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How to Put Travel Nursing on Your Resume?

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This guide will help you learn how to add travel nursing on resume and determine what must be included and what to put first. Follow the rules and learn from the example.

When there comes a question about whether one must include travel nursing experiences on a resume, the answer is clear: it must be there. Once a specialist evaluates your resume, it comes down to your ability to deliver strong communication and clinical analysis skills. The more you travel and understand people of diverse backgrounds, the higher your experience level.

It also shows that you are comfortable with different cultures and types of clinical international assignments. Moreover, traveling nurses also belong to some of the highest-paid jobs in the industry, which also increases your career and employment opportunities.

The main challenge with travel nursing and resume writing is knowing how to put travel nursing on resume. It is exactly what we shall review in this helpful guide to let you determine the following:

  • Clarity of your employer’s name with the inclusion of facility and location.
  • An explanation of the assignment type with specifications regarding being permanent or traveling.
  • Details of your nursing specialty and details of your challenges.
  • Indication of start and end dates.
  • Your specific duties and the list of skills you have implemented.

Let’s get into details and learn how to list travel nursing on resume rules!

Should I Put Travel Nursing on My Resume?

Put Travel Nursing on My Resume

When writing your nursing resume quickly and correctly, you should consider the practical aspect. It means that you should not just make a list but talk about your experience to make your personality even more interesting and applicable to practice. This is where knowing how to add travel nursing to resume correctly is essential because it helps to show you from another angle and actually expand your skills.

Remember that a travel nursing experience should not be made as a separate resume or a paragraph. The best solution is to include everything organically and add the travel part to your professional experience section.

In most cases, you must start by adding “travel registered nurse” or implementing “staff registered nurse” as an alternative tag. It will instantly help to distinguish your professional experience and clarify that you have worked as a traveling nurse or assisted as a staff nurse. Your role and nursing credentials are the most important elements to mention straight away as you learn how to put travel nurse experience on resume by making it clear!

Speaking of aspects you should not include when talking about being a travel nurse, include the list of your hobbies or experiences related to your boarding or living a difficult life in the hotel. Do not include any jobs that are not related!

Discussing the cultural points, mention them through the lens of volunteering, like in Top Interview reviews. When discussing sensibility or rural healthcare practices, keep things concise and connect your narration to your professional objectives. Thus, it will help you to keep within the word count and correct formatting.

How to Add Travel Nursing to Resume?

The travel nursing experiences are added under the job title section with the following “professional experience” part. As a way to make it a bit less complex, let’s narrow things down regarding how to make a travel nurse resume correctly:

  • Travel Nurse should be your job title that can be placed in bold, depending on your resume design.
  • List your travel nursing assignments by using the “Nursing Experience” part.
  • Whatever design you choose, your work history must be listed chronologically. Place your most recent international assignments first.
  • Mark a difference between permanent nursing employment and travel nursing assignments.

Tip: Your resume must be concise and inclusive, which is another way to show why your travel experience matters.

Travel Nursing Resume Formatting

When you list your international nursing assignments, there is a classic format you should follow:

  1. Provide a complete name of your employer or the organization’s name (institution).
  2. Specify your travel assignment by specifying whether you have a permanent or travel assignment. It’s one of the critical aspects when learning how to list travel nurse on resume
  3. Define your nursing specialty by discussing the unit or department where you worked.
  4. Talk about the start and end date you have for a single assignment.
  5. Provide your specific duties and responsibilities in an accessible and clear manner.
  6. Offer information about the hospital or a field unit where you have worked to clarify where and why you have worked.

The Use of Common Nursing Terms and Style

UseNursing Terms and Style

Your travel nursing resume must be accessible first, so you should focus on the style and the use of nursing terms to offer only the most critical information.

Since there are thousands of applicants, people will search by keywords and specific practical experience. It is a reason why the use of medical terms must be there! You already have more chances if your resume comes up with the automatic tracking system.

  • It is recommended to use bullet points with the medical terms.
  • Avoid long phrases like “I have been involved” when the word count and space limit you.
  • Use Microsoft Word to format things correctly.
  • Avoid fancy graphics and odd fonts.
  • Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, and point 12 are recommended.

Key Takeaways to Consider

Your travel nursing resume must provide the following:

  1. List your practical experiences with examples and case studies.
  2. Provide detailed information about the employer that has hired you.
  3. Offer your license and position by specifying it at the start.
  4. Provide more technical nursing terms and list equipment and units instead of using a narrative style.
  5. Avoid using complex designs for your resume, or learn how to make a quick resume.
  6. Talk about your travel experience under the “professional experience” paragraph.
  7. A travel experience helps to make you more appealing to medical professionals and institutions.
  8. The sociocultural aspects are essential if you have participated in a volunteering project.
  9. Provide abbreviations and have an explanation of unknown terms when you use them for the first time.
  10. The presence of travel nursing aspects helps to add more to your resume by showing your cultural experience factor and readiness to work with diverse patients.

Sample Travel Nursing Resume

Of course, seeing an example of a travel nursing experience on a resume is much better than hearing about it and even learning all the rules. Here is a typical best job descriptions for resume sample you must consider:



Diverse UNESCO Travel Assignments; 2017-2019

Offering analysis, my professional duties provided direct patient care in multi-system environments, assisted critically ill patients, and offered an analysis of immobile individuals. Offered professional skills and consulting in diverse ICU environments, dealing with cardiac, stroke, trauma, and patients that required medical and surgical intrusion.

  • Helped to recover the patients who needed urgent post-open heart surgery in limited conditions.
  • Assisted in the coordination of complex invasive monitoring and therapeutic work.
  • Provided intra-aortic balloon pump catheters and CRRT assistance; also worked with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.
  • Offered help with hemodynamic monitoring duties and worked with pulmonary artery catheters.
  • Worked in the ER environment by offering IV drops and working with sedatives.
  • Provided shifts for colleagues and offered mental support as a charge nurse.

The travel experiences have also helped me to become prepared for work in field conditions and under extreme environments. It has helped me to make urgent decisions and provide medical and surgical nursing assistance in almost any workflow condition.


How do you put travel nursing experience on a resume?

You must include information about your employer, your position, the skills you have used, and details about what you have done. One should specify the dates of your international assignment and clarify what specifics will add to your experience and skills.

How do you list travel jobs on a resume?

Presenting travel experiences must be done through social skills and volunteering. Talk about your volunteering and the things you have learned. It is necessary to talk about both short-term and long-term freelance work. Talk about the skills that can be used in other nursing environments or situations where work in the field is necessary.

How do you put nursing skills on a resume?

Offering nursing skills on a resume goes beyond certification like BLS or CPR and diplomas. If you have worked in conflict zones or had experience working in rural areas, implement workplace descriptions. Use the best cover letter writing services to write correctly by discussing your key achievements, your daily tasks, and the vital aspects you have gained for your nursing career.

How do I write my nursing experience on a resume?

Discuss your nursing experience honestly by connecting your practical experiences to certain objectives set by the institution or the hospital you are applying. Don’t forget to mention your soft and hard nursing skills by including case studies briefly to show that you can settle specific problems and find solutions.


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