Review: Digging Deeper into Writing Assistance Review: Digging Deeper into Writing Assistance

By Alina Burakova, Updated July 27, 2023


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About Ultius
Lowest price$17.5
Charged one-time
My Verdict Pros & Cons
Not Recommended


  • Our experience regarding this Ultius writing review led us to believe that the website indeed works with good writers who have a professional writing style and can handle complex assignments, but this can be a hit-and-miss depending on the writer level you choose.


  • This company charges too much for what it delivers, and the quality of its services depends on how lucky you are to be assigned an engaged writer who can communicate well.


  • Although their website is friendly, they must still improve customer support and communication.
  • Mobile app.
  • Ability to choose a writer.
  • Multiple contact options.
  • Quality writing at a higher writer level.
  • Highly optimized, user-friendly website.
  • Highly educated native American writers.
  • Overpriced.
  • No paper updates.
  • Poor communication.
  • Lack of versatility for special assignments.
  • Risk of delivery delays and missed deadlines.
  • Overly complicated revisions’ request process.
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The popularity of professional writing services has boomed in recent years, which leads to a mature market where most companies want to surpass their competitors. We have even compiled our own top US college homework help services on our blog. As a customer, you want to know who provides the best service, and we are here to help. We provide detailed writing services reviews to help people identify the best fit for their needs while staying within their budget range.

Why should you trust us? Our reviews are objective evaluations based on specific criteria. We test the writing company’s services by placing orders and then rate each step of the process. We also compare how a service stands with its main competitors, so you get an idea about your options.

We believe it’s possible to get excellent quality at reasonable rates. For this to happen, students must consider essential things:

  • Read reviews and testimonials to get insight into other customers’ experiences with the service.
  • Determine whether you are satisfied with the communication early on. It will help if you communicate effectively with the writer and support staff from the beginning.
  • Don’t choose the cheapest service. You may discover that the quality is below expectations, and you have no time or money to fix things.
  • Choose a company that provides guarantees, including free revisions, plagiarism reports, and refunds.

With all this in mind, this is our review of Ultius inc essay writing service, where we evaluate the main features of this popular website, so you know exactly what to expect from them.


To get an idea about Ultius, here are our answers to your most vital questions.


What is Ultius?

Ultius, Inc is a professional custom writing company that connects freelance writers with customers interested in buying assignments, research papers, essays, and more. The company founded in 2010 has its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.

Is Ultius Legit?

Ultius, Inc. is a corporation from Delaware with registered trademarks, which makes Ultius legit. Is Ultius legal as well? Yes. Operating from Delaware and several other locations in the United States, the company has provided legal services to students worldwide for the past decade.

Are There Ultius Scams?

Our firm answer is no. There are no scams involving this professional American company. They are a legal, registered business providing all the features of security and privacy required to maintain the trust of their customers. Ultius cheating their customers is impossible.


How Does Ultius Work?

Ultius Inc works like most similar services, meaning they have a website, Ultius com, where customers can look at the benefits, features, and policies. After deciding on placing an order, a customer will contact a writer and discuss all the assignment requirements. After receiving the paper, the customer has a buffer period to ask for free revisions.

Is Ultius Good?

According to Ultius inc reviews, there are both benefits and downsides when working with this writing company. We will discuss whether Ultius is a good option compared to other alternatives in the same price range below.

If improving your writing is on your agenda, Chegg’s writing tools could be worth considering. We’ve dissected its services in our Chegg writing tools review, which offers a comprehensive understanding of its features and usability.

Is Ultius Safe?

Not really. We’ve heard a couple of Ultius scam reviews. The company does not provide strict confidentiality and privacy policies to protect its customers’ personal and financial information.


Before writing this Ultius review, we had a thorough look at their website. According to the company’s presentation, they pride themselves in being an American company working exclusively with American writers and an American support team, all based in the United States.


Thus, its primary selling point is that it does not outsource writing tasks to non-native writers, which is common in this market.

Additionally, they claim that they screen their writers very rigorously when hiring. We wanted to test their story and see whether the quality is as outstanding as claimed.

