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By Alina Burakova fb Apr 08, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Today, we review resume writing group service. Finding a dream job is not an easy task, especially in today’s job market. It is a jungle out there, with some fierce competition where only the fittest survive. Everything that can give you an edge is worth considering, and any advantage that you can get is an asset.

We are all aware that not everyone gets that same treatment, and it is not because of some kind of discrimination. Those seasoned workers with some demonstrated knowledge of the job market are in a better position than some recent graduate who is getting his first encounter with the business world.

Whether you are some fresh graduate or a skilled expert, on thing is for sure. Your good CV can increase your chances of finding that perfect dream job. Many online resume services claim to be experts in making some compelling and eye-catching resume and creating some strong LinkedIn profile that will make you stand out from the crowd. At this review, we will examine

The resume writing group was founded in 2005, with almost fifteen years of experience in providing aids like resume writing, coaching and making some great LinkedIn profiles. We offer an unbiased opinion, but you may check other reviews of resume writing group for getting better outlook.

That should be proof enough for all those asking themselves if resume writing group is good or scam. There is no resume writing group scam, just a pioneering firm that provides this type of services. Recognizing some need for quality CV and job interview preparation gave ResumeWritingGroup com a chance for growth and diversifying its services.

It is legit, and they hire writers with proven knowledge of a particular industry, who can help everyone to get that job they always wanted. For a high price, of course.

The story goes that once upon a time, there was a job market where anyone could get their job without a CV or a good cover letter. If there ever was such a place on earth, things got complicated since then. In our modern world, corporations seek employees with a unique set of skills. They need young graduates, or fresh blood, who can be trained and made into that loyal new generation of workers. They also seek for professionals who demonstrated adding value to their companies, for senior executive positions, so anyone who reviews resume writing group should take these facts into consideration.

The resumewritinggroup recognizes this segregation and does business accordingly. The CV of a student possesses completely different features than the one of a skilled executive. It is essential to make that difference and pinpoint some important traits and characteristics that various individuals have to offer in today’s job market. This is what triggered some good resume writing group reviews and secured their reputation within the industry.

They have been around for many years, so they watched the evolution of the market, and they took notes. The game between companies and employees is a game of cat and mouse, with special demands and skills required that change over time. This experience is what gives the resumewritinggroup its credibility, with more than 120 thousand satisfied customers all around the world.

Know that the resume writing group offers much more than making a good CV or cover letters. Realizing the importance of the post-interview stage, they decided to provide you a service of making some top-notch thank you letter. This is proven to boost one’s chances of getting that second interview, and it leaves a great impression on your future employee.

As for the resumes, one can choose between four options depending on his current career position. Students, professionals, as well as senior executives and administration employees, will have their chance to acquire the CV that suits their needs. Students and fresh graduates usually have a limited working background. It might be a good idea for them to consult professionals from resumewritinggroup com, who will use their experience in making your CV appealing and noticeable.

Seasoned professionals make most of the satisfied clients, along with administration employees whose resumes required special abilities to be written effectively. Persuasive cover letters and strong LinkedIn profiles are also available for those who seek to maximize their chances for employment.

Additional services offer telephone sessions with a trained specialist who shares his knowledge to help one master his soft skills and increase his job market value. The can send your CV to thousands of companies in specific geographic regions, or send you some contact info of potential future employers.

The prices vary from $89 to $189, depending on one’s experience. This is a very high price which is justified by the money-back guarantee. This guarantee is offered only if one can prove that he sent his resume to at least forty potential employers and didn’t get a chance for an interview.

This is probably the reason behind bad resumewritinggroup com reviews regarding the possibility of a monetary refund. Creating a strong LinkedIn profile will cost almost $90, and a simple cover letter costs $69.95. Career coaching premium is offered for $189, and a lite version costs $69.95.

The price of special services like distributing resumes to potential employers varies, depending on location and the number of employers. It goes with a 72 hours guarantee that one is to receive a phone call from a prospective employer.

This website offers four payment methods including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover card.

Judging by most of the reviews, this firm offers mediocre quality services compared to some high prices that they require. Although there are many satisfied customers, most complains revolve around money-back guarantee, which proves to be very hard to claim. Some resume writing group complaints involve claims of no added value to those newly written resumes and lack of quality in customer support.

