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Best CARS MCAT Books for You

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Best MCAT Books for CARS

In my effort to pass the MCAT, I found the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills books that would improve my knowledge. In my experience, mastering this component of the test necessitates consistent practice with passage problems. My experiments have shown that using different collections of specialized prep books gave me the information I sought and transformed my approach to this exam.

I tried and realized that these books are more like basic study materials that make it easy to comprehend; thus, I identified the accessible exercises, providing a strategy to tackle the complex nature of this critical examination area.

In this article, I will guide you in identifying and selecting the best CARS MCAT books available online, assuring success when taking the MCAT, obtaining your medical goals, and looking at customers’ reviews of the books.

The Best CARS MCAT Books: Summary

What Constitutes a Good CARS Study Guide?

What Constitutes a Good CARS Guide

An excellent study guide for this test should include the following:

Comprehensive CARS Content Review

This provides information on various passage kinds, question styles, and critical thinking abilities.

Problems to Practice with Comprehensive Explanations

Practice tasks are necessary for strengthening your specific abilities. Choose a book that has a range of practice problems with clear explanations.

Complete Practice Tests

Full-length practice exams are the most incredible method to gain familiarity with the MCAT’s CARS component. Select a book with at least two full-length practice exams.

Proven Ways for Addressing and Conquering Difficult Questions

Various tactics can assist you in solving difficult questions. Pick a book that offers multiple techniques.

Improving your Reading Comprehension

Improving your reading comprehension is critical for performing well on the CARS selection. Select a book that contains recommendations for enhancing your reading comprehension.

So, What Are the Best CARS MCAT Books?

Mastering the best CARS MCAT book section necessitates constant interaction with passage problems. This section does not need prior knowledge from pre-med courses and is often regarded as the most difficult on this test. Find the best CARS training resources available to help you prepare.

BeMo's Ultimate Guide to MCAT CARS

Price starts from $1997
Promo Code N/A
  • A vital good book for MCAT CARS practice for those aspiring to medical schools.
  • Examines the top 8 causes of failing the CARS assessment.
  • Reveals the final key to applicants that succeed.
  • An MCAT verbal reasoning book with more than 400 pages of suggestions and techniques.
  • A thorough approach to the test preparation.
  • Some customers find it a bit confusing.
  • Occasionally repetitive
BeMo's Ultimate Guide is the most thorough and best MCAT CARS study book resource for succeeding in the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section of the exam. This handbook, which was created by award-winning scientists, medical doctors, and previous admissions committee members, is vital reading for anybody considering applying to medical school. One of the book's merits is its concentration on strategy.
feedback bemos mcat cars
It provides me with valuable tactics and includes 40 practice passages along with 10 example CARS sections with expert evaluations, questions, and answers.

The invaluable resource analyzes the top 8 reasons applicants don't succeed in the CARS exam, BeMo's tried-and-true strategies, the seven steps to ACE any CARS passage, stress management techniques for short- and long-term success, and the ultimate secret of successful applicants. BeMo's handbook, which has over 390 pages of methods, suggestions, and recommendations, is a comprehensive approach to the preparation provided by a world authority in medical school preparation.

The cheap MCAT CARS book is available on Amazon to check its pricing and availability. When writing this article, I’ve seen such prices: the hardback edition costs $25.00, the Kindle version costs $0.99, the audiobook version costs $5.95, and the paperback version costs $19.97.

I highly suggest this book if you're searching for an in-depth and practical preparation guide for the CARS section.

Kaplan MCAT CARS Review

Price starts from $1799
Promo Code N/A
  • They were written by the same specialists who created the best CARS book for MCAT prep course.
  • A well-structured study strategy
  • Meets all AAMC standards for complete MCAT review.
  • Provides more than 100 in-book and online questions, outnumbering other CARS publications.
  • Practical Online Practice.
  • It is easily accessible for purchase on
  • The Kindle version might be expensive.
  • Some reviewers claimed the practice passages were harder than the actual MCAT passages.
I found Kaplan's MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review 2024–2025 to be a fantastic resource as I took on the task of this exam preparation methods. Therefore, should I read the Kaplan MCAT CARS book? Yes, you should. The MCAT CARS book is written by the same experts who created the wildly popular prep course that has admitted more students to medical school than all other major courses combined. It provides:

  • A well-thought-out study schedule.

