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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 06, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

There are many online portals and websites that offer academic content creation services for students, and one of them is easy esay. is a popular website among the student community and other online writing services, where they can order academic content online easily. This website hosts an array of services and multiple writing formats that the students can choose from, to decide what they want and how they want it to be presented.

There are many factors that we take into consideration before reviewing a website or a platform. The basics are:

  • Quality of the content received
  • Plagiarism and proof-reading after the content is received
  • Overall speed and service of the website
  • Ease of access for the students on the website
  • Design and layout of the website
  • Cost and payment of the services

After judging a website through these parameters, we decide whether the website is good enough or bad for the students who seek academic content online. Today we will review easyessay. This Easy Essay Review will help you to analyze various pros and cons, features and services provided on the website and make you independent and aware enough to take a decision of outsourcing your university work to them or not.

There are more than one ways of choosing and selecting a service online, and one of the best is to read reviews that clearly define and precisely state why a service is good or bad. But then, not all reviews are to be trusted either, because many websites pay professional writers to write paid reviews that talk highly about them and many other websites use their own in-house writers to create content to popularize them online.

Hence, the best way to choose an online essay writing service is by putting some money at stake! This might sound crazy but it is helpful and resourceful in nature. $10 might not be a big amount for you right now, but imagine the amount that you will end up saving after spending this amount to test whether a website is genuine or not. You can sacrifice this money and order a small piece online. Only through one sample of content, you can clearly judge how good or bad a service is. Apart from reading online reviews and forums, this is a foolproof and solid method of testing a website online for the quality of their content, the services they provide and the speed with which they work.

If a website cannot deliver for the $10 content on time, or they compromise the quality of it, or let’s say they do not care about the requirements you mentioned, you can understand what they can do to the larger contents. You will definitely not order a $500 thesis report from them for sure! But it is only this $10 that helped you save those $500. Think this way – by wasting a small amount, you are saving big amounts. Sometimes, it’s not only about making profits in life, it’s also about ‘preventing’ losses.

While many students think essay are easy, for many they are not. Many students do not have the time, the creativity and the writing streak in them that can help them craft something quickly and submit it to their guides or mentors. This is the reason why they prefer online services. But you must also understand that many online services are fake and fraudulent in nature that does nothing but dupes money from students. Essay org is also a popular website through which students order a lot of content online every year, let us review their website, services, features and more:

The first look attheir website tells you a lot about their services and the kind of work they do. You can clearly judge that they provide academic content, and they have also given a calculator on the extreme right to calculate the amount you will have to pay to get the service of your choice. In that calculator, you must fill some basic requirements like the service you want (essay, lab-report, thesis or dissertation and more), the number of pages or words you want to include in your content, and finally, select the deadline in which you want your content delivered.

The interface of the website is clear. There are no confusing elements or words, that misguide or mislead the student. Everything is clearly defined and designed to help you navigate quickly and better on the website.

They have a specific section marked ‘Why Choose Us?’, under which they have briefly stated some facts about them: only high-quality papers, 1000+ professional writers, 100% secure payment,and only plagiarism free papers.

They have a separate section of customer testimonials under which they have stated various reviews of their customers about the quality of their services.

Another interesting feature about this website is that they offer discounts and offers to students on their platform. Not every service can provide you with some discount. But you also can find some on or They have a separate tab titled ‘discounts’ under which you can see various packages specially designed for students with special needs. If you need between 15 to 50 pages, you can get 5% discount on the services by choosing their silver package, and for more than a hundred pages you can choose platinum package where you will get 15% lifetime discount.

There are also many pros and cons of using Easy-Essay. org for outsourcing your writing requirements.

