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How to Put Series 7 on Resume

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People have many doubts and concerns when writing a resume, especially if they are doing it for the first time. Some of the doubts they have are how to structure the resume or how to put family business on resume. Logically, everyone wants to make his resume unique and outstanding. But, what if you can add something more that will split you from the mass of other candidates?

Have you ever gotten an idea of putting a series 7 on resume? If not, then reading this article is going to help you a lot! Achievable review offers expert reviews for GRE, SIE and GMAT. We have plenty resources to help you succeed on your exam. Visit us today!

If the phrase “series 7” seems unfamiliar to you, then you have probably heard about it under the name General Securities Representative Qualification Examination. It is the type of FINRA exam that determines and measures your general securities representative competency. Fortunately, the passing score is around 70%, so getting this license is not difficult if you are ready to improve your knowledge.

In this article, you will find out why you should highlight your possession of GS and how to list series 7 on resume. Let’s find out together!

Should You Put Series 7 On Resume?

For starters, let’s explain why submitting a series 7 resume is a good idea!

Every person that applies for a job in a financial or economic field should highlight this license. If you possess series 7, that means you have the approval to sell securities. Despite that, it also confirms that you are a skilled financial investor. Keep in mind that many employers look for people with that skill.

You can especially benefit from series 7 as a financial advisor that works in the stock market. These licenses are equally valuable as a diploma that you get after graduating. Why would you miss such an opportunity?

Where to Put Series 7 on Resume?

Another doubt that people have is where to put security clearance on resume. Generally speaking, if series 7 is beneficial for you, then putting it in a visible place is a mandatory thing. However, it is not the point to “overdo” it. Because of that, we would like to highlight two ways how you can complete this part of the job.

Put Series 7 In the Summary of the Resume

Every resume starts with a summary where you need to introduce yourself in a couple of sentences. Sometimes, candidates want to highlight a bit more about themselves in the first section of the document. If you can’t make that part shorter, using a bullet list can be a smart move. We suggest you check out the example below.

Source: resumepower

However, every candidate should strive to put conferences on resume summary as short as possible. There is no need to write down a bunch of long and unclear sentences that will make the beginning of your resume boring and hard to read.

Instead of that, add that piece of information with no personal pronouns. Name the certifying body that provided you with the license, a say a few words about your career goals or present profession. That will give an idea to the hiring manager of who you are and why you deserve his attention.

P.S. There is no need to add dates here!

You Can Include Series 7 In Education/Certification Section

For starters, we invite you to check out the example before reading the remaining part of this section. It will be easier to get an idea of how series 7 resume should look.

Source: resume-resource

As you see, another option you have is to talk about series 7 in the education/certificate section. One option that you have is to put this before the experience section. That especially counts if a series 7 license is crucial for your career. Remember what we said – in those cases, series 7 needs to be in an extremely visible place.

Yet, there is one thing that if need to highlight here. If you plan to name this section “certificate”, then you need to add one more H3 to that part. Keep in mind that series 7 is a license (not certification). Apply the structure you see in the example above.

Finally, how to put series 7 on resume if you have more than one license? The more licenses you have, the chances of getting a job will be bigger. However, series 7 should be in the first place (once again check the example). In that way, you will ensure that the hiring manager won’t miss that information.

Add Series 7 As a Skill

There is another way how you can list series 7 on resume. Believe it or not, you can also add it in a relevant skill section. However, it is essential that you apply the same piece of advice we provided for the licenses. If you want to add more than 1 relevant skill, then the series 7 license should be the first one.

It would be good to separate all the skills with a bullet list. An example below is an ideal way how to finish the job. Check it out!


When You Should NOT Mention Series 7

Answering this question is pretty simple. Writing a series 7 resume is unnecessary when you won’t raise your chances of getting a job. That rule counts for all the companies that work outside of the financial field.


The purpose of this article is simple – series 7 needs to be highlighted in some visible place. It is up to you whether you will do that in a summary, skill, or knowledge/certificate section. Apply all the pieces of advice you could read here!

But, there is one thing you should remember! Bing Gordon, a video game executive, said a smart thing in one of his interviews. He said :

“I read resume upside down, starting from personal interests. If the person does not have interesting interests, he won’t manage to be creative”.

You now know how to list series 7 on resume, but that doesn’t mean you will certainly get a job. As the majority of the resume writers note, pay attention to other details of your resume as they are equally important!


Does a Series 7 License Expire?

As a reminder, the Series 7 education is continuing. Everyone who possesses this license needs to go through the online training session every 2 or 3 years. You can always get more information from FINRA’s website and ensure that you don’t miss the deadlines.

How Do I Put a Series 7 License on My Resume?

Putting it in a summary is mandatory. Speaking of other sections of the resume, you can put it either in the skill section or the education/certificate section. In case you decide on the second option, add a new H3 under the name “personal licenses”

Can I Get a Job with a Series 7?

Your chances of getting a job will raise. Yet, keep in mind that other characteristics equally matter!


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