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By Alina Burakova fb Jun 30, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Have you ever thought about why there is so much buzz about creating a StandOut CV? A CV is like your passport that proves your identity, but it proves that you are a good professional in your field.

You need to write a good CV to advertise yourself effectively in the competitive job market. An outstanding resume is a good investment in your future career. However, not all people are good at writing CVs or can accurately describe their advantages.

The good news is that many professional writing services can help create a StandOut CV. You need to identify which services can and which can’t represent you as the best candidate for your dream job.

StandOut CV reviews can help you choose writing services to fit your requirements. Automated CV builder can’t do this job well because it doesn’t consider the nuances of this specific writing.

Here I offer some criteria that will help you evaluate the best CV writing service out there.

Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, you may need different types of CVs. As a rule, professionals distinguish between chronological, functional, combination, infographic, targeted, non-traditional, mini CV, and profile CV.

All of them target different goals and can be used to make an outstanding impression on employers. For example, you can use a chronological CV if you have vast working experience and need to list all the jobs you had in the past.

A functional CV is the best option for those candidates who had gaps in their careers or changed several activities. This type of resume focuses on the skills and working experiences of a candidate.

Combination CV contains the features of both chronological and functional types. At the beginning of it, you should list your skills and then mark out your working experience, starting with the most recent employment.

Using an infographic CV is preferable when you apply for a creative job. Designers or fashion experts will appreciate this. Profile CV speaks for itself: it’s a summary of an applicant’s basic skills and experiences. This type of resume can help candidates having short work experience like recent graduates.

If you’re applying for one specific job, you will need to write a targeted CV where you specify only skills and work experiences applicable for a particular job. This will help employers select the candidates fitting their demands easily, increasing your chances of being hired.

A non-traditional CV is a good idea if you’re a journalist or a representative of other creative professions. It may involve video, graphs, graphics, or images.

Mini-resume briefly contains highlights of your past careers and qualifications. This type of CV is perfect when you visit fairs offering jobs and give your resume to many employers.

Skilled professionals writing from veteran resume writing services can handle any of these resumes and represent their clients at best. Finding a good CV writing service can help solve the problem with a CV or resume.

On the website, this resume writing service offers a package that costs £69 that involves professional writing services provided by one of the experienced writers, consultation regarding resumes, a guarantee of getting a unique CV, professional formatting, keyword optimization, persuasive language, and up to three free revisions. You can contact this service during the workdays (from Monday to Friday).

StandOut CV will not be featured in the top legal resume writing service reviews as they do not hire CV writers specialised in particular industries like the services listed.

Consultation during your CV completion will help target recruiters. This resume writing service guarantees that your CV will be unique because your personal assigned writer will write it from scratch. Professional style and formatting are guaranteed as well.

Besides, your CV will be optimized by keywords. This means that employers searching for candidates can easily find your resume when they enter certain keywords like professionalism in a certain field or experience. Persuasive language is something difficult to achieve when writing a CV. Professional writers can do it better.

Also, three revisions are available if you’re not satisfied with the CV quality.

I failed to find any information regarding payment methods I can use to pay for this service. They did not inform me about payment methods, and I think this should be clear once a client browses the website.

I have many claims regarding CV quality. The CV I’ve got was badly written with no persuasive language and poorly formatted. My writer used no business language that I will have to adapt by myself. As soon as I placed this CV, I’ve got no responses from employers and found no interview invitations in a week. These facts speak for themselves: this writing service does not work.

I should mention here that this company is relatively new, and they’re in a good way. It may seem that this service isn’t reliable, but for me, it was okay as they satisfied some of my requirements related to my resume.

Regarding the balance between price and quality, I think they ask an unreasonable price for this service quality. Also, they provide guarantees typical for professional resume writing services: timely delivery and high-quality CVs.

Furthermore, they offer consultation via email or phone, depending on what type of support you choose. I run my CV through the online plagiarism checker, and it showed 80% of uniqueness.

Three revisions are part of your package. So, you can ask your writer to revise your CV if you don’t like some parts. I’ve got my CV in three days. I was not in a hurry. Therefore, I was satisfied with this turnaround time. For me, it was quick enough.

Unfortunately, the support service was not available. When I ordered my CV, they promised to contact me in 1 day. I only specified my email on the website, but I don’t understand why it takes so long for them to contact me.

As this business is highly competitive, I don’t understand why I can’t contact either a support team or a resume writer when I have time to do it. I think this is the major disadvantage of this service.

