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Table of contents

Table of contents

By Brooke Hayes fb Aug 07, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

When we talk about how students work on college assignments, everything has drastically changed. Earlier less focus has been given to the way students would write or submit their assignments, now all their papers must be written, submitted and kept as records for future. More and more focus is laid on writing assignments presented by a student, as it is thought that writing habits will make the student more disciplined, professional and expert in writing.

It is true on one side because knowing how to write a paper or a thesis can help a lot later if you are going to build a career in research, where writing will become a part of your daily routine. Even if you are going to sign up for a desk job, you will have to write emails and messages to your colleagues, boss, and other people. You might build a team in an information technology company later in life, and there also you need your writing skills to address issues in the organization.

And even if you are signing up for a teaching job, you will have to ‘check’ assignments of your students in the future. For everything you do in life, writing is something like a basic essential that you must know, and that is why colleges and universities are integrating writing-related assignments and submissions in almost all subjects that the students appear in. They are putting more emphasis on teaching a student ‘how to write’ than being the expert in a certain domain.

While many students are comfortable in doing assignments on their own, and some of them also love to write, as they maintain online blogs and websites, there also exist a fair amount of students who despise writing more than anything. They can draft beautiful concise emails, but they cannot work on a fifty pages long thesis report or a dissertation paper. There are different types of occupations that a student can choose in the future. While some might need their writing skills for lengthy things like essays, lab reports, research papers, etc. There are also professions and careers that need the student to come up with the best content in a few words, and one of the most popular and upcoming careers related to this is UX writing or micro-copy.

Now if you compare two individuals – one is working in a micro-copy domain and writes ten sentences in a day, the other is working as a research analyst and types hundreds of pages all day long. You will see a contrast in the kind of career they have chosen as well as the kind of work that they do. Similarly, many students are brilliant at writing short content, while they suck at writing long things like a four-page long essay!

Such students are not ‘less talented’ or ‘less smart’ than others, but they are simply differently talented. Their talent might be unmatched in other domains, but writing is not their domain. And such students prefer to outsource their writing-related assignments to professionals who can do it for a small amount of money. There are hundreds of services online that claim to offer academic ghost essay writing services for the students, and one of them is You can find many grademiners reviews online, some talking about the quality of their content, and some bashing them on their high prices. Today, we will present an honest and genuine grademiners review that will make you independent enough to decide whether you want to outsource your work to them or not. This grade miners review is aimed at presenting both the positive and negative sides of this organization.

Let us start by reviewing their website first:

The website is clean, user-friendly and easy to operate. The moment you land on the website, you will see a familiar web design and nothing new. This is done to ensure that you are not confused or you do not make an error while trying something new. That is why many websites follow the traditional and familiar designs like or

You can find a big tagline ‘Your Grade is Our Job’that looks assuring and convenient to read. You can feel positive after reading this because they are kind of assuring you that it might just be a matter of grades for you, but it is their job, and that they do it seriously. This makes the reader or the user feel confident about the services of the website.

You can also find a smaller tagline ‘delivering outstanding quality is not an option, it’s our commitment’. Again, this line fills the user up with confidence and positivity about the portal.

Just below these taglines, you can see that they have listed four of their most prominent features or services that they guarantee to provide. First one iscontent originality, which means they do not support or advocate plagiarism. The second one is the on-time delivery, which means they respect deadlines and do not exceed them under any circumstances. The third is direct communication, which means you can directly talk with the writer, and the last is 24/7 customer support.

Just below this section,you can see ‘last completed orders’ section in which they have listed the papers that they have recently submitted. The papers are not visible, but you can read the other details about the paper, like the subject it belonged to, the number of pages it had and satisfaction level of the customer for the writer who has completed this assignment.

Next, they have talked in numbers about their platform. They have services available for over 50+ academic disciplines ranging from law to medicine, from social to political science, from sociology to psychology, They also have a 3-hour deadline, which means they can turn-around your content within three hours of time, which is amazing! Lastly, they have more than 3500 writers who have signed up on their platform to provide their expert services. With sucha huge number, getting academic content within 3 hours is easy!

Now, coming to the more constructive approach of the review, let’s analyze the services and features listed on their website. Here are the positive and negative features of this platform.

  • Plagiarism free content – The content they deliver is 100% original and plagiarism free. They do not copy or paste content from anywhere over the internet, and you can be assured of this by running the assignment through any online plagiarism checking software.
  • Direct communication with writers – Here, you can communicate directly with the writers and also choose whom you want to work on your assignment, which is a delight! There are many platforms that do not allow you to talk to the writers, let alone choose them. They are really progressive in this domain.
  • Expert Writers – The writers who have signed up on are all professionals of their domain. Many of them are also native English speakers, and many are US citizens as well, who are working in reputed universities as professors. What can be better than getting your assignment done by a professor?
  • Robust and Advanced Customer Support – The customer support provided at grademiners.comis robust, advanced, and effective. You can ask them any questions or queries, and they will be solved in a matter of minutes. Customer support is one big feature that they must be proud of!
  • Affordable Prices – When it comes to ordering anything online, a student will always look up for the price of the commodity. Same is the case with ordering papers online. For students, prices matter because they are mostly going through a financial crunch and some are also working on part-time jobs, and have education loans topay. The quality of is that they provide their services at affordable prices to the students.
  • The Quality of Content – Finally, when it comes to reviewing or analyzing content, the first thing is quality and here at grademiners.comyou can rest assured about the quality of the content that will be delivered to you because it is always premium and superior quality in nature, and utterly professional outlook.
  • Advance Payment – They do not follow the concept of advancedor partial payment before delivery. Here, you have to pay them 100% of the whole amount before your content is delivered to you, and that is one of the policies they follow.
  • No Refund or Money Back – They do not follow any refund policies or money-back guarantee. While there are many online platforms and websites that assure the customerhas a 100% money-back guarantee, but do not have any such policy in their system. If you are not satisfied with the content or your content was not delivered to you on time, you can’t raise a claim or ask for a refund, because they have clearly mentioned this thing in their system policies.
  • Proofreading before submission – They might check the content and proofread it, but you should also do that on your end to avoid any last minute rush or backlash.
  • Less Time, Worse Quality – If you do not give the writer proper time to research or write your content, the quality you will receive will also not be great!
  • No pre-written papers – There are some websites that offer pre-written content, but at grademiners.comyou will not find any pre-written papers, which means all papers are written from scratch and are original.
  • Proper Communication – While outsourcing content, always communicate properly and present your requirements clearly to avoid any confusion later.
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We were so amazed with the Crademiners writing service. They did nail the job for us and was delivered way ahead of time. Not a bad service for an online job.

I have worked with several times, and I don’t regret at all! High – quality service, thanks! I couldn’t believe I should write some academic paper by myself!