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How To Make Tutoring Fun: Interesting Activities

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Tutoring offers a lot of learning opportunities for both the pupil and their parents, but this is an activity that many students shy away from. Why? Because for the longest time, the traditional methods of teaching have been used, and in this age of digitization, smithies methods are becoming extremely limiting. Students are no longer interested in it.

Tutoring can be a lot of fun if the tutor can find the means to make it so. Kids have short attention spans, and to teach them successfully, you have to understand how to get important points across playfully and engagingly.

As tutors who are looking to make a difference, this post is for you. There are several ways to make tutoring a fun activity for both you and your student.

Let’s get to the point:

Ask The Student To Teach

This is one of the ways to make tutoring fun for kids. They spend a lot of time in the classroom listening to their teachers’ drone on and on, without enough opportunities to participate in the lessons and pitch their ideas.

By asking them to teach you a particular subject, you gauge their knowledge on it and the specific area they need more understanding on while giving them the confidence to express themselves in a way they don’t get to do at school. This would make tutoring fun for them.

Create Hands-on Experiences

Photo by Kuanish Reymbaev on Unsplash

This is especially suitable for maths lessons. If you’re looking for how to make math tutoring fun for kids, then this is the perfect way to do it. You may have learned maths through lengthy lectures and graphs, but tutoring is different.

Education expert, John Dewey, said, “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

Develop math games and friendly competitions that kids can engage in, use food to multiply and subtract or integrate flashcards as an important part of the lesson.

Food? Why should you use food?

Because kids love food, and they love to be creative. Using these two together in a maths lesson will eliminate that feeling of boredom, and they will be more likely to love you —and maths!

Make It Personal

Teaching maths should not be so difficult, and another way to hold the kids’ attention is to make it personal. When solving a math problem, use their names. When teaching probability, use their favorite TV show. Do you already see how this can work?

If they can relate the problems to the activities in their personal lives, they will be more eager to solve them.

Ask Questions

Ask your kid questions on what they like best. This is especially important for reading tutorials. Ask them what they like to read and stories they enjoy listening to. This would help you pick out the right books for them.

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When teaching a student to read, you have to use a book they enjoy. You can make a list of all the genres they like and purchase one book in each category.

Read Aloud

This is another way on how to make reading tutoring fun for kids. When you read aloud, the excitement becomes contagious, and their interest spikes. Make it more fun by using different voices for each character in the story, and you will see such a child take more interest in reading. This also helps greatly in pronunciation.

Here’s how: by reading aloud, the child listens to your inflections and how you pronounce the words. This way, he also learns how to pronounce those same words without a problem.

Use Pictures And Flashcards

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Kids are visual creatures, and this opens a gateway to lots of ideas to make tutoring fun. You can draw objects on pictures and ask the kid to guess what it is. You can also use colorful flashcards to pass information.

You might also want to play a game of Pictionary and have the kid(s) act out whenever you draw on the board. This is a simple way to get their attention back on the subject at hand.

For example, check these websites for best math tutoring ideas.

Use Motivating Tools

If you want to know how to make writing tutoring fun, then this is exactly what you should do. Give your kids tools that will inspire them to pen something down.

William Arthur Ward once said, “A mediocre teacher tells; the good teacher explains; the superior teacher demonstrates; the great teacher inspires.”

A pen comes with four different colors of ink, scented markers, or papers with different colors. Kids will write if they have such interesting tools.

Show Off Their Works

Be it a piece they just wrote or a picture they drew, showing it off would inspire confidence in them like never before. You can show their works to the parents, and remember to smile while doing this. This would indirectly tell them they are appreciated and that whatever they do, you are watching.

The next time you tell them to write, watch them give it their best with hopes of impressing you.

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Games And Quizzes

Even with online tutoring, it is easy to lose a student’s attention. That is why so many tutors are looking for ways to make online tutoring fun and interactive. Games are a great way to hold every child’s attention, even the reluctant ones.

Games just simply sound like fun, and yes, they would be interested. Thankfully, there are so many educational games like Kahoot, Prodigy math games, and so on. This would help them stay interested while learning at the same time. How cool is that!

Create A Suitable Setting

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While planning fun tutoring activities, you should also remember to make the settings peaceful and suitable for their growth. As a tutor, be gentle and kind, communicating their mistakes constructively instead of destructively.

Jim Henson said, “Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them; they remember what you are.”

No truer words have been said. Children can only grow in an extremely loving and edifying environment, and as a tutor, you should create such space for them. For those of you who are looking for improving of tutoring skils — find options here.


Times are changing, and so are the kids. Traditional methods would no longer work, and as teachers, we ought to adapt to this fast-paced development and bring our kids along with us. Since you’re on the internet searching for ways on how to make tutoring fun, it means you’re a tutor who wants only the best for their kids.

With the following activities listed above, tutorials should be more fun, not for the kids alone, but you as well.


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