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MasterClass Werner Herzog Review: A Deep Dive into Cinematic Storytelling

By Alina Burakova, Updated July 26, 2023


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About MasterClass
Lowest price$15
Charged mothly/yearly
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Affordable – the class offers value for money.
  • Detailed and comprehensive.
  • Covers numerous key areas in the art of filmmaking.
  • Comes with accompanying resources such as e-books.
  • Access to questions and responses from other students.
  • Practical assignments are realistic and doable.
  • Q&A sessions are rare.
  • Only has online classes.
  • Some resources aren’t downloadable.
  • Students pace themselves.
  • Too much information is bundled up in 6 hours.


  • An additional perk to the course is that his subject matter seeps into his experiences as a successful filmmaker. This makes the masterclass ultimately relevant throughout your career, and you can access it for reference at any point.


  • Is Werner Herzog’s Masterclass worth your money? The Werner Herzog MasterClass review covers fundamental aspects of the course, but it is impossible to showcase all that the class has to offer.
  • This masterclass is a combination of skill, passion, and commitment to filmmaking, making it one of the best options in the market.


  • Although he can’t fit his 60 years of career experience in a 6hr class, Werner Herzog does an amazing job of summing up the essential aspects.
  • Students also gain lifetime access to all the resources and tools used for the masterclass.
  • Furthermore, Werner gives recommendations for tools that helped him in his journey, and this is one of the unique aspects you will find in this class and not in many others.

Online learning is fast becoming one of the most sought-after solutions for professionals looking to refine their skills better. This growing popularity is influenced by easy accessibility, convenience to dictate when to learn, and unlimited resources. There is also an allure in the minimal period one needs to complete the classes.

All these perks are massively attractive but only accessible if you choose a suitable online class to take. This is where we come in. Our work in reviewing available classes is informed by a series of activities that determine which ones will offer value for the money you spend.

By what criteria do we choose and evaluate these classes?

Before writing MasterClass reviews, we analyze similar products that promise you the same results. Then, we look at the program design, features, benefits, and affordability, determining the type of experience. This process is comprehensive and rigorous.


Once we find classes worth consideration, we look at user reviews to ensure that whatever the course description hints at reflects the delivery process. Our team has invested time to ease your search for the right products by reviewing a class or resource and providing you with the necessary information that influences decision-making.

Why is MasterClass so popular?

Masterclasses offer an insightful look into success stories by showing a brief overview of the journey the master went through. This way, taking such a class aims to reveal tools and tips that will propel you to more remarkable points of accomplishment in your skill and trade.

There is also a great platform called CreativeLive with dozens of excellent and practical classes. To learn more about this platform, read the Creative Live classes review by our experts.

Additionally, the information provided shields you from unnecessary pitfalls in the career, as the master illuminates areas of possible struggle and how to navigate them.


What you need to consider when choosing such online classes

When you decide to tap into these benefits and take a masterclass, it is crucial to ensure your choice is ideal for your needs. Consider enrolling in the class as an investment; it needs to be worth your time and money. It should also offer tangible benefits in the long run. Thus, you will need to define your goals and budget in terms of time and finances.

Please, take a good look at what we have to say about this company and its services. Is it one of the best MasterClass and Udemy available?

Why should you take a filmmaking masterclass?

Masterclasses allow you to grow your discipline in creating, in that you get to dictate when to take the class and for how long. Werner Herzog walks you through what works and allows you to dedicate your time to:

  1. Practical execution of theoretical concepts;
  2. Hands-on experience in the industry.

Werner Herzog Master Class Overview


Who is Werner Herzog, and what is he famous for? Werner Herzog is an award-winning filmmaker who delves into all aspects of art. From a young age, he expressed dedicated passion, which led him to steal a camera that was used to create his first film. Werner Herzog is remarkable in all his endeavors in his trade from writing and directing and has had an illustrious career for over sixty years.

