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Resume Writing Training: Best Options

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The job market has always been a competitive sphere, but the modern era has made it far more relentless. This is especially evident in the resume writing job market, with applicants trying their best to stand out and showcase their skills, which can get them the necessary advantage over their peers and help them land their desired job.

Most newbies, who apply for such jobs, face numerous rejections based on their applications, which can be demoralising and terrifying at the same time. In this context, such certificates are an excellent option for applicants as they instantly make job applications much more alluring to the clients.

If you are looking for the best resume writing certifications and are often plagued by questions like “How to get resume writing certification?” or “Where can I get a resume writing certification?” or “What are the best training options?”, then you have come at the correct place.

This article will give you a complete guide to resume writing certifications and training programs. Which are your best options to help you land an excellent resume-writing job in no time?

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Basic Requirements for Resume Writing Certification

There are many different types of related certifications with certain specific basic requirements that an applicant must possess to obtain these certifications.

Hence, it is difficult to mention them exactly, but some of the basic requirements shared by these certifications are as follows:

  • Beforehand experience in crafting resumes and cover letters.
  • Have basic knowledge of the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the modern job market.
  • Good proofreading skills.
  • Have a good command of grammar and punctuation.
  • Familiarity with electronic resume preparation.

Know all about how to become a certified resume writer.

We have explained the steps on how to get resume writing certification.

Best Places to Check Resume Writing Courses

Some of the best resume writer courses and programs in the market are:

Career Director International (CDI) Certified Advanced Resume Writer

The Certified Advanced Resume Writer Course, offered by industry veterans Career Director International, is aimed at applicants who are not well versed with creating resumes in the first place and want to learn and acquire tips and techniques along the way.

The CARW certificate is among the cheapest courses offered by Career Director International, which is perfect for applicants just getting started with it.

In the program, applicants are given random resumes, which they must edit and improve. The candidates can then move on to the second part of the course based on the evaluation of their submitted resumes.

The second part is much more detailed, where applicants must write resumes and cover letters.

They are also required to showcase client information-gathering skills, and finally, they are evaluated on their grammar, punctuation, design, and writing skills.

Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC) Certified Professional Resume Writer

This course offered by PARWCC is one of the most well-known and respected courses in resume writing certification.

Since it is an advanced certificate, it is suitable for people who are experienced in the sphere and want a single certificate that can help them get global recognition.

Applicants who acquire this certificate can display the prestigious CPRW badge and certification on their website and marketing material. To be eligible for this course, applicants must be active members of PARWCC.

Upon registration, applicants are provided with study materials and must take an exam within a year of application. The exams are evaluated by members of the PARWCC Certificate Committee.

Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW)

This credential is another popular course where applicants must take a 3-month training program; it can be both online and offline, depending on the applicant’s preference.

The applicants are given specific classes on grammar correction and tips for better writing and formatting.

Additionally, applicants are provided with home assignments that they must complete to hone their skills.

The course also includes projects based on resume and cover letter writing projects.

All this is done by respected industry individuals who provide hands-on feedback and guidance to the applicants.

Career Director International (CDI) Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM)

CDI’s Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM) is a reasonably advanced course. It is aimed at executive-level writers who wish to improve their skills and obtain a high-level certification.

Applicants who seek this certification must possess a standard resume writing certificate.

The applicants must then submit up to four executive-level resumes created by them for further evaluation by the CDI evaluation team.

Also, they must take part in and pass a 10-question competence review test.

The CERM certification is highly respected and exclusive in this industry, as there are only 25 recognized CERMs worldwide.

P.O.W.E.R Resume System: Proven System to Get Job Interviews

This is a popular course on Udemy, which offers courses to people who do not want to spend a lot of money on certificates and are just getting started in the field.

If Udemy certificates are valid is a common question asked by prospective aspirants. Know about it in our separate article.

The course offers 1.5 hours of video lessons which will provide tips and pointers to applicants to people who wish to create a powerful profile that will help them land the interview for their desired jobs.

Additionally, this course offers more than nine articles and resource materials with information related to improving writing skills.

Key Takeaways

This profession can be a bit daunting for people, especially if they are getting rejections from clients regularly.

The above-mentioned certification courses are an excellent way for applicants to improve their resume and cover letter writing abilities at all skill levels, which will eventually help them land more resume-writing clients and gigs in the long run.


What is The Best Resume Writing Training?

There are several different training programmes available, each with advantages and disadvantages of their own. Consequently, choosing the finest training programme can be challenging because different programmes are better suited for different people.

Check out our list of the best resume writing certification.

Are Resume Writing Courses Worth It?

Such courses offer certification, a great way to stand out while applying for resume writing jobs. Applicants pick up tips and tricks from these courses, which are bound to improve their skills. That is why, such course is worth the effort and money.

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