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Table of contents

Table of contents

By Alina Burakova fb Aug 07, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

With changing times, demands and requirements of college professors, guides, and mentors have also changed. Earlier they used to demand hand-written essays and content from students as a part of their assignment but now they demand properly typed, formatted and contextual papers that are not copied from anywhere on the internet. Now there are many writing services that can write you such papers without copy-paste.

When the internet was not so common, it was easy for students to copy and paste the content from the web. But now, with technologies becoming more sophisticated and the internet becoming highly common and easy to use for students, it has become tougher to copy things, as much high-end software that check the plagiarism of the text are now in the market. Teachers and professors use that software to find plagiarism, and if found more than 10% (or 20% in some cases), the student is expelled from the institute or some strict action is taken against him!

Thus, entire career and future of the student depend upon the assignments and submissions that they deliver during their college days. Professors have become overly strict and serious and also demand the same from their students.

There are many students who cannot do assignments on time due to more than one reasons. While some are not so expert and proficient in writing, some are indulged into part-time jobs and they need those jobs to support themselves. Especially the international students who come from poor or mediocre backgrounds. Such students have also taken student loans to support their education, thus they don’t find enough time to complete an assignment to a level that can help them score amazing grades. They can only complete it somehow and manage to pass in the subjects. But as we all know, good jobs only come to those who score good grades.

Keeping this notion in mind, there are many online services and web portals that started offering academic writing services to the students, as well as pre-written assignments. A pre-written essay is something that you can buy immediately if you do not have much time at hand to order a custom essay. Assignment doer is one of such websites that offer such simple facilities to the students at low prices.

Cost is another factor that is to be considered, because most of the students who need assignments from online freelancers are the students who cannot do that themselves, and are coming from humble backgrounds. They need those assignments at low costs and they can’t afford to pay high prices.

On the internet, you will find many assignment doer reviews that either vouch for the website or speak against it. But how do you know which one to trust? That is why we bring you an honest and genuine review of AssignmentDoer, through which you will be independent enough to choose the services from them, and decide whether you want them to do your academic papers or not.

At AssignmentDoer you can pay professionals to do your assignments and papers, while you focus on your job or relax with your friends and family. One look at their website and you can take out the following insights from it:

The website design is not modern or clean as on… But that is least of the priorities, considering the fact that it is not a design agency but an academic writing service!
On the website,they have clearly explained their features and services, and you can see the top menu has following options – about us, services, prices, FAQs, order-now, login, blog, and contact  This is their primary menu that tells the user briefly about the main feature of the website. On services tab, you can see various services listed in a drop-down menu, including – assignment writing service, essay writing service, homework assignment, essay help service, assignment help, etc.

Coming to the next and most important section of this review, there are major pros and cons of using this website:

  • You can get 100% expert and professional writers to work on your assignment. The writers that are selected on the platform are chosen through a careful selection and filtering criteria. Many writers on AssignmentDoer are also native English speakers.
  • You can receive your work within the time-frame that you give them. They take deadlines pretty seriously and you will not get your work later than the decided date. You just need to be patient and trust their service!
  • They offer multiple services including – essay writing, assignment writing, thesis and dissertation writing, research proposal, book review etc.
  • They have the provision of overnight delivery as well. If you are in an urgency, you can order an essay within 24 hours, and it will be delivered to you!
  • The quality of the content is high and better than most of their competitor websites.
  • There is no plagiarism in the content. They write 100% original content from scratch.
  • The prices that AssignmentDoer offers are higher comparing to other services offered by competitive websites and online portals. They also offer a 20% discount for first-timers and new users.
  • The prices that they charge depend upon various factors – from deadline to word count to formatting style in which you want your content to be written. Let’s say if you want an essay of 10 pages in single-spacing (around 550 words in one page), then you have to pay around $250 for 10 days, and if you need it within 24 hours, you might have to pay mighty $500 for that! Hence, AssignmentDoer is in no way cheaper or inexpensive.
  • You will have to make entire payment in advance. You cannot choose to make payment after receiving the work because many students then refuse to pay.
  • There is no money-back or refund guarantee on AssignmentDoer. Once you have paid the money, you cannot demand it back even if the work you have received is not up to your satisfaction level.
  • There is no way you can communicate with the writer or choose who is going to work on your assignment, while there are many websites that allow the customer to interact with the writer or choose the writer they want to work with.
My verdict
Don’t Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit AssignmentDoer is not the worst writing service, but we can not recommend it. If you examine the pros and cons, you will notice that the cons outweigh. If you want to make better use of your money, you should try to find a company that can really meet your requirements. We advise you to avoid and check our other review to find a better writing service.

10 reviews
Fletcher says:

Assignmentdoer is bad as service. It’s biggest issue which will always threaten its success is the quality and unprofessional writers. I ordered many times through assignmentdoer and I can say that most it’s writers are not doing the right thing. They don’t look thoroughly to the topic or do much research. Their work I think suits only for Junior School, surely not College or even High School.

konstantin says:

Thanks, for your total support


Phil says:

Many thanks, assignmentdoer, but please, check your customer support service, it seems your workers aren’t really interested in the customers!

Vasy says:

Hey, I wish to say thank you, assignmentdoer. You saved my student life))

Mercedes says:

I shoulda seen this review before, cause everything that happened to me with that service had been detailed here. No money back – true, essay was overpriced – true, and with all that i paid all 700$ in advance and now I ain’t getting them back.

Jonny says:

Thank you .. but I had some problems with my writer, he didn’t catch my idea and made some mistakes. That is why I got “B” instead of “A”. I’m not satisfied at all.

Axel says:

Affordablepapers team, you need to make your price lit lower I guess. Too expensive!

Kaelyn says:

This website is not legit. They get my money and gave me papers that don’t even make sense and said no refund. Go someone else, there are so many different professional services.

Arely Chandler says:

Completely depressed by the service as I got a really bad quality document due to which I got an “F” in my project. The writer was unable to write in a professional manner and I was unable to amend it as work was delivered to me after my given deadline. Please refrain from using assignmentdoer. Thank you.

Alfredo says:

The prices for the services are very high as the quality is nowhere near perfection. They are just took money from my pockets. As they did not provide a quality work and no refund as they say.