What is Werner Herzog’s MasterClass about? In his masterclass, he packages essential lessons that he picked up over this long career in video and e-books. The class covers a wide range of topics, including writing, editing, directing, cinematography, and many more.

How Does This Class Work?


Although this is an online class, you can download the additional resources once you sign up and complete payments. This way, students follow up on the takeaway points from the video sessions with the written information.

The class is designed for:

  • Filmmakers who want to learn within a short time.
  • Those looking to learn outside the traditional methods.
  • Those who want to learn from an experienced filmmaker.

Is Werner Herzog’s MasterClass as Good as it Seems to be?

Werner Herzog is a self-taught success with 70 films and 50 awards, and some of his most famous films include Fitzcarraldo, Encounters at the End of the World, Grizzly Man, Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Nosferatu, the Vampyre, Rescue Dawn, and the cave of Forgotten Dreams. He references some of them to give practical examples of the tips he offers.

This filmmaker offers a collective insight into the lessons he has picked up over the years, especially becoming a better creator. The class has received excellent reviews, with filmmakers commenting on his unique methods of sharing his professional experience. This Werner Herzog MasterClass review aims to paint a clear picture of how he goes about this process.


Is it the Best Online Filmmaking Class Out There?

The organization of his content and the inclusion of takeaway exercises for students gives the MasterClass an edge over many other such classes.

What Do You Get in Werner Herzog’s MasterClass?

The topics highlighted in this Herzog masterclass review cover some of the things in the lessons, but not in their entirety. We have summarized the content in the following way:

  • Watching films to inform your creation process

– Werner Herzog emphasizes the need to watch films from diverse creators as a reference point for yours. He recommends looking into foreign filmmaking and the most significant successes to understand the universal scale rules better.

In this part of his masterclass, Werner Herzog offers suggestions on films that you can start with.


  • Don’t stop reading

– Other than informing your art of storytelling, reading helps you get in alignment with your characters. He insists on how reading amplifies your voice by giving you a broader perspective.

Reading is also great for practical skills such as editing, proofing, and organizing your work.
Just like the films, Werner Herzog gives a few titles that offer all these perks.

  • Writing a script

– In his classes, he speaks of how he can write a script in 5 days. For him, this bulking up on writing allows him to tick off one part of the process, but it doesn’t mark the end of it. Werner Herzog insists on the need to understand the different levels of filmmaking, with scriptwriting being a foundational aspect.

In the masterclass, he covers topics such as how to gain momentum and drive to write. As he explains, psyching yourself is an intentional part of the process. He also addresses factors such as the need to learn the art of impromptu change in dialogue and use screenplay to guide tone.

  • Leading and organizing

– As he gives examples from his career, Werner emphasizes the need to take charge of your project by being part of the process. He gives examples of instances where he was willing to do absurd things, such as eating maggots, to offer support to a crew member.


Werner also discusses why having set rules is crucial to achieving goals on different levels. This includes organizing the set, creating a list of dos and don’ts.

For him, these set rules are only as effective as the director wants them to be, and the best way to ensure they are is by them being the first ones to follow the rules.

It doesn’t hurt that Werner Herzog has a German accent that makes content delivery a tad bit more exciting and keeps you engaged.

What the Class Consists of?

The course, according to Werner Herzog, can be completed in 2 weeks. This is highly attainable, considering it is 6hrs long in video content. However, MasterClass recommends stretching out the lessons to three weeks to ensure that you have ample time to practice what you learn.

The content includes:

  • A six-hour video where Werner takes you through the different aspects of filmmaking;
  • Downloadable workbooks;
  • Access to questions from other students and responses from the master.


Who would like this class?

This masterclass is great for people who have interacted with his films and are intrigued by his execution and presentation of projects.

Having a genuine interest in filmmaking is essential because the class is designed for people who have an idea of what success in the process looks like. Additionally, the Werner Herzog masterclass is ideal for those who have wanted to work with an established filmmaker.

