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EIT on Resume: How to Put It on Your Documents?

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EIT is usually mentioned in the part of certifications and just after your name. If you have not been successful in the FE test and are lacking the EIT title, then you can place it in the Education segment. The EIT can also be included in the section of the Awards.

Who is EIT?

It simply means Engineer in Training. It is a body in the United States that is charged with the responsibility of certifying a person after the successful completion of the two requirements:

  • Completed and passed the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and surveying test on the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam. A person is normally awarded an EIT (Engineer-in-training) or an EI (Engineer intern) after completing the examination and passing well. The state board is the one responsible for this particular task. These two awards i.e. EI and EIT differ with a specific state. Engineer Intern could also mean that a person is working as an intern but still a student in college.
  • Completed a 3-year program in post-secondary school. This program is accredited and confirmed by the board. The EIT does the work of designing being supervised and directed by a Professional Engineer. The Professional Engineer is responsible for stamping, designs sealing, and providing public services.

An EIT in Canada is the one who has completed the requirements of Education but lacks enough experience. A professional Engineer ensures smooth supervision of the Engineering work done by an Engineer-in-training. EIT is permitted to use the name Engineer on the condition that they also indicate it on their name or title.

The program is to be enrolled by university graduates who have just graduated recently and have the needed registration requirements in the area of study.

The Engineer in Training test is basically the two exams that you will undertake before proceeding to acquire a license in professional Engineering. One should ensure that he indicates the name graduate Engineer on the documents that are official or business cards. After being certified, one now uses the title EIT.

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The program assists engineering graduates with guidance. The students undertake this program that takes 48hours and they acquire enough experience. They then qualify to get a license and accredited.

Being an EIT comes with a number of benefits. These include:

  1. A chance to take part in LinkedIn discussion groups where one engages in discussions with PEO members.
  2. One gets a chance of being a member of the Ontario society of professional Engineers. Also, one is now allowed to involve oneself with services like insurance plans and the Centre for the online career.
  3. One is able to reach the online portal for PEO.
  4. Freedom to take part in the licensure Assistance program of PEO.
  5. A chance to be present at PEO seminars.
  6. Receiving annual work experience reviews.

Those who qualify to apply for the program are the ones who have a degree from a CEAB accredited program. The applicants should check their eligibility on a certain section of the application form. Interested applicants should write a request addressed to the admissions representative for consideration.

A non-CEAB school applicant is also worthy to join the EIT program only when one has met the licensing requirements. The requirements are advocated for by the Academics Requirements committee.

The EIT program is not responsible for offering people any workstation but provides a platform for them to be present at events where there is a network of influential professional engineers.

How to Put EIT On Resume – The Best Ways


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The certifications section is where to put EIT on resume and it is just after the name. One can as well add it in the Awards section. After being successful in the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam, what follows is how you are going to add it on your resume, in your journey of job searching.

Adding an EIT on your resume truly demonstrates to the employers that you performed well in the FE examination. This means that you are headed to acquiring a license of being a professional Engineer. (PE). How you will add an EIT on the resume will entirely rely on the certification condition and the type of job you are in search of.

The following are the ways on how EIT can be put on a resume:

  • Putting an EIT after the name.

You are allowed to put it after the name if you have acquired a license of a certified EIT. There is no need of indicating it in any part of the resume.

It should be noted that the Acronym (PE) for Professional Engineer should be used in lieu of EIT. THE abbreviations should be accompanied by a full stop at the end. With this method, the employer will get to know that you possess a certification in EIT.

  • Putting EIT on your certificate part.

You may want to provide more EIT resume, so you list it aside your other certificates. This will assist you in adding the certification number for it and the state plus the date you acquired it. In a scenario where your resume is missing the certifications part, go ahead and make one. Then put it under the section of your education. Putting it on resume is simple and also adding it in the cerfiticate. The certifications are listed in order in the created certification part. Proceed to adding your certification of EIT on the resume.

Begin by mentioning “Engineer in Training” since there are states that lack the certification number. Then what follows is indicating the state where you acquired the certification and then you finish with the certification month and then the year. You may go ahead and indicate the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam reference number subsequent to the number of certification. It is prudent to indicate the EIT documents.

  • The moment when there is the signing and processing of your certificate.

You remain with two choices on how to put EIT in resume after completing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, graduated but signing and processing is ongoing. These options are:

*After including it in the section of certification or awards in your resume, you can proceed to writing “Available upon Request” if only you are certain and positive that you will be granted the EIT license number instantly. Employers are let to know that you may acquire the EIT certification immediately.

* If you happen to presuppose that it may take a while in order to get the number of EIT certification on resume after indicating it in the section of Awards or certifications, you must instead put ‘Pending’ This will notify the hiring personnel that getting the certification may take longer than usual.

  • Put EIT pending when just about to receive an EIT certification.

In the certification section that you have formed, you can put the certificate as pending. That is if you have not yet been granted with the EIT certificate yet you have done well in the exam.

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If you are sure of when you will receive the certification, you can proceed to add the certification month and the year. However, if you are not certain of when you will get the certification, there is no need of mentioning the date.

Should I Put EIT on the Resume?


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You should definitely include EIT on your resume. How you add it entirely relies on the status of the certification. It is advisable not to include it if you are uncertain of when you will graduate or whether you intend to relocate to another state for work. What will be required is the PE or EIT of that particular state that you have moved to. As soon as you receive it, make sure you add it on your resume.

Once you have received the job in most cases after graduating, the resume having the EIT would be seen by the client.

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EIT on Your LinkedIn

The following is how to go about adding EIT to LinkedIn:

  1. Begin by clicking the icon named Me in the navigation bar located at the top of the page.
  2. Then proceed by clicking view profile.
  3. After clicking a profile, go to add profile section
  4. Move to clicking the icon that is right next to accomplishments.
  5. Proceed to clicking the icon named Add.
  6. Finish all the prompted fields.
  7. Don’t forget to click save.


If you are an upcoming Engineer, you need to find ways to stand out in this competitive world. One of the ways is ensuring you become PE licensed. It is important that the EIT is added on your resume depending on the certification status.

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