and have many missing points. Some questions require a deeper explanation and more examples. In case you do not have any prior knowledge of these subjects, you might feel confused by the vague prompts and lack of explanations.

I have also learned that 30-minute long tests can be overly demanding for a novice student or someone not well-versed in one of the subjects. This is where the problem lies ─ as there is no clear focus on any particular topic, you have to go with the general approach to the MCAT exam.

My Experience with Examkrackers

Many online reviews I have encountered also complain about the lack of a deeper specialty in Psychology and Sociology. Yet, speaking of other subjects and accessibility factors, I cannot blame them. As a young company, ExamKrackers is already addressing many points, as my instructor has taken notes and addressed many issues right away when I noted the mistakes as an expert and left group session comments.

The Reasons to Choose

While it is quite subjective, I would recommend ExamKrackers because of their learning schedule or the study plan that goes from 10 to 12 weeks. Some people believe that it is just about right.

On a personal note, I felt that there is an element of learning in a hurry, especially when considering Examkrackers MCAT practice tests review and their 30-minute-long practice tests. At the same time, it helps to keep you disciplined and narrows many things down to a common determinant.

It is safe to check as a trustworthy solution if you do not mind the challenge of speeding up and have prior Psychology and Sociology training before practice exams.

Quality of MCAT Exam Prep Material

Who will help you on this platform?

Upon accessing the forum, I could access a tutor who guided me through my concerns and promptly answered most of my questions. Still, a better solution was to choose a personal tutor (see prices and alternatives tab), as this is where I could resolve most of my issues with the Psychology book.

The people behind the system

The people behind the system

A live chat is available when you visit the web page, so you can see how things work and ask questions before paying. There is also an email address and phone number in the United States. I have researched deeper and discovered a National Program Director approvement and a certified coaching strategy program that improves critical thinking skills and readiness for the exam.

The most authentic MCAT simulator

Customer guarantees

I believe that practice tests are somewhat limited, and it is quite pricey for the lack of private tutoring. Private and in-person assistance might not be suitable for everyone’s wallet. As I tested things regarding Examkrackers content review with the classic live on-demand MCAT exam prep course, I actually found the group sessions more helpful at times.

Key differences

The main difference here is the general approach to MCAT requirements and the CARS strategy, which is basically a connection of a specific book chapter to either a set of skills or a concept that you need for an exam.

Still, this concept has to be developed in greater depth. The presence of good video content in Physics and Chemistry is what I found to be of exceptional quality. Unfortunately, some other bits lack the same quality.

Compared to Kaplan and Princeton Review MCAT

Brand Examkrackers Princeton Review Kaplan
Price $1,745 $299 – $599 with the current discounts From $2,000 to $7,000, depending on the package.
Subscription Length 12 week course From 6 to 10 full-length practice tests program From self-paced training to a 5-week boot camp program.
Videos Yes, 138 hours 7 MCAT strategy videos 2-3 videos per module.
Special Features MCAT Live Online Course Analytical score reports and custom flashcards 700 hours of training time and a live online course.
Practice Questions 800+ 4,700 + Over 3000 practice problems.
Practice Tests MCAT 30-minute long exams. 10 full-length practice tests 15-20 quizzes and additional tests.
Books Included 6 books included 8 MCAT books The most detailed books.
Study Plan Chosen or handled by the coach Lite, Standard, and Premium Packs, with the latter including detailed explanations. On-demand, live online, and in-person study plan.
Guarantees Accessibility and books in print. 365-days access period Quite complex but detailed for those wishing to focus on a particular subject.

Pricing of the Examkrackers Courses

What is the cost of the Examkrackers MCAT course?

The ExamKrackers provides a current on-demand MCAT course at $1,745, but one may be able to find additional pricing. From the 1st of December, you can pre-order the course for 90 days by paying $495. While it is a shortened course with an effective study plan, it is one of the most affordable program offerings.

I believe the MCAT course offered by ExamKrackers is quite expensive, especially for Examkrackers vs Princeton review purposes. Still, it provides access to official MCAT test material, which is a guarantee to consider.

At the time of my checking the MCAT course test preparation options, I could see that we have the following options to consider:

  • MCAT On-demand course: $1,745 course that lasts 12 weeks (the one I chose).
  • Online MCAT class: $1,299 course that lasts for 10 weeks.
  • MCAT Marathon: at only $149 per 12 hours, it has been replaced by the upcoming KrackU course.