Price of the Class

The Werner Herzog MasterClass costs $180 yearly or $15 a month with access to all other classes. If you pay attention, complete your assignments, and use the resources, you are bound to make the most out of every penny. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Quality of the Class

Besides the intellectual value he offers, our MasterClass Werner Herzog review process exposed us to a fun and open part of him. He uses stories to deliver his lessons and shares exciting and laughable moments of his journey.

For instance, he narrates how he wrote most parts of Aguirre drunk. At the time, he was a goalkeeper. While he was writing, he says, his teammates were loud and vulgar as they chanted away their drunkenness.

On the other hand, though drunk, he was more focused on releasing his words on the typewriter. All this excitement was happening with him on a sofa typing away and taking breaks to puke, but sometimes he didn’t and ended up doing it on the typewriter. Writing Aguirre took 2 and a half days, and he wrote the screenplay during a football game at half-time.


This intense dedication to completing his work and seeing projects through is one of his most admirable qualities. The good thing is, those who take his class get to see him speak of his passion, and this informs their overall experience. He shares the things that drive him and gives filmmakers guidelines on discovering the force behind their work and letting it influence their work ethic.

As you can tell from this MasterClass Herzog review, Werner is a passionate filmmaker, and this has helped in his career, and it adds a lot of value to the lessons he gives.

Other MasterClass Classes on Filmmaking: Who Made Them? What Are the Differences?

Werner Herzog’s masterclass is one of the many incredible options available on the internet. Some other successful masters offering lessons include:

Spike Lee Teaches Filmmaking

He covers topics such as self-producing and how to work with actors to create award-winning films.


David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film

He talks about the need to let creativity take its course and learning more about the art of writing.

Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking

Her masterclass focuses on how to find your personal story that leaves a strong impression, exploring big ideas, and standing out. Jodie also covers the art of the acting process.

Martin Scorcese Teaches Filmmaking

His topics of conversation include cinematography, working with actors, and editing your work.


Mira Nair Teaches Independent Filmmaking

She will focus on discovering your unique vision, working with small budgets, and how to get the best performance from actors and even non-actors.

Neil Gaiman Teaches Storytelling

He will give you terrific tips on how to write an exciting and funny story. Master your storytelling skills. For more details, read reviews of Neil Gaiman Master Class on our website.

Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking

In this master class, you will get the opportunity to learn how to captivate the audience with deep research and real-life facts and what it takes to bring such a story to life.


Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

Here you can master your scriptwriting skills. Learn more in the MasterClass Sorkin review on our blog.

There are even more MasterClass reviews on our website. Find a writing course by James Patterson on MasterClass too. There are also James Patterson Master Class reviews available for you here.


As you can see, all these are successful masters in their respective fields, and each of them offers input on the areas they lean on most in their careers. These options emphasize the need to define your area of interest before enrolling in any of the classes. This way, you are confident there will be no need to abandon a class midway or reconsider your choice.

Based on reviews from filmmakers who have covered all the lessons, Werner Herzog’s class works for those who want to learn more about making their imagination a reality. His work is vastly practical, with assignments ranging from watching films to creating using the techniques he offers.

Werner covers aspects such as choosing locations, preparing interview questions, and the reality of rejection. The filmmaker encourages his audience to prepare for rejection and consider self-producing. The masterclass is an all-rounded, all-access gateway to everything Werner Herzog is in his career, in 6 hours.

  • Affordable – the class offers value for money.
  • Detailed and comprehensive.
  • Covers numerous key areas in the art of filmmaking.
  • Comes with accompanying resources such as e-books.
  • Access to questions and responses from other students.
  • Practical assignments are realistic and doable.
  • Q&A sessions are rare.
  • Only has online classes.
  • Some resources aren’t downloadable.
  • Students pace themselves.
  • Too much information is bundled up in 6 hours.

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