When searching for the ideal writing enhancement tool, Grammarly often emerges as a top contender. Our Grammarly review provides a detailed analysis of its features, helping you make an informed decision on whether it’s the right tool for you.


According to its website, Ultius provides the following popular services:

  • Essay writing – standard, persuasive, expository, and any other kind, regardless of length, topic or goal.
  • Research paper writing – including outline, research proposal, bibliography, references.
  • Thesis and dissertation writing.


They also cover all popular disciplines, claiming that their writers can tackle any topic, regardless of complexity, and in line with style requirements and standard formattings like MLA or APA. The services list also includes editing, business writing, and admissions.

If you have an unusual assignment or want a unique service, you can still order from them.

However, you must first contact their support team in advance to determine whether an available writer can take up your unique requirements.

For any order, Ultius claims to offer:

  • Free revisions;
  • References & works cited list;
  • Editorial review;
  • Direct 1-1 chat with the writer.

Ultius Pricing

Since the financial aspect is crucial when choosing a service, we compared similar offers and determined that Ultius is more expensive. The price per page will disappoint some customers as, in our opinion, Ultius services are slightly overpriced and not justified by the quality delivered. There are also no discount codes available for new customers.


A good thing about Ultius is that prices are clearly defined with no hidden fees to worry about. You can choose the price from a list on the website after understanding what you can get for the respective amount of money.

The starting price is set currently at $17.5 per page, but this can go up significantly, depending on four main aspects:

  • Writer level – this refers to the skills, education, and experience of the writer you choose;
  • Deadline – this refers to how quickly you need the paper;
  • Page Count – this refers to how long your essay needs to be;
  • Assignment level – this refers to which category your paper fits in, meaning High-school, Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral.


Ultius has also recently integrated a money-back guarantee feature, but other additional information about this feature was difficult to find.

Payment Methods at Ultius

Ultius provides secure payment processing, with the following payment options available: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, and American Express. To make a payment, customers have to fill in their information and select the type of paper they need.

The company does not store its customers’ payment information on its servers but relies on external partners like PayPal and Authorize.NET to manage sensitive data. Ultius’s entire website uses 256-Bit SSL encryption, so all news is safe and secure.


If you are looking for a service where you can pay using ApplePay, check PaperOwl writing company. Is PapersOwl reliable? If you want to learn more about this service, check the Papers Owl review by our experts.

Quality of Ultius Services

Ultius claims to give customers access to elite writers who were carefully sourced through a rigorous hiring process to make sure they meet all the qualification requirements and high writing standards. They also claim that all writers are highly-educated native English speakers who complete an orientation course before starting work.

Our experience regarding this Ultius writing review led us to believe that the website indeed works with good writers who have a professional writing style and can handle complex assignments, but this can be a hit-and-miss depending on the writer level you choose.

  • Best Available

You will be matched with the most suitable writer based on your order instructions and the writer’s experience. You may get good quality with this option, but nothing awe-inspiring according to our experience.

  • Graduate Writer

This option gives you access to a top writer with a comprehensive post-graduate experience. In our experience, you will get good quality at this level, but the price may put you off.

  • Requested Writer

Ultius allows customers to choose a writer by browsing writers’ profiles or simply contacting a writer that the customer has worked with before. The website also shows you whether your favorite writer is available for an order. This option comes at a high cost.


Ultius essay reviews suggest that not only that the quality of your paper can vary, but the company also has some things to fix with their revision policy. Although they offer adjustments and edits, there are many details to look at before a customer can improve. You may discover that your instructions are inaccurate so that you won’t get a revision.

Additionally, customers are only allowed to request revisions in the week after the paper’s completion. No correction will be provided after that. The edited version will reach the customer within three days.

Although the company claims to work with educated, native American writers, we’ve discovered that the papers we ordered contained many grammar mistakes and misspellings. One of the papers was also delivered late, although communication with the writer went well. This means your experience may vary, and when it comes to an urgent assignment, this can leave you a sour taste, especially considering the prices of the services.

Customer Service at

Since your experience with Ultius depends on whether you’re lucky enough to find a skilled writer who can maintain good communication, customer service quality can vary. Many Ultius reviews suggest that other customers got less engaged writers, so be aware of this possibility.


