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Table of contents

Table of contents

By Alina Burakova fb Jul 06, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

With the inclusion of the internet and technology in almost every field and domain now, it has become important and vital part of student life. Students rely so heavily on the internet and services provided on it that even a college assignment seems difficult to do without it. May it be cross-checking and proofreading the assignment or may it be plagiarism check, everything is now easily done online. But with so many checks and hacks available online, it has also become mandatory for the students to come up with original and 100% plagiarism free content for their submissions.

That is where a lot of professional online writing services and portals have stepped in and started providing services to the students at low costs. When it comes to any service for students, the cost is the most important factor to consider, because many students cannot afford expensive services, as they have student loans on them as well as are doing part-time jobs. That is why any service for students must be low in cost, and then consist of other advantages!

Considering this as the most vital thing in a service, domyessay came up with a portal to help students with their academic content writing assignments. If you check the internet for domyessay reviews, you will find a mix of positive and negative reviews, and that is where customers are confused, because nothing on the internet is genuine anymore. A lot of reviews are paid and fake, hence, we decided to try out the services for ourselves.

Here are some salient features of this website that we came across while trying the service for ourselves:

The website has a clean and clear interface which is easy to browse for a student, evenfor a first-timer. You do not get confused anywhere on their website as everything is precisely mentioned and segregated.

The services they provide are cheaper than their counterparts and competitors. They do not provide ‘cheap’ services per se, but their services are definitely affordable and pocket-friendly for students, the same as service for example.

The delivery time was quick as we received the content within 48 hours of ordering. They did not delay the delivery, nor compromise on the wordcount or formatting of the essay.

Considering if you are in a hurry and need something written quickly for submission, they are the best option, because they will come up with something much better than what you can craft within the time you have!

They have professional online writers on board who thoroughly research the content before writing. This was clearly visible in the content we received and the content that we asked for. All our requirements were taken care of and met.

The content was 100% original and plagiarism free. We can say that with a confirmation because we ran double-checks on the content through copy-scape and it came out clean both times! Which means that they write the content from scratch.

These are some of the features that we came across, as well as the inconveniences that we want to share for you to consider carefully.

  • 100% money back guarantee – They guarantee you a refund if you do not like the quality of the content or if your requirements are not met. However, this feature might be rarely used, considering the quality and speed with which they work!
  • 100% payment security – The information you share on their website is kept confidential and completely secure, and is not shared with anyone, under any circumstances!
  • Quality content – The content is good in quality and decent enough to get you good grades upon submission. The quality might be compromised if you order overnight content or you give them too little time to come up with something decent.
  • Plagiarism free – Their content is 100% original and plagiarism free in nature. You can run the paper through Copy-Scape if you doubt them, and check it for yourself.
  • Professional writers on board – The writers they have on their portal are professional, and most of them are Native English speakers as well, which make them perfect fit for this job! Some writers are working part-time on their network, as they are working full-time as English professors in universities and colleges. What can be a better option than them to get your paper written?
  • Price of a paper – While many websites and online portals overcharge the students for content, they have kept their prices relatively low and affordable for the student community. They understand that many students cannot afford expensive papers, as they are working part-time jobs already to sustain themselves. Hence, they have competitive prices for the content they sell!
  • No interaction with the writer – You cannot know which writer is working on your assignment. There are many websites that allow you to directly interact with the writer before your task is assigned to them, however, here the assignment is assigned randomly to a writer. Hence, the quality and research can be compromised.
  • Average customer support – They do offer a money-back guarantee but their customer support needs a lot of improvement. Also, they don’t have the option of live chat which is readily available on many other competitive websites.
  • Only essays available – While on other academic ghostwriting service portals, you can find a lot of interesting content to order reports, lab-reports, thesis and dissertation reports etc., here you can order only essays.
  • Communicate properly – If you do not communicate your requirements properly, you will be in a loss, as you cannot ask for a refund in this case. Hence, you must be crystal clear in stating your requirements to them, so that no mistake happens, while creating content for your assignment.
  • Terms and Conditions of Refund – If you think you can order something and then get the refund, you are mistaken. A refund is processed only in very specific conditions where you can prove that the error happened on their part.
  • Advance Payment – You can’t pay ‘after’ getting the paper, as they have the concept of advance payment. This is justified in a way that students cannot refuse to pay after getting the paper!
My verdict
Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Domyessay

There are a couple of reasons we recommend This company understands what you need, and the writers of this company try their best to provide you with the highest quality papers. Once you receive the service, you will not look for other writing services.

10 reviews

I had one very good reviewer that did exactly what I needed and the other one that did not even hit close to what I needed. So they are not really good, but at the same time they are not amazing or perfect at revising for sure.

Domyessay writer helped me with everything step by step! I got an excellent maer with the essay they wrote for me, many thanks!

I’m a foregin student and I have some troubles with writing. So I asked Domyessay for a help. They wrote a wonderful essay, thanks

They have helped me a lot (sarcasm). I received B and C and I’m not happy with that. Nobody cares that you are an international student. They assign to many tasks that you have to turn in on time… Surely, I wouldn’t be able to finish them all by myself, but I paid money for that. Could’ve done better domyessay guys!

DoMyEssay helped me to deal with 3 different papers. I’m not sure that I will use their services again, they were not always helpful and not that professional as the should be!

When I had a problem with my essay writing help I realised that I need to find some online service which could help me to pass everything in time. Thank you for that, Domyessay!

I found this service for my son, and I wish to say you thanks, cause he submited his term paper in time and got an excellent mark! I’m happy)

Quick, but lacked quality!
They got the work done quickly and I appreciate the effort, but there were typos and grammatical errors throughout the paper. I paid $90 and expected a submission ready piece. Some of the information had nothing to do with my topic. I was a little disappointed with the quality. Make sure you read through it carefully and confirm sources. But as a whole, the essay was good actually.

If you have no inspiration to write, you look for it. If you don’t have a clue what to write about, like i did.
In my case, I reached a point where I’d completely ran out of ideas for my upcoming assignments. And came to domyessay, but they turned out to be the same. Didn’t have a clue how to help me and when they sent me my task, I thought it was a joke.