EduReviewerServicesEssayWritingNZ Review: Is it the Best in New Zealand?

EssayWritingNZ Review: Is it the Best in New Zealand?

By Alina Burakova, Updated July 27, 2023


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

About Essay Writing NZ
Lowest price$14.24
Charged per page
Our verdict Pros & Cons


  • Their platform is effective.
  • They only employ qualified and experienced writers.
  • The essays they produce are always plagiarism-free and without grammatical errors.

Value for Money

  • Affordable.
  • Quality homework solutions assured.
  • Their writers can handle all kinds of essays, even lab reports.

Student Feedback

  • Plagiarism proofs can't be accessed.
  • New Zealand students in colleges and high schools find this platform very effective.
  • EssayWritingNZ is a good service, and we recommend this platform.
  • Their writers are qualified enough to handle all kinds of essays.
  • The institution's website has a friendly interface that allows easy navigation.
  • The Essay Writing NZ reviews show that their services are affordable enough for students in high school and colleges
  • Plagiarism proofs are not accessible to clients.
  • You can't contact their customer support through phone calls but through emails.
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EssayWritingNZ Overview

Every youth should have a social life outside academic activities and after-school hours as that would rejuvenate your brain ahead of your next classes. However, many students do not have social lives as a result of bulky homework, especially essay assignments.

Although getting your homework done portrays good discipline, it could result in you having sleepless nights ahead of school hours. If that is the case, it could result in you performing woefully in your daily school activities.


The good news is that you can employ the best writers in the world with a single click to do your essay homework for you promptly. There are lots of online platforms that employ writers across the globe to help students in high school and college with their assignments. However, not all of them hire the best writers available to guarantee your grade’s improvement with their unique writing skills.

EssayWritingNZ is a top-tier provider of essay writing specialists for students in New Zealand, but is EssayWritingNZ good enough? We will examine this platform’s quality, students’ feedback, website usability, guarantees, value for money, prices, and so on in this review.

What is Essay Writing NZ?

EssayWritingNZ is an online platform that offers students in high schools and colleges quality essay writing services. The major goal of this institution is to help you improve your grades by giving you value for your money. Their writers will work with you on the provided materials in your homework instructions and also conduct extensive research.

Since its establishment, it has maintained a good reputation for providing its clients with excellent essay assignments. Over the years, New Zealand students have written lots of positive feedback about the institution. Therefore, you can spend after-school hours indulging in fun activities to refresh your mind and ease school stress.

How Does EssayWritingNZ Work?

EssayWritingNZ is a top tier amongst other essay writing companies as its services are entirely different from theirs. On its platform, you are assured of getting quality assistance with your essay assignments 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. After you’ve logged on to the institution’s website, you will need to do a brief registration which requires you to fill out a form.

Afterward, you can wait for the response of their writers as they will send you their bids in due time. As their bids come through, you will be able to view their biographies and choose a writer easily due to the website’s friendly interface. The entire process should be done in a couple of minutes, and then you can present your chosen writer with your assignment materials.

Additionally, this platform has a unique feature custom-built for online writing institutions. This custom-built feature is used to create citations and to cross-check the essays written by the specialists for grammatical errors and plagiarism. With these thorough screening procedures, you are guaranteed improved grades if you choose this essay writing platform for your upcoming essay assignments.

Is Legit?

Many online platforms would request certain fees for registration, but EssayWritingNZ registration is completely free. The only time you’ll need to pay any fee on this platform is when you choose a writer and discuss the terms of your assignment.

Besides that, information gathered from the EssayWritingNZ reviews shows that their writers are competent and time cautious. Therefore, we guarantee that their services are legitimate.

About EssayWritingNZ

The founders of this platform created it to ease the burden on high school and college students. They supply these students with quality essay assignments written by competent writing specialists.

Besides quality, it’s the institution’s policy that the essay meets the requirements of the assignments’ instructions. As a result of that, their expert writers ensure that every essay is written based on the provided resources in the homework.

However, you must ensure that you clearly state the necessities of your assignments before you submit them.



In this EssayWritingNZ review, we will be looking at the kind of services they offer. It is platform is the best place to get the best quality writing services. Their services are as follows:

  • Thesis writing services
  • Ph.D. thesis writing services
  • Dissertation writing services
  • Ph.D. dissertation writing services
  • Law essay writing services
  • Custom essay writing services
  • Term paper writing services
  • Lab report writing services

1. Thesis Writing Services

Lots of online essay writing platforms would make you believe that they are competent enough to handle your thesis assignment. As a result, it could be difficult to choose correctly. However, at EssayWritingNZ, their writers are experts in writing a thesis and are guaranteed to have your thesis assignment done properly and promptly.

2. Ph.D. Thesis Writing Services

The writers of this essay writing platform are well equipped to write you the best dissertation you can get anywhere for your Ph.D. program. Their specialist would ensure that your assignments are written according to the requirements and promptly ahead of the deadline. Before you are presented with the finished homework, it goes through thorough cross-checking to ensure that it is plagiarism-free and without grammatical errors.

