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Table of contents

Table of contents

By Alina Burakova fb Jul 10, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

If you are a student at school or college, and you frequently get submission work that contains academic writing content, this review is perfectly meant for you!

The way assignments are submitted now has fundamentally changed and this drastic change is brought by the internet and heavy usage of the World Wide Web. The world is connected and has become so small, that now you can outsource your jobs to anyone in any corner of the world, the only condition is that they should have the internet connection and should be available for the job! Students look for the best writing websites when they need help with their writings for universities and colleges.

There are many students who are interested in writing jobs, and for them everything is easy, but there are many other students as well who are not as creative as others and who might find the writing jobs boring and irritating. Colleges do not understand that one man’s love might be another man’s hate! And that is where the students who hate these types of assignments decide to outsource them and get it done within the deadline in exchange of a few bucks.

Earlier, students used to prefer freelancers online who would take advance payment and submit the work to them, but there were some real problems with those freelancers:

Many freelancers took money from the students, but never responded back or returned the work to them. They only took the money and fled.

Many freelancers did not submit quality content. They just hurried up and finished the job to get money, and did not pay attention to the details.

Many other freelancers simply copied and pasted content from the internet leading to a lot of problems for the studentsin their colleges, when later their work was found to be copied, they were rusticated and expelled from the institute.

These are some of the most common reasons right from the students’ mouth when it comes to outsourcing the jobs to individual freelancers. That is the reason why many students stopped doing that and they preferred someone whom they can trust.

It was difficult to establish mutual trust between students and freelancers because even freelancers had some issues with the students and one of the major issues was that the students took the assignment but refused to pay.

Keeping in mind all the problems and issues faced by both parties, there was an instant requirement of a solution that solved these issues but presented a better way of doing things, and that was – a website or a portal that connects the both, without hampering the trust between the two parties.

Essaybox is also one of those websites that came up with the idea of collaborating with freelancers to provide ghost academic writing to the students. Essay box is one of the best online internet companies that work in the writing domain. This Essaybox review has both pros and cons of this website to help you become independent enough to take the right decision. There are many essay box reviews online that do not do justice to the portal, as many of them are fake, and some of them are paid. But this essay box review aims to provide only facts and truth before the audience.

Many freelancers happily joined these ghost academic writing websites, knowing that they will be regularly paid for every job they do, and many students, also started outsourcing their assignments to these websites, knowing that the quality and content will not be compromised with.

The websites ensured trust and some ground rules for both parties – students had to pay in advance for every job, this made sure that only serious students were a part of the entire ecosystem, and secondly – freelancers must keep in mind various rules and terms before writing content for students.

Some of the ground rules set up by Essay box were:

  • The essay must be high in quality
  • The paper must be thoroughly researched
  • The content must be plagiarism-free
  • The essay must be delivered on time
  • The paper must have proper formatting and proofreading

This review contains features of this website as well as the pros and cons of ordering an essay from it. Let us begin with the features of this website first:

When you have a first look at their website, you will feel that the portal is clean and concise. There is no unnecessary information or visual clutter. It is clean and minimal, with information segregated in proper sections with the good amount of data and images to make the user understand the basic function of the website.

The purpose of the website is to sell academic content, and this message is clearly delivered through their interactive web design.

They have divided the website into sections with particular information in each section. One section talks about their features and services while the other talks about the kind of essays you can order. They also have provided a lot of categories under which you can order the essay from them. The subjects they can write on are many, and that is the most impressive thing about them! All things are known by comparison so have a look at website design.

  • They provide 100% original, plagiarism-free content that you can order without any stress or hassle. You do not need to worry about your submission deadlines anymore, and you can freely submit a paper from essaybox, because it will be written from scratch for sure!
  • The subjects on which you can order content are many! You can find an entire list of the subjects on their website, under which they claim to provide essays and research papers, and some of the subjects are – accounting, finance, physical science, nursing, chemistry, medicine, political science, psychology, social science, history, sociology, law, literature, linguistics, communications, statistics, technology, management,
  • The writers on EssayBox are mostly native English speaking writers, and they follow strict criteria to employ people who are willing to work for them. To become a writer at EssayBox, you will have to undergo a series of tests and pass an interview as well, which is one of the criteria that we got to know from one of the writers at this website.
  • You can interact with the writer you want to outsource your work to, and you have all the freedom to choose the writer as well. It works just like any other freelancing website does, but the only difference being that you can be assured about the quality of your content as well as the integrity of your personal information.
  • They format and proofread your papers before submitting them to you, which is one of the best things about essaybox. On other websites and online portals, you have to pay separately for formatting and proofreading, while here, it all comes within the cost of writing an essay. Hence, you can directly submit your assignment to your college mentor or guide, without even checking it once! That’s the beauty of this portal.
  • They provide refund in case you are not satisfied with their services, and their money-back guarantee makes them a secure and trustworthy portal for students to outsource their work to.
  • Not so cheap – While there are many websites and ghost-writing services that can do your job for a low amount of money, essay writing is not so cheap after all! For a one-page long, high school level essay that you want to be delivered in 2 weeks (15 days), they charge you somewhere around $15.2 which is too high, considering that there are many talented freelancers on the internet who charge less than this! Many people charge hardly $10 for the same service, and you can also get 2 to 3 page of content in ten bucks!
  • Customer Support – They do not have a good customer support. They need a lot of improvement in that area. Quality of the content –The quality of their content is okay, but not too great. If you are ordering a Masters or Ph.D. level paper from them, better order a sample first for a small price, rather than outsourcing them your entire thesis or dissertation topic!
  • No provision for overnight delivery – The quickest delivery you can get here is within 15 days, and nothing before that. When we have hundreds of websites guaranteeing overnight delivery, they are really far behind!
  • Proper Communication needed – If you order something from them, you must state your requirements properly and thoroughly to avoid any miscommunication.
  • Cross-check and double-check again – Agreed, that they proofread your paper, but even then there is a high chance of common grammatical or spelling mistakes that can make your paper look amateurish! Do a check from your end, before submitting it to your college.
My verdict
Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Essaybox is one of the writing services that we recommend. The papers are not so cheap, but in most cases, you will be happy with the quality. You can always expect 100% plagiarism-free content, and the delivery time is pretty quick. For high-quality academic papers, you can rely on

10 reviews

I have been using them for about a year now. I didn’t really have many problems besides some grammar errors and a few revisions every now and again.But very good service! I used it totally about 5 or 6 times already and has never been dissatisfied. They have nice professional writers, almost normal prices, polite customer support. 4 stars from me!

I couldn’t say something negative about this writing service, but I feel like they need to work on some issues better. Good luck for you, guys!

I got a quality essay at a very loyal price from essaybox service and really happy to have my “A” grade ))

They’ve had some grammar issues but overall great. I hate writing. I never know how to express how I really feel on paper. Essay box has not failed me, but check your grammar sometimes.

Service is excellent, always someone there to help and answer any questions. The style of writing was a bit bland and vocabulary was often repeated, but overall the content was accurate and satisfied the prompt given.

I always write my own essays, but you have to check yourself sometimes. That’s why I come to essaybox for the revision. Sometimes they really help me. Thank you essay box!

I have just recently started using EssayBox and I must say they are okay. I had stress free working experience with them. Papers are well written, on time and the customer service is proper.

I found EssayBox service by the accident through the Internet, it was my first and last try I contacted them. It is annoying, cause I called them 5 times and nobody answers me! What is gong on? How does you work?