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Best Holacracy Technique Software

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The management model employers and employees are familiar with was developed decades ago. Even though times have changed and people and technologies evolved, things in organizational management remained the same. At least, that was the thing until holacracy came into the picture.

With holacracy, things look, feel, and work much differently than in traditional organizational management, and here is why. Every employee gets a chance to be an innovator, to create, and make changes. In other words, formal titles disappear, and every person in the organization has an equally important role.

Switching to this system isn’t so simple, especially for those who have never used it. That is why there are self managed teams software system holacracy options that are created to help organizations implement a predefined set of rules the easy way.

Here, we’ll talk about top holacratic software solutions, their pros and cons, prices, and how each can create new opportunities for you and your business.

What is holacracy?

holacratic structure

Before moving to top holacracy technique software options, it’s essential to understand holacracy and how it works.

holacracy represents a form of revolution in traditional organizational management we all know. It is decentralized management where all the power for decision-making and authority is put on the self-organizing team.

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Employees have the ability to create and make decisions. In other words, individuals no longer have static jobs with descriptions that don’t change for years. Instead, they get the authority to make decisions within their role.

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Best Holocratic Software

While the idea of holacracy sounds fantastic to many business owners, switching to an entirely new set of rules and different organizational models can be tricky.

Fortunately, certain software solutions can help you implement this new system and get the best out of it. Let’s explore them now.


holaspirit overview

Holaspirit is one of the best holacracy technique software available today. The most important thing here is the fact that you don’t need any training or prior knowledge about holacracy to be able to use Holaspirit. It comes with key functionalities that will help you quickly implement holacracy in your organization.

The platform is created to deliver transparency and clarity to your business and all your team members at all levels. With Holaspirit, all employees will be able to collaborate with one another easily and move further as one.

The software comes with an intuitive user interface. Adding the team members is super easy, and setting up requires just a few moments of your time. In case you need assistance or have some questions, customer support will respond quickly and resolve any issues you might have.

Holaspirit offers several plans.

  • If you run a small organization, you can start your experience for free with Freemium.
  • There’s also an annual plan called Start for up to 20 users. Its price is 59 EUR.
  • If you run a business, you can choose one of three available plans, and those are Rise (from 79 EUR per month), Scale (from 149 EUR per month), and Enterprise (you must contact Holaspirit).

One of the biggest Holaspirit pros is that it is easy to use, affordable, and allows team members to work as one. In terms of cons, it misses some export options and integration with Microsoft products.

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GlassFrog overview

GlassFrog is another fantastic software option that allows business and organization owners to implement and adequately manage holacracy practice. It is very easy to use, and the best part is that once you begin working with it, you and your team members can solve any challenges quickly.

The software allows you to evolve your management structure without any complications. It helps you eliminate issues such as unclear responsibilities or confusion of any kind. It will help you sync up your team and make meetings more straightforward and effective.

The GlassFrog comes with a variety of lessons and different learning tools that will help you understand holacracy. All the sessions you can access come from Certified holacracy Coaches, so you and your entire team can become holacracy pros quickly.

The tool features real-time dashboards. It allows team members to monitor every critical business aspect, including productivity and revenue growth. If you stumble upon a problem, you can contact customer support via email and phone.

GlassFrog has a free version and paid one.

  • The free one comes with the basics to run the practice.
  • The premium package is affordable and costs $6 per user per month. The Premium package is designed for organizations that want to take the holacracy practice further.

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The software has multiple pros. Adding or deleting members from circles is simple; various resources are available to learn about holacracy. It has a great layout and professional customer support.

It also has some cons, including that you may need some time to learn all its features and options s you can enjoy everyday usage.


Can software help in setting up holacracy in your organization?

Yes, it can. Switching to an entirely new management system can be time-consuming and tricky. But, if you do the work with the help of software designed for the purpose, everything goes faster and smoother.

Is holacracy right for my business?

holacracy is a system that allows you and your team members to work as one, solve problems easily, and implement new solutions and ideas into the business. If you want to achieve that, then holacracy is right for your business.

Is it hard to implement holacracy?

Implementing holacracy can be tricky, but using the software becomes super simple and easy.

What are holacracy advantages?

holacracy brings many advantages into the picture. It will empower your team members to get the freedom to contribute. It creates a better working environment. It helps team members solve problems faster and respond to changes efficiently.

In addition, employees are free to discuss ideas that will create more benefits for the business.


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