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By Alina Burakova fb Jan 29, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

We highlighted two main types of people on the internet: the first ones are those who don’t really care about the quality of the products/services they order and they are the majority. The second one prefers to explore everything about the object they interested in. Nobody knows which type is better because sometimes even detailed research doesn’t guarantee you real results. However, today we’re going to talk about how to help and make life a little bit easier for both types.

We are proud to tell you about our brilliant, impatient Resume Valley reviews service. We are a team of professionals who check the resume writing services for trustworthiness, usability, and quality. You can find such people among us as professional writers and many people who worked on similar services. Our team usually check any of them: not only top companies but also the new ones on the market. It’s easy to choose the best services with us because we always pay attention to such criteria:

  • The story of the company: How old they are on the market (and also how real this information is) and what they learned from their experience;
  • The percent of successful rate: We pay much attention to each feedback on the website of the service. Also, we try to find other reviews on the internet which may say something new about the exact web service;
  • Sometimes (in case if the service looks questionable) we contact them and try to get more information about the papers and performers;
  • Also, we always check the authors and all information, and details we can find about them;
  • But there are also many other things we do depend on the situation.

We can only say that we are precise in such a question and consider choosing some custom services with our help is a smart idea. You can seriously save a big amount of time and nerves if you trust us!

Let’s start with the basic part we need to remember. At first, we will remind about the main types of resume that exist:

  • Chronological resume;
  • Functional resume;
  • Combined resume (functional-chronological);
  • Target resume;
  • Etc.

But here are useful tips for those who still prefer to search for something by themselves. What to consider while choosing the resume writing service:

  1. Check the success rate on the website;
  2. Find needed Resume Valley review on our website;
  3. Check all available information about the writers (it’s important);
  4. Use live chat or call them if you have some additional questions.

Resume Valley is an experienced and well-known company around the world, not just in the United States. If you will order your CV here – you will get papers that will be completed by top performers in such a field. The team of Resume Valley consists of writers, editors, researchers, etc. They are a well-respected company that cares about their name. So, if you decided to ask them – you are welcome in any case. They work with any level of difficulty and any professional field and industry (business, design, health care, etc.)

There is not that much information about their existence on the market but one thing we can say for sure – they are experienced and do their work with due attention and professionalism. They care about their name here and now. They work with people not only in the United States but also in different countries.

Also, they have a great feature that makes people respect them: they hire and train people of any sort without any discrimination. And they are ready to deal with any papers and difficultness.

The prices on their website are different but actually pretty low. There you can find a large list of services (cover letter- $25, electronic resume – $19) but the price for a resume starting from $69 through $199. That is completely incredible because the prices are one of the lowest overall review writing services writing. Also, there are many limited offers during which you may get a cover letter for free. But if you want more guarantees and 100% quality, we recommend that you read the review written by us. This service is more credible!

They have many ways for the customers to pay for the paper through any comfortable cash service. We haven’t found any cons in this field at first sight. So, you can pay through VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and even through wire transfer. Here is everything for the client’s comfort. We also think that you can ask them to pay through something that is not on the list.

So, you’ll not waste your time on writing, analyzing, and collecting the necessary information, describing professional successes. You just pick up interesting vacancies and respond to them with a ready-made professional resume. Reviews of ResumeValley say that their work has a certain structure and is not overloaded with unnecessary information.

All data that will be indicated in such a questionnaire of the applicant, informative, convenient, and easily perceived by the employer. The salary expectations of the candidate, as well as the requirements for the future workplace, are taken into the account – this is what you can hear from their customers. As we can see, many people got perfect papers without any problems.

In their daily work, they use everything for the comfort of the client. Knowledge of current trends in the labor market helps them create high-quality and fast online support, which will surely help everyone to get the information they need. So, customer service is on a good level because you can contact them in the next ways:

  • E-mail – they answer in 30 minutes (during the working hours);
  • A phone call is also available only during the working hours;
  • Live chat that doesn’t work during the nighttime.

They answer pretty fast, polite, and respectful. So, customer service is just simply good and meet all the request of the labor market.

What can we say about the design? The website is nice and light-colored, everything sorted well and you don’t need to spend much time to find something important. Everything is accessible.

And the second and most important part is website usability. The website works just perfectly and you can find the information you need at any time of the day and night. Also, you can contact them through live chat.

  • Affordable prices: This is a really impressive part because not despite the fact of real quality they have one of the lowest prices on the market which is also impressive.
  • A big team of professionals: The team consists of real people with the highest education and real knowledge in needed fields. They are creative and talented.
  • If you will order papers on their website, you can stay in a touch with the author during the time he/she will be completing your papers.
  • A payment system is completely appropriate for the customers because of the range of possible ways of payment.
  • You can get a cover letter for free if you buy an exact resume (Civilian Resume, Federal Resume). But be careful - it’s a limited offer.
  • You can find samples of the brilliant resume and write yours by yourself if needed.
  • They don’t have any information about paper delivery on their website which is also a real con for some people.
  • The website may have lags sometimes and work not so quickly.
  • Live chat doesn’t work at night time so in case if you urgently need to place an order – you have to wait.
  • The phone line may not be available and sometimes you need to take a little bit more time if you need a consultation.
  • Not that many samples of resumes.
  • Also, not too much information about their history of service and about the company.
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit resumevalley

ResumeValley stopped to constantly develop and improve their technologies and skills in the field of recruiting and working with clients, adjusting to the dynamics of the personnel market. The narrow experience of the specialists of this service, as well as the outdated knowledge and low level of professionalism, prevents them from expanding the sphere of services, offering new technologies in customer service.

We can see that every year they are staying in the same place and do not increase the list of customers satisfied with their work. So, we found out that they are not true professionals as they were one day. We are sure that there are better services with resume writers, who can complete the paper in the most professional way for good money like Zipjob and ResumeWriters. These two are a great solution in case if you are on a budget but the papers are still needed – they have completely available prices and high-level services. Choose the most appropriate for you by the prices and quality, but ignore ResumeValley, they are not worth your time.

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The resume writer assigned did not seem experienced. It took multiple revisions with a great deal of rewording on my part. Response time was also slower than I would have liked, I even haven’t got a response back from my last update.

Mr. Samuel

I lost my previous job last time and needed some real professional resume urgent help. That is why I found resumevalley service and asked them for a help.They made everything at a good level. Could recommend them!


Don’t waste your money for a plagiarised template is all you will get. Cheaper for you to online search the template that you like and do it yourself. I have submitted their resume design and been turned down 5 times already, not even an interview.


Not a trusted resume service, problems with deadlines!


When I contacted the company they did reassign it to a senior writer who made the changes to my resume and turned out the final product. Have submitted the final product to a few companies but have not received an interview yet. Still too earlier to tell if it is the quality of the resume or other factors.


I am not very happy with my resume. I had become really frustrated and almost gave up. A friend recommended this site – resumevalley although I was a little apprehensive, and what I got didn’t help me( I think the reason is in the quality of it! I even don’t know what to add more!

Peter S.

I cannot believe how easy it seems to be to ignore people in this day and age. Thanks for the horrible follow up. I was ready to go credit card in hand, I just had 4 questions and needed to speak to someone, I let her know that and that time was of essence and snail responses are what I got.


I feel that the resume writer did listen to my requests. But initially just took my own verbiage and put it on a resume template. There were 5 revisions in total, so I’m happy for the unlimited revisions that came with the offer. I’m happy to have an updated resume, but I was expecting more.


Well, I tried to contact this service 2 times, support doesn’t work properly, I’m shocked! How does you work? That is why I decided to ask for a help instead. Sorry, but I cannot recommend you( It is not professional!