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Thinkster Math Review 2020

Price From: $53
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By Alina Burakova fb Jun 30, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

When you are at a crossroad and not sure which one among all of those tutoring online services meets your demand, check Edureviewer. It is here that you get an honest and detailed review of popular platforms. And that means your worry of wasting money is eradicated.

One of the ways we use to determine the value of a platform is pricing – but there is more. We also check payment platforms. One of the major issues with online learning is dealing with unreliable payment vendors, so we ensure only the trusted vendors are reviewed.

Various lessons abound online today, from math and language teaching to resume and essay writing services. While math may be a challenging course for many, thankfully, the availability of online platforms has eased the problem.

When you have decided to learn online, you should also consider the tutor. Make sure that they have the qualifications and experience in the field they are teaching. You must also make sure that they have an encouraging attitude, within reach and opening to criticism.

You may be wondering why you should take online courses, and there are many reasons to convince you. Main of those reasons is the convenience and flexibility that it offers you. Compared to traditional physical courses, online courses are much less expensive on your part, and you also have access to various programs. Other reasons why you should not doubt online courses include a comfortable learning environment, avoiding commuting, and improvement in technical skills.

What is Hellothinkster?

Thinkster Math online is a math tutoring program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with minimal human interaction to create personalized learning programs for kids in grades K-8. It also has provisions for persons about to take international tests such as SAT, PSAT, and ACT.

The platform uses technology to not only grade kids through the worksheet but also track how answers are answered. This makes it possible to fully understand the level of the child’s knowledge in the study and also formulate ways to help.

How does Hellothinkster work?

Thinkster makes use of a detailed and personalized approach to train kids. The platform uses the following steps to help students perform better than their peers.

  1. Skills assessment

The first thing that Thinkster aims to do is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the child. So, a simple skills assessment of the child is done first.

  1. Detailed diagnostic report

The next step is that you, as a guardian or parent, is sent the skills assessment test report within a few hours. It will contain a detailed diagnostic report of how your child fears in the assessment he/she took. The report will give you, among other things, insights and help you understand where your child needs help.

  1. Session or call with an academic adviser

The next stage is where a call or webinar is scheduled with an academic adviser. You may need to fill a questionnaire, but among other things, you will be able to ask questions and understand what you tend to gain in using Thinkster.

  1. Meet the math tutor

After you have agreed with the advisor, the right maths tutor is paired with your child. This tutor will be dedicated to your child’s academic success. He/she also doubles as your partner in monitoring your child’s progress.

  1. Personalized study plan

After your child must have begun studying with the tutor, you will also be able to discuss your questions with the instructor and agree on a personalized study plan. You will also have access to custom-curated math worksheets tailored to your child’s learning needs by your dedicated tutor.

Does Hellothinkster guarantee that they have good tutors? Does Hellothinkster help at all?

Thinkster claims to have numerous tutors in various subdisciplines in the math field. And their claim can be justified. While it is not clear if a tutor is assigned more than a student at a time, what is true is that Thinkster makes the decision of child-tutor pairing.

So, it is fair to say that Thinkster guarantee of good tutors. This is because not only is an assessment test taken to understand the child’s pain point, but also regular feedback from the tutor is sent to the parent to showcase the child’s progress.

And that means the parent can say for sure the type of tutor has been assigned.

Are Hellothinkster online lessons as effective as they say?

The effectiveness of any independent online platform such as Thinkster depends on several factors, such as teacher competency, internet connection, pricing, and many others.

One of the most important benefits of using Thinkster is the transparency it delivers. Dedicated hello thinkster math tutors are assigned to each child to aid learning, and regular feedback is sent to the parents to evaluate the learning curve and track the progress of the students academically.

Is Hellothinkster safe? Is Thinkster scam?

Thinkster is an online tutoring company with physical presence in both the United States and India. It is interested in helping students excel in their math classes.

When the question of scam is raised, Thinkster cannot be found wanting. Having served customers in both US and India for many years, it is safe to say that Thinkster is no scam.

Does Hellothinkster have the best online tutors out there?

It is difficult, if not impossible, to satisfy a lot of parents and students for years without qualified tutors that know how to deliver. And with recognition from various top-leading organizations such as Apple, NBC, Forbes, The New York Times, and many others, it must mean that they are doing some things right.

So, while it is difficult to say for sure if the best tutors can only be found at Thinkster, you can be sure that exceptional tutors of math are at Thinkster. When you consider that tutors have to wait in line and hope to get picked based on their preference and the available student, you can be sure that there will be competition in there, and a lot of the tutors will roll their sleeves to up their games.

