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Bullet Points in LinkedIn: How to Add and Put Them on Your Points

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LinkedIn is one of the social media platforms designed for business professionals to make business connections and keep abreast of professional updates relevant to the respective careers of users. Well, writing on LinkedIn can be technical and tricky. This platform has become one of the most revered and important social media networks that professionals use to network and scout for more opportunities in their careers.

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Hence, the need to know how to insert bullet points in LinkedIn profiles. Including them in a LinkedIn profile makes it easy to draw a user’s target audience to the profile. It also makes it easier for the reader to view the most relevant points quickly.

This article will answer questions like, how do I add bullet points on LinkedIn? Should I use them or paragraphs? Amongst other questions. Let’s get started.

What are LinkedIn Bullet Points?

What are LinkedIn Bullet Points?

These are informative lists that aid a writer arrange, organize, and emphasize a piece of information effectively and quickly. The bulleted markings draw more attention to vital information in a document and play the role of emphasis.

A bullet point is a sequence of essential items for talks or action in writing marked by symbols. These symbols can be used for noteworthy achievement and information worth reading.

‘Brevity is the soul of wit’ – William Shakespeare

How to Add Bullet Points on LinkedIn

LinkedIn does not have a toolbar option when you are in Edit Mode on your profile, making it nearly impossible to insert bullet points when designing your profile. Not to worry, here are some tips on how to insert bullet points in your LinkedIn profile:

For PC Users

  • When you are on your profile, click on the pencil icon where you would like to create your bullet points. This automatically takes you to the Edit Mode so you can edit your profile
  • Then place your cursor on the space where you would like them to be. Then hold the Alt key down and type 0149.
  • After doing this, let go of the Alt key, and it appears.
  • Click on the space bar once to create a space between the created bullet and the start of the text to be written
  • Start highlighting your points until you have finished before saving

For Mac Users

  • Click on the pencil icon on your LinkedIn profile where you want to add bullet points. This takes you to the Edit Mode
  • Place the cursor where you would want it to be. After doing this, hold down the Alt key and type 8.
  • Then let go of the Alt button. The symbol appears immediately.
  • Click on the space bar once to put a space between the bullet point and the start of the text about to be written
  • Keep highlighting your points until you finish writing.
  • Then save your work. You are set.

Should I Use Bullet Points on LinkedIn?

Regardless of how engaging your profile might be, the truth is not everyone will read it to the end because of how bulky it may look. This is why making bullets in your profile is important. Some people may ask, ‘Should I use bullet points on my LinkedIn profile?’ The answer is you should because many people will skim your work instead of reading it.

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So, simplifying your profile or the most important aspect into sections will increase your chances of being recruited or gaining the attention of potential employees. While you do this, ensure the bullet points are concise.

key responsibilities lists

Bullet Points or Paragraphs on LinkedIn

You can use a combination of both paragraphs and bullet markings when creating your profile on LinkedIn. Paragraphs can highlight important professional achievements, while the bullet points can be used to summarize points and serve as a quick read for the readers. Paragraphs help explain and describe your experiences.

We also have a guide on how to use bullet points on your resume, which you should read.

LinkedIn Formatting Bullets

Formatting LinkedIn bullets helps create a good profile and increases your chances of getting a good job. When formatting your LinkedIn profile, you must itemize all your points. It is important to itemize your points because the vital information you are trying to pass may get lost in transmission.

For those with a business degree under their belt, our guide on how to list MBA on resume is a must-read. It provides insights on the correct arrangement and composition techniques to highlight your MBA qualification on your resume. Trust us, it’s easier than you may think and will add a touch of professionalism to your CV.

Creating LinkedIn bullet points is the best way to make your content more presentable and inviting to read. This gives your profile a less cluttered look. If you choose to use paragraphs, ensure that they are as short as possible


How Do I Get a Lot of Bullet Points on LinkedIn?

You can get a lot of bullet points on LinkedIn by following the process to add bullet points on LinkedIn. Follow the process and repeat the steps.

What is a Proper LinkedIn Format?

A LinkedIn profile must have a proper format to achieve a good impression. This is the format for a proper LinkedIn format:

  • Itemize key information
  • Avoid large blocks of text
  • Use symbols to add emphasis
  • Put your most relevant credentials on top
  • Include media
  • Choosing a background image
  • Showcase consulting or freelance work
  • Hide the ‘people also viewed’ box.


Using bullet points to create your LinkedIn profile increases the quality of your work. Your LinkedIn profile is a gateway into your professional life. It should be as explicit and concise as possible.

While you provide your viewers with a detailed history of your professional life, do not forget to exclude the unnecessary details not to bore potential recruiters. Your profile must stand out to gain the traction you need to make the right connections.

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unsure if your resume is bulletproof?


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