Frequent complain among potential users is the lack of discounts. It seems that the only way of receiving a discount is to get that resume writing group coupon online. There is an option to refer a friend who can place an order based on your referral, which can lead to a $20 refund as your reward.

When a customer wants his CV, he expects a unique one to be written. This uniqueness is often disputed with customers claiming that simple rewriting was done instead. Despite some complaints and occasional bad review, most of the customers praise their quality of service. Most claim that they were able to find quick employment thanks to this website. Even when they compare resumewritinggroup vs zipjob, most choose the former.

The customer service does not operate 24 hours, but only within business hours, with no live chat. If there is some problem with the ordering process, clients have to wait for working hours, so they can resolve their issues.

Even when clients get in touch with customer support, most protest that customer support does not want to discuss any complaints about the bad service quality provided by Otherwise, they seem very prompt and accurate when it comes to helping with the ordering process.

Their training service has gained some recognition, with some good resumewritinggroup reviews, as a valuable tool that helps candidates prepare for a job interview. This is of course once you actually pay for the full service, so one may take such resumewritinggroup review with some reservation.

The website looks old yet functional, but facelift would be in order. It does provide most of that basic information to make your decision and choose some of the granted options. It is easy to navigate, but it lacks that little more professional look compared to More professional design is probably the reason for some better feedback when it comes to ResumeWritingGroup vs ZipJob review.

When choosing this type of service, people want to get an instant impression that they are dealing with experts who can deliver top-quality assistance. That good look is relevant because it signals professionalism and attention to detail. Some might say that an old look signals of a company that doesn’t want changing things that proved to be good and useful. Considering everything reviews about resume writing group website usability are mostly favorable.

Updated: 08.04.2020

  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Skilled CV and resume writers assistance
  • More than 120 thousand satisfied customers
  • A broad range of services
  • An acclaimed career coaching program
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Hard to reach customer support
  • No discounts
  • Limited payment options
  • Old looking website
  • Higher than average prices
  • Complains of no added value to written resumes
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Resumewritinggroup

Having said everything above, we can give a final resume writing group review. Compared to similar websites, this company provides solid bad quality service. For those prices they require, customer service support should be much more responsive. If you require a good CV, you probably won’t feel any significant value-added to your initial resume or LinkedIn profile. If you are a graduate who needs proper career coaching to master job finding skills, there might be some notable value in offered job coaching services. We hope this has been helpful, so we conclude our review of resume writing group.

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Ty Hensley

My resume was poorly written and their only interest lies in money instead of delivering you a product that can land interviews. In my case, I had no interviews in last 3 months and not even a single interview call. Be aware of them and be careful.


I am very dissatisfied with what I received, for the amount of money I paid especially. I would not recommend this service whatsoever. I got way more value out of the CraftResumes than I did after paying $300 to Resume Writing Group. Maybe check your writers better next time, and review the quality of their work.

Margaret O.

I received the resume and it was full of fluffy words. The only part that made any since was what they copypasted from my old resume. I let other people in my field look at my resume and the one Resume Writing Group prepared, they all agreed that the resume looked awful.


We had a rough start because most of my info was missing. And instead of asking if I had an old resume or more information, they used the one file to make the simplest resume I have ever seen. After a few emails they agreed to revise my resume and add some missing information, but not all.
The final product was a piece of crap and template looking. I would make a better looking resume in canva. In the end, I had waited a long time and they delivered a resume that I would never submit to anyone. And I lost m money for that too.


I got a resume written three times because of ineffectiveness of their final product delivered to me. They have set of hidden guidelines to protect themselves to do re-work. At the end of the day, they claim that the writers are from your industry but NO, they are just good English writers. Every writer will have their own formats.


This service is terrible. The resume delivered was amateur at best! Incredibly dissatisfied with the quality of work done, lack of communication skills and they delivered the unfinished order. I ain’t coming back.


What can I say, my CV was pretty poorly put together, and there were a lot of things that I noticed that were a result of pure laziness and lack of proofing. For a company that offers this type of services, that’s unacceptable.


My opinion on Resume Writing Group is simple. How can these guys write you a resume, when they know nothing in the field that you work in. I asked for a full refund and they said no. Stay away from these people


I got my resume back and after 6 re-write requests, began submitting it to jobs that I was fully qualified for. I have gotten absolutely no response. The resume is so wordy that it probably scares those guys! I have asked that it be re-worked and was told I need to wait for the 3 month period. By this time, the jobs that I seek for will be gone!!