  • Plagiarism free papers and essays – One of the main concerns of the students who order content online is the scope of copying or plagiarism. It is taken seriously in colleges and universities and if found copying, the student can not only be asked to repeat the semester, but he can also be black-listed from the college for a couple of years. It will not only destroy a student’s career but will also put their entire life into jeopardy. This is a huge responsibility that the student puts on the online community, and easy essay respects this responsibility well.
  • High Quality Content – They have a really high-quality content delivered at the end of the assignment completion. They do not compromise on the quality as they work according to the deadline. This is the best feature of this website so far.
  • Discounts, Offers and More – This website has a lot to offer to students than just academic content. A lot of other online websites, forums and platforms do not offer any discounts to any students, but they have specifically created packages as per the needs and requirements of the students. Depending upon the length of the content you require, you can avail discounts on the order you place.
  • Respectfor deadlines – The deadlines on this platform are respected and they deliver well before the submission date that you decide. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that you should assign your work well in advance to the writer so that there is enough time for them to complete your work with proper quality. You should not burden the easy essay writer with a lot of content to be completed within a short-duration of time.
  • Writing in many formats – There are many formats like MLA, APA, and Chicago in which you are asked to submit your paper, and you can request the writers to write in any format you want to. But these requests must be made before you submit everything.
  • Low Cost – The cost and price of the content hereare competitive and better than on many other websites. Unlike those who overcharge students for even a small content, Easy-Essay. org charges nominal rates and also provides discounts to the students.
  • No communication with the writer – A big disadvantage of this website is that your work gets automatically assigned to the writer randomly. You can’t know if the writer who is doing your work is an expert inthat domain or not. This can pose a big problem at the end when you receive your final work.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee – This website does not offer any refund or money-back guarantee to the students. But you do not need suchfacilities if you receive good quality satisfactory content already!
  • Research required – A lot of research is required before you assign your work to a writer online. You should do proper research and craft your requirements clearly enough so that the writer is not confused and creates something that syncs up with your requirements.
  • Quality can be compromised – Quality is usually the top-most priority of any website while creating academic content, but if you do not give a lot of time to the writer to complete the assignment, it is natural that your quality will be compromised.
  • Advance Payment – Since a lot of students do not make payment after receiving the content, so advance payment is another con of this platform. Advance payment may seem like a hassle, but actually,it is done to ensure that the work they are doing is sold and not wasted at the end of everything.
  • Customer Support – Customer support of this website is not as effective, responsive and quick as it should be. They do resolve the issues but take time to do so.
My verdict
Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Easy-Essay

Given the pros and cons of, we noticed that the pros outweigh the cons. For an average-quality academic paper they are good. But maybe you should check our other writing services reviews to find the best one. We do recommend as an affordable and good service, but do not expect your essay to be top notch.

10 reviews

If you get a paper from here it will be written by an obvious non-native speaker of English.
You’d expect that to be disappointing but salvageable by just rewriting what they wrote in your own natural English, but the content is also totally worthless.

I had my paper written by them and I would compare their “high quality” work to that of high quality work for a 4th grader. I had to go through the whole paper and correct almost every sentence for its grammar and its misspelt words. Also whoever wrote my paper did not know the difference between the words helps and makes.

As for the quality I could give Easy Essay 5 points from 5, as for the service – 3 from 5. So, it is my conclusion!

I wish I could change my decision about to choose some another service, but it is ok, nothing to complain about. I got what I needed but had some questions about the service and customer support. Please, I ask you to improve it! Everything should be in time!

This site is terrible, from writing quality to customer service. What they produce is high-school quality max, and they are completely incapable of following directions when you ask for a revision. I saw no evidence that they actually read any of the info I uploaded to help write the papers. My papers were late and I had to rewrite them from scratch anyway. No money back from easy-essay, even though they say they have a guarantee. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!

This is probably on of the worst essay writing service I ever used. The writer easyessay assigned me lives in India, his grammar is soooo bad. When I required a refund they just stood me up, I never received money I paid back. Essay from these guys won’t be accepted by any teacher.

It is hard to catch up with studying when you both study and work. Thanks easy-essay, you make my life easier!

Gauging by the word/phrase choices and poor sentence structure it is clear to me that the writer was not a native English speaker. There were even some typos in the final delivered work.
Overpriced for the quality of writer I was paired with.

You are professionals, Easy-essay service, thank you. But, please, check you customer support service working hours!