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By Brooke Hayes fb Oct 10, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Seeking help with CV or resume writing is a smart idea if you are dreaming about landing an interview for a good and well-paid job. This can help you in many ways. However, finding the right company may be not as simple as you expect. We are here to help you distinguish legit services from those, which are an absolute Scam by having evaluated them from the point of view of typical user’s criteria and compared with other similar ones. Why do we highly recommend to take our review into account? First of all, it is our job to analyze resume plus review writing services and to share our honest appraisal with job seekers. Secondly, our reviewers have a huge expertise in working with recruiters and are aware of “last century” tendencies and modern requirements. Finally, it is in our favor to provide customers with actual and relevant data. We take into consideration all the details provided by the web page of this or that resume plus services, including prices, acceptable ways of payment, variety of the services offered by companies (interview coaching, cover letters writing, creation of a LinkedIn profile, finding a recruiter etc.) and quality of the results obtained. We become customers ourselves to see how resume writing services work in reality and to discover all the pros and cons of each of them.
There is a huge amount of resume plus review companies and each of them sticks to its own way of providing the services. As a rule, there are several types of resume: Entry-Level, Professional, Executive, Technical, Federal and others, so be aware of which one you need beforehand. Some companies are ready to prepare a Cover Letter for free together with the customized Resume, while others consider it a separate service. Usually, resume plus writing companies can also provide you with CV, LinkedIn Profile and sometimes even with job searching consultation. Not all companies are available 24/7, so be careful trying to contact them by email, phone or live chat. In spite of having common payment systems, not all resume writing services put it clear on their websites which one they accept, so contact the company not to be confused with it. Without any doubts, prices may differ a lot, depending on many factors like level of difficulty, writer’s professionalism, the time needed to get the document ready, discuss it primarily with consulters.
One can argue that there are too many details, which one has to pay attention to while choosing the company to get the assistance. But bear in mind that customizing your CV or resume you will get a professional help of a certified writer who is aware of all pitfalls of the modern labor market. It is always easier to present your best achievements and hide weak sides when they are analyzed by somebody else, not by yourself. A qualitative resume will show to a recruiter that you are able to solve or even prevent the problems which might take place in their organization, find creative ways of developing the company or use your background to achieve high productivity in this or that department. For sure, with a good resume in your hands, you have more chances to achieve the career goals and realize your own job ambitions. It is not easy to create a relevant resume in a short period of time, that is why nowadays you can resort to specialized companies’ assistance and be sure of the high results achieved.
˅ You can minimize the time spent on writing a high-level, professional resume or CV
˅ A professional writer will pay attention to current tendencies and recruiters’ requirements
˅ You will be presented as a leader in the field you have worked in, what will increase your chances to be noticed among tons of job seekers
˅ You will not have a resume written according to a strict template, it will be individualized, taking into account your own situation
˅ There are lots of chances to receive a job searching consultation right after having customized a resume
˅ Usually, resume writing companies can provide you with additional services for free or at a good discount if you are their client already
× It takes time and patience to find a really professional resume plus review service
× High-level resume writing company is not cheap
× You will have to provide other people with personal information about yourself
× You may forget something speaking with the writer, so it will not be included
× There is a handful of free books, master-classes, and advice you can use to write a high-level resume or CV
× Not all companies are able to provide you with the help if you are in a hurry (fixed hours of operation, the time needed to deliver documents etc.)

Sue Montgomery, the founder of Resume Plus, has been a marketing professional at the Fortune 500 company for a while and then decide to start her own company to start marketing people instead of products. Her service has many years of experience in writing all sorts of CVs and other documents. Sue herself is a member of National Association of Resume Writers and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. Her works have been numerously published. Today she guarantees the uniqueness of the work and its validity among recruiters in the labor market of the US and hundreds of positive plus resumes reviews confirm this. This company is ready to help you whether you are a new college graduate, non-management, mid-level, senior or C-level executive.

Though resumes plus writing prices always differ depending on the customer’s requirements, goals, and other aspects, it can’t be called a cheap service. What we didn’t like is that a new user can’t find any information about the prices and packages available at this service. This is quite inconvenient. It is good that the price is calculated individually but it would be even better if a customer could have an idea of how much it costs before he or she makes an order.

It is quite difficult to find the information on the website about which online payment services are acceptable. However, with some time and patience, you can find the answer. Unfortunately, Resume Plus offers a limited number of payment methods. As for a company with a big name and years of experience, they should’ve accepted more options than only Discover, Visa, and MasterCard.

Working only with certified writers the company has achieved 99% Client Satisfaction and is able to make a resume according to your individual situation. The company offers a great variety of services one can offer and promises that if with the resume provided by this company you get employed within a month or less, you will recover all your investment many times over.

The most convenient and fastest way to contact the company is by a phone call, which would take you personally to the founder of the company – Sue Montgomery. However, this is not too convenient since reaching her can be quite hard. There is also an online form and email address for contact. However, they should improve the way their customer service works.

Resume Plus website is rather user-friendly. Though the layout may not impress you, it works well both with a computer, laptop or mobile phone. You can find all the necessary details about the foundation of the company, the services they can provide you with and contact information there. The Online Support can be used for immediate inquiries. Not all the information is systemized in a decent way, so be ready to look through each chapter of the website. But have a look at and see some differences for making the right choice.

  • Resume Plus service is able to provide you with all the necessary documents to help you achieve your career goals
  • The company never uses resume templates, paying attention to your own background and career ambitions
  • The system of price establishment and payment is flexible meaning that you can get discounts
  • You do not need to fill out any questionnaires to order a resume – you will have a telephone consultation to make everything clear and clarify the career goals
  • There is a great number of recommendations given for this service by recruiters of economically strong companies and organizations
  • Resume Plus is a perfect service for those, who are looking for the excellent quality
  • No live chat support
  • They do not work with the customers who just need basic resumes
  • In spite of a flexible pricing policy, it is still among expensive resume writing services in the USA
  • They do not accept walk-ins, so you have to call for a consultation, even if you live nearby the company’s office
  • The minimum time for the company to have your resume or CV ready is 5-7 business days
  • Minor resume updates will cost you minimum $50, but if more than four years passed after the last updating, you will have to use the regular pricing
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Resume Plus is for those who want to get a qualitative resume, CV, LinkedIn Profile, Personal Branding Statement or search for additional services connected with job seeking, like resume writing workshops or interview coaching. The company offers a great number of services to provide you with a high-level help in job searching. The only thing you should take into consideration is that quality today means high price and rather a long period of time spent on preparing the custom document.

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I just wanted to say a quick thank you for Resume Plus help in preparing my Resume – excellent result!

Resume Plus during multiple appointments climbed the ladder with me, every step of the way. I am now at the top of my profession, thanks to their incredibly high quality, totally personalized service

Bad service at resume Plus! I didn’t get the answer from them for a quite long time! Fix your support system!

My mum recommended me Resume-plus, cause she found you on on the internet. Thank you for my success!