Thinkster aims to give every student that comes to their way improvement in his/her math skills, logical thinking, and confidence. And they rely on their unique math tutoring style to drive the point home.

The company also leverages human interaction and artificial intelligence to create personalized learning programs that meet demand. The technology tracks the learning curve of the students and gives regular feedback to parents.

Thinkster aims to differentiate itself from traditional teaching. They rely on helping students understand the reasons behind every single move. They do this to spark curiosity so that both students and tutors can agree on why things are the way they are.

The company promises to instill in learners a burning desire to learn by anchoring math problems to real-life situations. They want their students to understand that math isn’t simply numbers but just another language that can be learned with ease.

Some of the services Thinkster render are the following;

  • Kindergarten: the lesson in this category include counting objects and numbers as well as simple addition and subtraction. Kids are also introduced to spatial thinking, 2D, and 3D shapes.
  • Grade 1: kids in this category are taught addition and subtraction using word problems and other strategies such as telling time, counting money, connecting shapes, and many others.
  • Grade 2: lessons here involve multistep word problem, multiplication, estimating lengths in standard units, understanding time, and money. Kids are also taught how to draw 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Grade 3: grade 3 kids are taught lessons that involve multiplication, division, multistep word problems using various operations and fractions. They also have to be able to identify 2D shapes by sides and angles.
  • Grade 4: here, the application of models to multiplication and division problems, equivalent fractions, and decimals are done.
  • Grade 5: kids in grade 5 have to derive patterns, do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division fractions. They also have to work with decimals and will be introduced to coordinate places and volume.
  • Grade 6: it is here that the understanding of negative numbers, algebraic expressions, and solving one-step equations are introduced. Inequalities, ratios, percentages, nets, and surface area calculations are also in this curriculum.
  • Grade 7: In grade 7, kids are expected to solve multistep real-life word problems with rational numbers, linear expressions, ratio, and proportion. Probability models are also introduced here.
  • Grade 8: students in grade will be expected to solve linear equations, simultaneous linear equations, work with slopes, functions, Pythagorean theorem, and others.

Hello thinkster math and homeschooling also take classes in various tests such as SAT, PSAT, and ACT. Interestingly, there is also an opportunity for high school tutoring in courses such as algebra, calculus, statistics, trigonometry, and geometry.

Thinkster math pricing has three tutors led programs; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All three of the programs have a certified-teacher creating a learning plan and monitoring the child’s learning progress daily. And unlimited access to the worksheets is also made available.

The silver program allows two parent-teacher phone calls every month, but there are no one-on-one whiteboard tutoring sessions. Students in K-5 are billed $53/month while grades 6-8 are charged $70/month.

The Gold and Platinum programs have whiteboard tutoring sessions. The Gold plan includes 1 hour per month parent-tutor call with 30 minutes every week while Platinum comes with 2 hours per month (30 minutes every week).

The Gold program charge $83/month for kids in K-5, while the grade 6-8 are $121/month. The Platinum program charge $114/month and the grade 6-8 is $174/month.

Hello thinkster math reviews show that the tutors are exceptional and do have a clear understanding of the subject matter. Many of the tutors are experienced professionals with expertise tracking both kindergarten and college students.

Customer service at Thinkster is top-notch. There have been minimal issues around customer service with Thinkster. While there is no live and instant messaging with their customer service representative, they have physical presence in the US and India. Also, a message can be dropped for them through their website, and a confirmation mail will be sent. is a website that answers all the questions you might have about the program. It is carefully designed to usher visitors straight to offer – watch the video and start your free trial.

The mobile app is also designed with simplicity, and core features are not hard to find. Parents have dedicated mobile application that they can use to track their children’s progress.

  • Convenient for both children and parents
  • Standardized math curriculum
  • Flexibility
  • Timely feedback and personalization
  • Highly engaging and boost logical thinking of the child
  • Medals & badges
  • No live chat with a customer service representative
  • Contact information not readily available – no contact number and email address on the website
  • Might be a bit expensive
  • No live courses
  • No interaction with other children
  • The interface on the screen could be larger and more colorful
My verdict
Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Thinkster

Hellothinkster is an online platform that enables students struggling with math to wave their troubles goodbye. They first understand the level of the child, and then a suitable tutor is paired. Hello thinkster is a unique platform, and it has proven to be a market leader. It is recommended.

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