3. Dissertation Writing Services

As a student, writing dissertations is a crucial part of your academic activities.

However, it could be difficult to have such an assignment done yourself. With the help of their professional writers, you are guaranteed to end up with well-written dissertations. Therefore, your grades would be impacted positively if you choose their services for your upcoming dissertations.

4. Ph.D. Dissertation Writing Services

Writing a Ph.D. dissertation could be a difficult task for you, but with the assistance of this platform’s writing specialists, you’re assured of success. All you need to do is to ensure that you provide them with the appropriate resources as stated in your Dissertation assignments. Their writers would ensure that your homework is up to par which would assist you in improving your grades.

Besides that, before assignments are submitted to customers, the EssayWritingNZ editing team examines them thoroughly for plagiarism or grammatical errors.

5. Law Essay Writing Services

You would certainly be caught up with lots of academic activities during school hours, and writing a law essay could be stressful. At EssayWritingNZ, you are guaranteed the best solution for your Law essays.

Therefore, you would not need to worry about the extensive research and critical thinking that comes with writing such an essay. As long as you provide their writers with the appropriate resources, your success is guaranteed.

6. Custom Essay Writing Services

Getting proper custom essay writing help isn’t as difficult and expensive as you think. This platform provides students all over New Zealand with quality custom essay assignments, so you are guaranteed top-notch essays if you use their services. Its team of essay writing specialists would ensure that the assignment is up to your academic level.

Therefore, you should employ their services for your upcoming homework.

7. Term Paper Writing Services

You won’t need to worry about completing your term papers before the deadline if you hire a specialist on EssayWritingNZ. This platform has a reputation for providing students in colleges and high schools with proper term paper essays.

Yours won’t be an exception because every assignment goes through a series of thorough assessments before they are presented to the respective clients. Therefore, you are given 100% quality assurance if you use their services.

8. Lab Report Writing Services

Writing a lab report is entirely different from writing a regular essay. It requires exceptional writing skills, deep knowledge of the course, and the research techniques of an expert writer to get you better grades.

EssayWritingNZ offers the right level of specialists and features to handle such an assignment properly and promptly. Therefore, you can confidently assign your lab reports to them and expect nothing below high quality.

Who Will Find This Platform Useful?

This platform is operated to give students in high schools comprehensive essays and the best homework help possible. Aside from that, college students who use this platform exclusively have the assurance of better grades and smooth social lives.

Pricing at Essay Writing NZ


Although this EssayWritingNZ offers high-quality writing services, they are affordable for every student. Besides that, it is cheaper compared to most top-tier essay writing platforms. So you can save your money for other personal needs.

How Much Does EssayWritingNZ Cost?

Using this platform for your essay assignments will cost you between $14.24 to $66.47 if you want a page of writing ready in 3 hours. However, it would cost you more if you want it done faster. You can contact their customer support for more information on the EssayWritingNZ coupon.

The EssayWritingNZ pricing for essay assignments is as follows:

  • 11 days deadline: $14.24 to $18.99
  • 8 days deadline: $17.09 to $22.79
  • 6 days deadline: $$19.94 to $26.59
  • 5 days deadline: $22.79 to $30.38
  • 4 days deadline: $25.64 to $34.18
  • 40 hours deadline: $28.49 to $37.98
  • 30 hours deadline: $31.33 to $41.78
  • 20 hours deadline: $35.61 to $47.48
  • 10 hours deadline: $42.73 to $56.98
  • 6 hours deadline: $49.85 to $66.47

How is The Price Calculated?

The price of your assignment would be determined by the complexity and volume of the task you present your chosen writer with. Besides that, if the target time is less than normal, you would be charged extra.

What Payment Options Are Available?

EssayWritingNZ accepts payments in New Zealand Dollars. However, you can visit the institution’s website for comprehensive information about their payment options.

Online Learning Platform Proofreading and Editing Services Pricing
EssayWritingNZ Very affordable
EduBirdie Affordable but not as cheap as EssayWritingNZ
EssayPro Affordable
PaperOwl Not too expensive

Quality of Services

This essay writing platform makes use of state-of-the-art writing features required to help students with their assignments. Their editors make use of plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, and citation creators to examine homework solutions before they are presented to the respective clients.

Who Will Help You On This Platform? Are They Qualified?

EssayWritingNZ only employs experienced writing specialists to help students with their homework. Their writers are qualified enough to get you better grades regardless of your academic level.

Any Guarantees?

You are guaranteed to have your assignment submitted to you within the agreed time frame. Besides that, you are assured of having an essay that is free of plagiarism and grammatical errors if you assign your assignments to their writers.

Student Feedback and Reputation reviews show that their customer support services are very helpful and polite. They are always available to handle inquiries appropriately, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.





  • Their writers are qualified enough to handle all kinds of essays.
  • The institution's website has a friendly interface that allows easy navigation.
  • The Essay Writing NZ reviews show that their services are affordable enough for students in high school and colleges
  • Plagiarism proofs are not accessible to clients.
  • You can't contact their customer support through phone calls but through emails.

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