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How to Describe Coaching on a Resume

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As you prepare for a new job and start a career search, it is important to know what should be included on a resume and where to place it. As one that has experience as a life coach, there are various skills that will be appealing to an employer. If you want to learn how to describe coaching on a resume, we have the information you need right here.

To make sure that your CV does not go unnoticed, we provide tips on how you can highlight your experiences and skills. Many of these can be used in other areas of employment. Even if you are not pursuing a career as a life coach or an assistant, you can highlight what you have learned and mastered to land that perfect job.

How and Where to Add Coaching to Your CV

To make your resume stand out and attract attention, you should know where to place information effectively. As one with experience with life coaching, you will want to include information in different sections of your CV. When considering how to put coaching on a resume, keep in mind that the goal is making your skills and experience stand out so that you will catch the eye of hiring managers.

Here, you can learn where you should add details and information so that they will be most effective. Be sure to only include info that is relevant to the position for which you are applying. CVs that contain details about things that are not related to the position are often overlooked and tossed aside. To make sure you have the best chances of being noticed and asked in for an interview, be sure you include details in the following sections.

Work Experience

The work experience section is where you can list all of your relevant experience, including any volunteer positions that may have been held. If there are any gaps in employment, indicate whether it was for any specific reason. You can include medical leave on resume and explain any lengthy gaps. We have a specific article on how to explain medical leaves.

When adding work experience, always list the newest job first. Always include the employer’s name and all start and finish dates for each job listed. You will also want to include a short description of the position. Try placing focus on achievements instead of duties and use bullet points when listing these.


One additional section one can include when writing a resume is certifications. As a life coach, you should show that you are committed to making developments and keeping up on new trends as well as ethics. Certifications can show your achieved milestones and that you’ve been approved by certain boards or organizations. Certificates that have been obtained from the International Coaching Federation will be most valuable.

Many with life coaching experience will also have a teaching background. Want to know how to list teaching certification on resume? Just add them in bullet points under this section. Be sure to include the most recent first and only those that are relevant.

You can find a comprehensive article on that addresses how you can add teaching certifications so they enhance your CV and make you stand out from competitors.


When adding skills to your CV, you should divide them into different categories. Employers are seeking those with specific skill sets, so you want to make it easy for them to see your skills. When completing this section, make bullet points of hard and soft skills. Hard skills are beneficial as soft skills can be hard to test.

Try including at least 6 different skills that are most important for the job.


Including that you’ve trained new employees on your resume can highlight your leadership skills. But it’s crucial to present this information accurately. Learn how to perfectly phrase this in your resume and make your experience more appealing.


Work Experience Example

Adding your work experience will let employers know your past involvement in the field and what responsibilities you have had. Always use bullet points when listing any achievements. Start with the most current position and include your employer and start date. This is a perfect example:

Learning Development Specialist

Lockheed Martin, Laurel

April 2020-current

  • Initiated website for learning plans
  • Collaborate with HR department to review organizational plans
  • Implemented a newly designed engagement strategy for employees, achieving a 10% increase in engagement over 5 years

As you’re sprucing up your coaching skills on your resume, remember, presentation matters!

Certifications Examples

Certifications can be powerful tools that show that you have the knowledge needed to get the job done. Be sure you list any certifications from accredited universities or organizations. Always use bullet points. You just need a list of the certification obtained. Examples include:

  • CPC, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
  • Coaching Certificate Program, Coach Training Alliance
  • Certified Professional Counselor
  • Health & Wellness Coach Certification
  • CPR and First Aid Certification

Skills Examples

When adding your skills, focus on those that will show you have on-the-job knowledge and experience with specific processes or technology. Some examples include:

  • Relationship Building – This is a soft skill that will be required for anyone entering an industry that involves communication, marketing, or dealing with t eh public.
  • Goal Setting – This is an important one that will prove you have the ability to identify goals and can incorporate a plan to achieve that goal with success.
  • Customer Service – This can be a useful skill in many fields and if you have experience, be sure to list this on your resume.

Looking to give your resume a unique edge? Understanding the holacratic structure could give you a competitive advantage. This unconventional business structure is gaining traction, and you could stand out by including it in your coaching experience.


How do you describe life coaching?

Since life coaching does not require any formal education, you can describe your experience and skills using the various sections of the resume. If you have trouble, you can get help from professional resume writers. We have a complete article on hiring pro resume helpers that can help you create the most effective resume that can highlight your life coaching history.

How do you describe assistant coaching on your resume?

Assistant coaching can also be included on a resume and you can describe this as a leadership role. As an assistant coach, you will have mastered communication and organizational skills that can be beneficial in many careers.

How do I make coaching sound good on my CV?

Now that you know how to add coaching to resume, you want to make it sound good. Since this is often not a professional career, you can use your coaching experience to highlight your abilities to motivate clients, communicate effectively, and manage teams.



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