The support team should be available during working hours, but I experienced something different. Many similar services like, for instance, offer 24/7 support, but not this one. Read more in Resume Planet reviews that customers share on our website.

As well as in the case of customer service, I should express my concerns regarding the usability of this website. Although the website contains some useful information about CV packages available and tips related to job search, it lacks important payment information.

It took some time for me to find which payment method they accept. I spent around 30 minutes searching for this information. In my opinion, it should be visible once one enters this website. Their job search tips were not very useful for me, however.

If you are looking for professional CV writers and tons of helpful advice, check Top CV. Still not sure? Read TopCV reviews from customers to find more about this resume writing service.

Among the services offered on the website, I found CV and resume writing, revision of LinkedIn profile, and writing cover letters. My writer was unprofessional because I’ve got a poor resume, although I have a lot of working experience. Also, I used the option of consulting by email.

  • Reasonable price – I think they charge a reasonable price for the products they offer. The quality of writing justifies the price. It’s neither low nor high; this service is just priced correctly.
  • Average quality – The quality of the document I received did not exceed my expectations: average narration, writing manner, and not much information about my work experience. My writer described my professional skills well, and I received no job propositions the same week I placed my resume on the job-seeking websites.
  • Easy registration process – you need to enter your email into the emerging window and attach your document that needs to be checked. The writer makes suggestions regarding your resume based on what you need.
  • Experienced writers – I liked the way my writer communicated with me. She was just average in writing, but I appreciate her efforts to make my resume.
  • Wide variety of products – you can check what products are included in your package. The list of other services is available on the website. So, if you need other services, check this list and choose the service you need.
  • The uniqueness of CV (no plagiarism) – I received a unique document. So, it was not plagiarized. It was created specifically for me, considering my particular requirements, style, and type of resume I needed.
  • Insufficient website usability – sometimes it took time to understand where I should find what I need.
  • Lack of using online payment methods – a greater variety of payment methods should be proposed. I paid with my Visa card, but I would prefer to use my account for online payments.
  • Lack of 24/7 support – customers can’t access website staff at any time. If they want to expand globally, having 24/7 support is a good idea. This will help attract customers globally to give more opportunities to people living in other world countries.
  • Lack of urgent services – I had enough time to wait till my CV is complete, but sometimes people need it urgently. I don’t know whether this website provides last minutes CV. Some customers prefer to use this service.
  • Lack of information about payment methods – it’s not easy to understand which payment methods are accepted by this company. It would be better if they place this information on the website home page.
  • Lack of online consulting – they provide only email and phone consultations but no online support. I think it would be perfect if they have.
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Standout CV

Overall, I have an average experience with this website except for a few advantages. The website looks nice, but it lacks usability. It should be improved. Price was quite reasonable, and this is one of the main points for customers. Also, the turnaround time was viable. If I wrote it by myself, I would spend around one week or even more.

I do not recommend this website for candidates searching for different jobs online as there are much better options for job seekers to pick from.

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I want to express my gratitude to standout-cv service who has been my preferred writer for the since I started using your services! The writer has been the secret behind my good grades and constantly provides me with well researched papers that are perfectly written.


Pleasure working with Standout CV! They really know how to write a CV to ensure the most appropriate skills and experience are highlighted. My phone has not stopped ringing for roles and interviews. I am starting a new role within a month of getting my profile updated – thank you!

Marlon Montgomery

On requesting a review of my CV, there was a speedy response from them. It was great to speak to someone who understood what I did but more importantly he understands the recruiter’s perspective and builds your CV based on that insight. They gave me an excellent advice and reduced my ‘War & Peace’ CV down to a hard working 2 pager. I highly recommend this excellent service.


Wow! I’am quite pleased with the resume you made for me! Where have you guys been all this time? I have been using other cv writing companies in the past and I must say that your service is very good!


I am writing this note to say I am very satisfied with standout-cv service ! I highly recommend your affordable and high quality services .The work is exceptional and I go my new job with your help Thank you!


I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent Interview Coaching they provided me. Their attention to detail, great communication skills, made the experience even better than I expected. They opened my eyes to things I did not know about interviews. I fell much more confident for my next interview.


I have worked with them on making sure my Resume and other online presence truly reflected my experience, career progress and commitment to my profession. The communication with them was flawless and he was always able to quickly identify the most crucial points and messages and developed them. 5/5