The most comprehensive choice is the MCAT on-demand course which is mostly safe with deeper instructions and a great length. The majority of positive reviews that I could use are from those who have tried the MCAT on-demand option. Things like the MCAT Marathon or KrackU courses are only useful for those who wish to check themselves and try out how things work.

Tip: As I have made a payment, I could enjoy a six-month free subscription plan, which I did not really understand, so I opted out. Still, you may have more luck than I did, so ask about it before you pay!

The pricing system and alternative learning options

Alternative learning options

Speaking of the prices, I believe there is no real bargain here unless you choose the company’s private tutoring option. While it is not the best option to in terms of your Examkrackers MCAT prep course price, it may be a good option and price-wise to address your weak sides. Here is what we get:

  • Tutoring for 2 hours at $400.
  • Tutoring for 10 hours at $1,800.
  • Tutoring for 20 hours at $3,500.
  • Tutoring for 30 hours at $5,300.

This is where you can see that paying $1,800 for 10 hours of private humor and fun tutoring for your MCAT exam can get you through instead of paying $1,745 for the classic on-demand course. During the last, you have to deal with inaccuracies or inability to ask all the questions as much as you wish.

Examkrackers MCAT prices

What makes ExamKrackers MCAT course promising is the ability to pre-order courses and try out KrackU, which is currently a promising option. While the company has much to improve, it is already a good step in affordability that comes close to the Princeton Review platform. Being limited in funds, it is recommended to choose two hours of private tutoring and see if the instruction and content level are suitable.

Student Feedback & Reputation

Personal Experience

The support team has been polite, and the forum tutor has been helpful and knowledgeable about the subjects and the system’s workings. I have no complaints about it.

Examkrackers online review

Almost every Examkrackers online review I have seen did not affect me much because my experience has been similar to most people’s. The pros were the presence of a general approach, and the cons were related to the mistakes in the books and the lack of proper clarity.

User Feedback

To create an unbiased ExamKrackers MCAT course review, I have turned to Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Reddit, and Amazon to comment on what I think and how it differs from my personal experience. Surprisingly, neither Trustpilot nor Sitejabber had any reviews but showed the status of a verified company. Amazon has 4.6 stars based on 61 user ratings. It is related to the book content that makes up the core course element.

Examkrackers user feedback

As you can see, some people are happy with the books. Yet, if I had to compare them with the Princeton Review mentioned or even Kaplan, they are very good for beginners or those without prior experience. That is true except for the Psychology and Sociology books!

Examkrackers review

You can see how the person insists that Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics do well but suggests checking Kaplan for all other things. What makes me surprised is how Kaplan’s books are given as an example of “horrendous” content. Reading other Examkrackers MCAT book reviews, the opinion is mostly the same. I agree that using graphs and labels takes ExamKracker’s approach to another level and sets it apart.

Examkrackers book review

Now, the last review speaks of bonus content material only available per purchase of the actual course. I can confirm that, so do not make this mistake and consider the original course offer!

  • The presence of the unique CARS strategy in studies where you develop one strategy per chapter based on full length practice examples.
  • The book covering the CARS section is of much higher quality than competitors.
  • Good video content that covers Physics and Chemistry.
  • 6-month free subscription offer.
  • Some explanations are lacking and require more depth, like in Kaplan and Princeton offerings.
  • Psychology and Sociology content is the weakest, in my opinion.
  • Poor editing and certain website accuracy issues.
  • PDF files for the program are password-locked and cannot be printed out.

The Recap: Is Examkrackers MCAT Good?

Is Examkrackers MCAT Good

As I came to the end of my ExamKrackers MCAT review, I can say that they are a relatively good company to consider if you need to prepare for your MCAT exam.

Still, they have much to improve as the youngest player in the MCAT preparation market. It is why I have rated them at 3.8 out of five stars. Looking through their website,

I have also noticed a certain lack of program clarity and things that confused me, like the subscription methods and lack of a good review program for each option.


Is ExamKrackers better than Kaplan?

Kaplan is better at content books and focusing on a particular subject. ExamKrackers have a lot that they must improve as they have a more general approach to MCAT.

Is Examkrackers good for the MCAT?

I have rated it 3.8. I believe they are a relatively good company for students wishing to get ready for MCAT exams, yet there are things to improve.

Is ExamKrackers online course worth it?

This course may not be the best for offering detailed MCAT content, but it covers most bases and helps you address practical exam readiness and decrease anxiety.

What about the Examkrackers vs Berkeley review?

When approaching the MCAT for the first time and not wanting to get too deep, ExamKrackers MCAT course online is a safer and more efficient choice.

Examkrackers Alternatives

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