  • A detailed subject review.

  • Many practice MCAT verbal reasoning book questions—both in-book and online.

feedback kaplan
Kaplan offers knowledgeable guidance on allocating my time and structuring my review. This revised edition fully complies with the requirements set forth by the AAMC, easing any worries regarding the scope of my review.
feedback kaplan mark
Using this material, you are digging into the broadest practice. Regarding practice possibilities, Kaplan outperforms all other MCAT CARS books with over 100 questions in the material and added online access. The thorough CARS subject review, written by highly regarded and distinguished Kaplan teachers, is carefully reviewed by editors with advanced science degrees and medical doctors.
kaplan avaer feddback
I can rehearse using the same computer-based structure as Exam Day, thanks to online resources, which include a comprehensive practice exam. With years of experience researching every MCAT-related document accessible, Kaplan's team offers skilled psychometricians who guarantee that the study materials and practice problems accurately replicate the test.

You can also purchase the guide and check the current price on At the moment of this research, I’ve seen that the paperback version costs around $42.

The book covers all of the critical principles and techniques for success and an array of practice problems and passages.

Princeton Review MCAT CARS Review

Price starts from $1399
Promo code N/A
  • Comprehensive resource for mastering CARS.
  • Three extended practice tests.
  • Comprehensive instruction in logical reasoning and critical analysis.
  • End-of-chapter quizzes and explanations.
  • Improvement of reading and critical thinking abilities.
  • Variation of the paperback prices
  • Can be expensive
  • According to several reviews, the practice passages were harder than the actual MCAT passages.
What is the best CARS book for new MCAT? The complete MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review from The Princeton Review is the best resource if you want to master the challenging CARS sections on the exam. This best MCAT CARS guide book offers three comprehensive practice exams and hundreds of practice problems, guaranteeing that if they're on the test, they're in this book.

Using this book, I can learn reliable techniques for answering complex problems, which will put me in a position to get the score I want. You will expand on the best MCAT critical analysis review book and logical thinking skills essential for passing the test here. It provides a primary 6-step method for understanding any text, along with annotated models that show how to do so.
Princeton Feedback
There are plenty of preparation chances, including three lengthy online practice exams with thorough explanations of the answers and score summaries. My preparation is further enhanced with end-of-chapter quizzes, answers, explanations, MCAT-style practice passages, and questions, including passage-based activities to sharpen my sense of logical structure. Additionally, the book provides test-taking techniques mainly designed to help readers grasp CARS.
feedback Princeton dark
I become proficient in developing critical thinking abilities, active reading, annotating and mapping passages, comprehending question kinds and forms, using the attractor and elimination procedure, rating and organizing texts, and honing overall tactics and approaches.

If you want to see the pricing and availability of the Princeton Review MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review, go to Amazon. The paperback edition may cost between $18 and $25.

This book is ideal for MCAT test participants who wish to enhance their CARS abilities and achieve the desired score. If you're on a tight budget, you might want to look at a less expensive choice.

Extra advice to help you get ready for the MCAT’s CARS section:

  1. Read properly: Be sure to spend time with the content when you read CARS sections. This entails making notes and challenging yourself with the section.
  2. Practice time management: Time management is a skill that you should work on because the MCAT’s CARS part is timed. Practice exams with a timer, and modify your pace accordingly.
  3. Be optimistic: The MCAT’s CARS part might be difficult, but it’s crucial to remain upbeat. Have faith in your abilities and capacity to succeed.


What is the best way to study for the MCAT for CARS?

Prioritize consistent practice with CARS sections, examine errors, and hone time management techniques. Make use of reliable study guides and internet resources to focus your studies.

What are the best books for the MCAT?

The best practice book for CARS MCAT include Princeton Review, Kaplan MCAT Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review, and BeMo’s Ultimate Guide to MCAT CARS.

Is CARS complex on MCAT?

The CARS section is frequently regarded as complex since it stresses critical analysis and reasoning abilities without depending on pre-medical knowledge.

Does reading help with MCAT CARS?

Certainly, reading a good CARS book MCAT widely, especially regarding varied and complex content, enhances comprehension and critical thinking abilities, which are crucial for the MCAT CARS section’s success.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on January 9, 2024
Verified by Alina Burakova
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