After testing their Live Chat and calling them, we have concluded that their response is negligent and unreliable most of the time.

However, they provide many contact options, including Smart Chat, Facebook Messenger, and the Alisa Bot AI-powered assistant. Late response was more common than not.

Additionally, the live chat option requires customers to go through an extended inputting irrelevant information before voicing their requests or complaints. This means that even the live chat option is inconvenient. You cannot get information on your order by calling, which is another downside.

Website Usability

Ultius has an old-looking and straightforward interface, but it seems friendly and easy to use. All the details you may need about their services, pricing, and features are a click away, just like at, where just by having a good look at their well-structured website, you will find everything you need to know before placing your order. The friendliness of the interface is a big plus when you’re in a hurry.


  • Mobile app.
  • Ability to choose a writer.
  • Multiple contact options.
  • Quality writing at a higher writer level.
  • Highly optimized, user-friendly website.
  • Highly educated native American writers.
  • Overpriced.
  • No paper updates.
  • Poor communication.
  • Lack of versatility for special assignments.
  • Risk of delivery delays and missed deadlines.
  • Overly complicated revisions’ request process.

Ultius Alternatives

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Ultius Reviews 10

  1. Bryce says:

    I expected to have my paper a day before it was due and what I see? They changed my due date to two days after my due date! I paid good money for the writer to write 1 page and it is still in process on the due date! What is going on!? Guys, I’m missing the deadline, what the hell????? I will ask for refund, but as I can see how you treated your customers from other comments, I ain’t gonna receive any.

  2. Samuel says:

    I placed an order with Ultius and they were not able to complete the order before the due date. I have requested a refund and heard nothing. I sent them thousands of emails. I understand that processing a refund may take time, but it has already taken a lot of time. Called these guys several times, no answer. I would not recommend them to anyone!!!

  3. Jordin says:

    They do not respond to my emails. They just took my money!!!! The work that they delivered me was literally absolutely the opposite of what I asked for. These guys from Ultius are only interested in responding to messages when attempting to sell you more services! I received a paper that did not meet my guideline at all.

  4. Aubree says:

    I’m not sure if this review will be admitted, but I wanted to get this posted since the experience is fresh on my mind. I recently requested service from Ultius and was extremely disappointed. My request instructions were not followed, and when I requested a revision these guys told me I have to pay more money. Stay far, far away from this service. I should have known better considering this review from Alina.

  5. Quentin Bell says:

    You should not use this Ultius services.. I ordered two papers from here both times they did not meet the deadlines and had the major issues with grammar and spelling. And the research paper I ordered from them was written by someone with a 5th grade education level, so many mistakes that it took me 2 days to edit it.

  6. Peyton Elliott says:

    I gave them my dissertation for the editing, they made no effort to compliment my work with the formatting, and nothing was in accordance to what I had requested. I had to do it all by myself, because it was quite absurd.

  7. Harry Erickson says:

    No citations, no reference, no evidence to support the arguments, despite the fact that I left specific instructions. After 4 days since I submitted a complaint, I got a message stating that they couldn’t find a writer to do the revision.
    4 days!! I was supposed to submit my assignment today and I don’t know what to do anymore!!
    I paid $50 for this and now I have to sit down and redo the whole thing as fast as I can.

  8. Trace says:

    I have used Ultius several times in the past with no problems. The last three times, all papers were not received in time. Furthermore, they were of such a bad quality that I had rewrite all of them myself. And I have to say that I had no time for this so I missed all the deadlines and the papers in the end were not even accepted. Damn, do not trust these guys!!

  9. Tony M. says:

    One of the worst and most unprofessional companies I’ve come across. ***tty writers, most likely some guys from India writing essays. Asked the writer what his qualification was, he refused to answer. I believe if I’m paying 150 bucks for an essay I should know who the hell is writing it and what he is capable of.

  10. Abigail says:

    I submitted the order and paid additional $ to be done in 3 days. The deadline was missed without any notice. In fact they contacted me a day later saying the writer produced an additional page and we would like to invoice you for it. Are these guys kidding me or what? At the very least they could have said we will deliver an extra page free of charge! But they did not! Absolute scam!!!

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