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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 10, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

When it comes to assignments and submissions online, there are a lot of services on the internet that provide quick turn-around in academic writing. The services are so many, that it becomes confusing for the student to finally select one that suits his requirements, and does justice to his work.

Among a huge list of websites and online portals, it is very difficult to select one.  No doubt, there are reviews and ratings for every service online, but those reviews and ratings cannot be trusted, considering the fact that most of them come from paid or fake channels. The user should be able to make a decision for themselves through this review, and by the end of reading this review, they should have a clarity in their mind about the best writing services.

One of the websites that has become the talk of the town and doing rounds on the internet currently is essayhave. Essay have is a simple platform created for students to order their academic content online with ease.

They claim to have native English speaking writers on board, and also claim to turn-around your work within 24 hours. How quick they are and how much truth is there in their claims, can only be tested through a practical application of ordering an essay through them and testing their services first hand!

You can clearly see a headline in bold – RELAX. Your wish is our command! This headline is eye-catching and captivating in a sense that it motivates the customer, and tries to relieve their stress. It is assumed that students who are searching for online ghost-writing services are mostly stressed individuals who have deadlines lingering over their head and they are supposed to submit their assignments soon enough!

Having such a tag-line on the website surely helps such students, and motivates them to rely on and trust this platform. There are many essay have reviews that you can read online, but how far they are truthful or how much justice do they actually do on the website – is questionable!

This essayhave review will focus on both the pros and cons of this website and will aim to make the customer and user independent and more aware of this website, their features, and services.

Starting with the Website Design, there are many features that we would like to highlight here:

The website has an attractive tag-line – Relax. Your wish is our command. This prompts the customer to place their faith in them and their services.

Moving on, the customer can see the basics of how the website works. They have used minimal icons and micro-copiesto define how their service works, starting from laying down your requirements and information about the kind of text you want, making payment in advance, getting a writer assigned for your work and finally getting your work submitted back to you! These simple steps are denoted in a simple way.

You can see their customer satisfaction rate through various icons and micro-copy. For English, they have rated themselves 8/10, for business studies it is 9/10, for MBA it is 10/10, for nursing it is 9/10 and for history it is 9/10. These clearly signifywhich are their strong sides, and what are the dominant traits of the writers that work with them. Someone who wants an MBA paper must prefer them over anyone else because they have given themselves 10/10!

Next, the customers can see ‘testimonials’ from previous customers or clients, who have used the services of paper writing. From these comments and testimonials, the new users can understand what to expect and what are the strong points of this service. Well, it is up to you to believe this testimonials or not, but at you will be more likely to find better quality services.

Now coming to the best part, and that is SAMPLES! They have given free samples of their work to view and judge their abilities and quality. The essay that we read and reviewed was titled ‘The Secret Love’ for undergrads inthe first or second year, formatted in MLA format. After reviewing the paper, we concluded two major things – the quality was impeccable, and the formatting was flawless! Such a paper could easily fetch you an A-grade at least!

After a detailed and in-depth website review, let us take ahead this essay have review by also mentioning very precisely the pros and cons of using their services.

