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What is ACT Aspire Test? Complete Overview

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This is a type of exam purposed at evaluating students on the key standards and their readiness for enrolling in college. It is normally given in the third grade all the way to grade 10. The program assesses students in five key areas:

  1. English
  2. Writing
  3. Reading
  4. Mathematics
  5. Science

What is the purpose of the ACT Aspire test? The main aim of this program is to gauge the growth of education and what the student will manage to get in the test.

What Exactly Is the ACT Aspire?

The ACT Aspire administered its very first test in 2014 the month of April. The ACT Explore together with the plan was stopped from running in June. The goal of this program is to thoroughly prepare students for the next level of their studies after high school. The students must pass the exam in order to successfully enroll in the colleges of their choice. Magoosh is the most effective way to study for the ACT. Learn how you can start learning today with our in-depth review of Magoosh ACT prep.

Here in this guide, you will learn what is tested in science for the ACT Aspire test, what is an ACT aspire test good score, and everything else you need to know about the test.

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What does the ACT Aspire test show you?

This kind of test is an influential tool aimed at assisting the parents and their children to assess their ability from the third to the tenth grade. The Aspire test is aimed at helping the students identify their strengths and weaknesses at an early stage before they can proceed to college. If the student is able to do well in the test at an early level, then they will not have any hitches when they reach college. It basically prepares them for college studies. It is an easy solution in comparison with the ACT test.

The ACT test score simply shows the average scores in English, reading, science, and mathematics. The composite basically gives a summary of the scores attained in those four subject areas.

Through the ACT test, the student will identify the specific difficulty in each level of study and thus tackle it early. This is because they are assessed every year before they move to the next level.

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Who should use ACT Aspire?

Who should use ACT Aspire?

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If you want to know what is an ACT Aspire classroom test, here is a simple answer to your question. The exam is used to monitor students’ progress from third grade up to tenth grade. It is an assessment that tests what the students have learned in the four subjects. There are a few students who are tested using Braille prints while some will need only a pen and a paper when tested on the sign language translation for Americans. The scores normally make a prediction of what the student will get in the 11th grade. Therefore it is easier to note early the students with difficulties in any area of study.

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Students in 3rd grade all the way to 8th grade are free to take online exams but they can also do the sit-in exams although they will incur an extra cost.

The tenth-grade students used to do the PLAN test in the past, while EXPLORE test was done by the ninth-grade students. The non-profit organization was the one responsible for the task of giving exams. It predicted whether the students would perform well on the ACT test or not.

Nowadays the Explore and plan tests are no longer there; for they have been substituted with ACT Aspire. Therefore students should make good use of the program as it is beneficial.

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Duration of ACT Aspire test

The ACT test normally takes 2hours and 55minutes or close to 3hours exclusive of the breaks. The breaks usually take 35minutes for them to be accomplished. Therefore if you combine the hours for both the exams and the breaks, it will take exactly 3hours and 30minutes. In the test, there is an elective essay that makes the whole duration to be 3hours and 40miutes or nearly 4hours inclusive of the breaks.

Time management is very crucial in the exam and should be managed wisely. You need to learn of the tips of timing to avoid the tension of not being able to complete the test in time. The following is the breakdown of time in each section of the test and how many questions are on the ACT Aspire test:

Subject No. of questions Time
Mathematics 60 questions 45mins
Reading 40 questions 35mins
Science 40 questions 35mins
Writing 1 essay 40mins
English 75 questions 45mins

Now that you have the answer to the question of “What is on the ACT Aspire test?”, here are more details that you need to mind. The ACT test begins at 8:00 am and the partakers of the exam must have arrived at the exam Centre by that time. The students are first frisked to avoid cheating and this takes around 30mins. Therefore the exam officially starts at 8:30 am.

There are different timelines depending on the exam that you are doing. There are those that do the exams in the morning or afternoon. It is important to check on the test ticket once registered for the ACT Aspire test.

How many sessions are there for each ACT Aspire test

There is a need for preparation before the launching of ACT online tests. The ELA tests are normally carried out in 3 sessions: Reading, Language test, and writing. Mathematics is evaluated in one session.

In between a single session of the ACT Aspire exam, there are no breaks allowed.

How many sessions are there for each ACT Aspire test

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FAQs for ACT Aspire

Some of the frequently asked questions about ACT Aspire are:

  • Type of assessments offered by ACT Aspire
  • Are the exams offered through computer or paper and pencil
  • When is the most appropriate time to administer the ACT summative assessment?
  • How is an ACT summative assessment ordered?
  • The cost of the exam and whether they have a discount
  • The periodic assessments offered in the ACT Aspire test
  • Whether a composite score will be included in the ACT summative report
  • How do the reports from ACT Aspire benefit the educators
  • Reasons for no concordance in the composite score
  • Why is there a difference in the scoring of the writing test
  • Reason for using a three-digit scale
  • How does one know the performance of their organization in the ACT Aspire test?
  • When is the due date for the payment?
  • How can an ACT profile benefit a counselor?
  • What are some of the tools provided to students?
  • What is the highest score on the ACT Aspire test?

How can I prepare for the ACT Aspire test?

Anytime is the best time to begin preparing for the ACT Aspire test. This program is used by people to determine the areas that need to be improved, evaluate the key standards understanding, and make students get set up for the future. The following are the ways in which one can prepare for the ACT Aspire test:

  1. Ensuring that you are acquainted with the testing gadget.
  2. For the tasks that assess on the English language, one needs to make a thorough practice on vocabulary, literary words and phrases not forgetting the rules of grammar.
  3. For the tests that assess on math and science, students need to muster the formulas. Also, they should be familiar with operating a calculator. They should carefully read all the questions before tackling any. If you want best ACT prep courses online go here.

What are the question types in ACT Aspire?

  1. Multiple choice – The choices are provided and the students are required to pick the most suitable answer from them.
  2. Constructed Response tasks – Here, the students need to think and find answers on their own.
  3. Technology-enhanced items – It involves the use of a computer. They may either need students to supply their own choices or provide answers for students to select the best one.

How are the performance levels assessed in ACT Aspire?

PLD (Performance Level Descriptors) is a tool that can be used to enable teachers as well as schools to comprehend the performance of the students in a given assessment. They also enable the parents to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their children. PLDs basically define the knowledge and skills that students need to possess in each level: Masters Grade Level, Meets Grade Level, Approaches Grade Level, and did not meet Grade Level.

What is the calculator policy for the ACT Aspire test?

Sharing of calculators during the test is prohibited. They are however allowed to carry a spare calculator in case one fails to function. They are also allowed to bring with them extra calculator batteries but not have an additional calculator on the table. The calculators must be checked and confirmed by the school before the test

What is the ACT Aspire testing window for 2022?

The ACT testing window is between 4th April- 4th May for grades 9-10. The Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) are taken by cognitive disabilities students between 1st April- 17th May 2022.

What was the earlier assessment conducted before the Introduction of ACT Aspire?

The earlier assessment method used up to 2013-14 was the Arkansas Benchmark test. The department of Education then decided to use a test method known as PAARC.

Resources available to prepare for the ACT Aspire test

  1. Workbooks for practice
  2. Aspire Arkansas practice test
  3. ACT questions for the English test
  4. Aspire exemplars science
  5. Aspire worksheets
  6. Aspire practice test for Math
  7. Aspire 5th Grade practice test for science

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