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee– Out of the few websites that offer such services, essayhave is the one that provides a complete refund or a money-back guarantee in case the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the paper, or they received the paper after the deadline. Such a service is not available at many other websites, that ask the customer to pay in advance and then they can’t claim a refund even if they don’t receive a satisfactory service.
  • Professional writers and Native English Speaking writers – The writers that are selected on this website are chosen after levels of tests and screening criteria, that ensure that the writers are talented, experts and professionals in the work they do!
  • Premium Quality – The quality of the content they produce is supreme and premium, in the way that they not only produced well-written and researched contentbut also focused on proofreading and formatting it in the desired format. Because of the level of expertise their writers hold, it is natural for them to produce a thoroughly researched and great content that can fetch you amazing grades!
  • Writing from Scratch – Their content is 100% original and plagiarism-free, and it can be confirmed by screening the content through any plagiarism-check software or tool, and the most popular tool to do that is copy-scape. You can always cross-check the content through copy-scape before you submit it to your guide or mentor. They produce original content, hence your content is written from scratch, and it researched freshly before writing.
  • Quick Service –There are many online portals and websites, that do not deliver upon the deadline. They usually delay the delivery of the content, which makes the student suffer. But at essayhave, time is money, and it is most important factor in deciding your grades. Late submissions are marked separately and sometimes, some guides deduct marks for late submission as well, hence it is always important to respect and honor the deadline, and never delay it even by an hour!
  • Robust Customer Support – The customer support at essayhave is amazing and they do not delay any service. Their customer support can be accessed through a quick-chat, phone call or an email. They will always connect you with expert and professional customer support agents who aim to help you resolve all your issues and doubts within the given time.
  • High Pricing – The pricing of essays is not at all affordable or cheap. As students, we always think that we need something cheaper to manage with, and we cannot afford expensive or luxurious content, but at essayhave, they claim to have pricey content which proves and verifies that their content is genuine and original. They have never stated anywhere, that their pricing is cheap or affordable! The most basic essay of two pages to be delivered within 24 hours, for an undergraduate student in his first or second year, might cost you around $25 to $30.
  • Additional Costs –The cost of the paper also depends upon the deadline or the time of delivery, the number of pages/words, and the level of expertise you need in the paper. Apart from that, there are additional costs for every service, like – proofreading, formatting, and editing.
  • The Quality might be compromised – They also have an overnight delivery, and not even that, they also guarantee to deliver your paper to you within 8 hours! But that kind of deadline can seriously compromise the quality. The student must keep in mind the quality-factor before deciding upon the deadline.
  • Advance Payment – Since a lot of students have previously taken papers, but never paid for them, this forced the websites to ask for advance payment in all the cases. They do not exempt you from paying for a paper beforehand, and they do not provide any kind of loan, credit or later-settlement.
  • Terms and Conditions on Refund – If you think asking for a refund is easy after ordering a paper, you are wrong! There are hundreds of terms and conditions that are associated with money-back guarantee, and they do not process a refund for you if you are simply saying that you are dissatisfied with the quality. There has to be a constructive reason for asking for a refund.
  • Double Check – Even after you get the paper from them, you must never submit it blindly. Always pass it through copy-scape, double check it for any spelling, grammatical or typographical errors, and only then submit!
My verdict
Don’t Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Essayhave

We can not say that is one of the best writing service providers. It is also important to note that the services provided by this company are almost below average and not always satisfactory. The prices are not reasonable and you will have to deal with plagiarism. So as indicated in our overall verdict, we would not recommend this service.

10 reviews
Tia Gomez says:

Sadly, custom paper writing isn`t their strong side.
Editing/proofreading and checking for plagiarism was okay, they made it in 4 hours.
And i had to pay to for their mistakes that’s not right, even if you do that fast.

Mathias says:

My paper was rejected by the teacher, but that’s my fault, I haven’t checked the essay beforehand.
There were some mistakes and misspelling. I like their website though, pretty and handy.

Federick says:

I work and study at the same time, so sometimes it is really hard to compose these 2 things. That is why I asked Essayhave Service fora help. They wrote a good research paper for me , I had some troubles with the deadlines! ome troubles with the deadlines!

Betty says:

Could recommend essayhave writing service, just try and you’ll not regret.

Pete says:

Essayhave service is great for all the people who have no time and energy for academic writing work! Amazing result, I’m satisfied. Thanks

Dereck says:

Essay have service has some real troubles with a deadline, but paper was very professional, thanks

Macy says:

I got 2 essays written for finals by essayhave and got B- and C+ on them. The papers weren’t as good as I would have written them, but they were okay for my teachers!

Jocelynn says:

I had 3 papers done and just received them back with 1 A-, one C+ and one C-. I sent direct instructions and only one paper was okay. I’m disappointed, but at least 1 paper was good.

Coby Wright says:

Never used a service like this before so I have nothing to compare it with. The paper is OK and they delivered it promptly, but there were grammar and spelling mistakes. I don’t know if that is appropriate for such services.

Nick says:

What can I say after my collaboration with essayhave service – I have so doubts about their professionalism. The essay they wrote for me was not what I expected for. Was it their mistake about this misunderstanding? I think yes. It is up to you to choose it or not!