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How to Sell Yourself on a Resume With Examples

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In an increasingly competitive job market, learning the fundamentals of how to sell yourself on your resume is more important than ever. As the global economy recovers from a pandemic-induced drop in productivity, more and more businesses are looking to expand their teams and turn around their losses.

However, how can you tweak and change your resume to make yourself a more appealing prospect?

You can have a large chunk of experience and exposure that can outrightly land you a job interview from HR, but most recruiters look beyond that.

The art of self-promotion is an integral part of any job application. For those seeking to improve their resume, our review offers great insight into one of the industry’s top services. Make sure your resume is as outstanding as your skill set by checking out the details.

It will help if you write it to seem irresistible. You need to understand the strategic areas and points you must focus on. Your goal should be to define who you are professionally and what you can offer current and prospective employers. Once you understand this, your resume will practically write itself.

We’ll be discussing today in this article: how to sell yourself on your resume objective, so your application rises to the top of the list and inspires those reading it to keep reading and call you back for a follow-up interview.

What to Say to Sell Yourself on Your Resume

According to Undercover Recruiter statistics, recruiters and HR managers spend only three minutes reading a resume. They frequently decide on that candidate within the first minute of reading their resume.

According to the authors of that report, one-fifth of recruiters will reject a candidate’s application before they finish going through their resume. This is because they aren’t seeing why they should employ you in the first 3 minutes they go through your resume. So, whatever you say should be short and brief if you want to sell yourself.

What to put on your resume to sell yourself depends on your qualifications and the job you’re applying for. Here’s how to sell yourself on a resume with no experience; there’s also how to sell yourself on a resume with entry-level jobs.

To know what to say in your resume, you must pay close attention to a job offer, description, and all that is required for the role you’re applying for. It would guide you on the direction to take while writing it. The job description would lead you to explain why you are the right fit for the job.

For example, let’s say you’re applying for the firm’s social media manager role. Rather than telling HR that you’ll handle their social media account well, you can look at the job description. Filter out why they need a social media manager, and explain in the resume how you’ll help solve those problems professionally.

You can also say great things about yourself, although it must align with the role you’re applying for. You can say something like this:

  • I can handle multiple tasks daily
  • I’m very keen on time management and very apt on deadlines
  • I solve problems using a creative approach
  • I have experience working as a team and individually.

How to Sell Yourself on a Resume Objective

Here’s a list of things you can do to sell yourself on a resume:

Keep Your Resume Short and Detailed

This looks ambiguous, but yes, your resume should be short and detailed. Keep it short and snappy to appease any HR managers or recruiters who pick up your resume.

It also means that any one-size-fits-all approach to sending out resumes and cover letters will fail if it appears plagiarized from a previous job application.

Sell Your Job Experience and Achievements

Successful resumes sell you as the ideal package, not just your qualifications. It should inspire recruiters to make their first best guess, making it a compelling portrait of your strengths and skills.

Help employers understand what you were responsible for, how well you did it, why it was necessary, and how you can replicate your success for them.

You create excitement by selling your relevant qualifications for the job when you market yourself through it. The key is presenting your background information so the employer sees them as advantages.

Sell Your Job Experience and Achievements

Explain Why You Are the Right Fit for the Job

Now that you’ve piqued the interest of the HR manager or recruiter, it’s time to sell yourself even more. This is where Simon Sinek’s idea of “finding your why” comes into play when demonstrating to an organization that you can add value beyond the immediate role on offer.

Suppose you can communicate what you do and why you’re passionate about doing it. In that case, you’ll be much more likely to attract the attention of organizations looking to hire like-minded and passionate individuals.

The phrase “hire for will and train for skill” is frequently heard these days, and for a good reason. If you explain why you’re passionate about what you do, your resume will likely outperform several competitors. It allows you to be different from the crowd. To learn how to put shadowing on a resume, you can read our article.

Show Your Skills

A candidate’s willingness or ability to learn new skills often distinguishes ordinary candidates from extraordinary ones when applying for a role. While you are undoubtedly talented in your field, this does not preclude you from learning something to improve your skills or communication.

Employers frequently ask new hires to learn ‘their way,’ which can be difficult for those unwilling to invest time in their development. Make it straightforward on your resume that you’re not only interested in learning new things but that you’re actively looking for them to help you grow.

If you make it clear to a human resources manager in your resume and cover letter that you want to learn, they will likely move your name to the top of the shortlist and reward your proactive approach. If this isn’t clear enough, you can check out how to write a killer resume article.

Hire Professional Resume Writers

You can hire professional resume writers to help you write a mind-blowing resume. You can hire freelancers or content writing agencies that have a lot of experience in writing professional resumes.

You can also check our articles on the best resume writing websites for all levels and how to write a killer cover letter for more information.


Job Experience

Sales Rep| June 2019- June 2021

This shows you served as a sales rep, but your impact and achievement are not detailed. With this, you’re not selling yourself to your recruiter; you are telling him of your past job experience.

Job Experience

Sales Rep || June 2019- June 2021

  • Worked in a cooling housing market (down 11% from the previous year)
  • Became the top sales rep, selling $7,800,000 in 12 months — 13 homes at $600,000 on the floor.

It is the same job experience, but this is more convincing, and it’s you selling your experience with what you were able to achieve while taking up the role. This is an excellent description of selling it.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep your Resume Short and Detailed
  • Ensure you sell your Job Experience and Achievements, not just Tell it to your recruiter.
  • Show that you have a solution to the problem that the company is looking for.
  • If you can’t write it yourself, hire a professional resume writer.


Use your resume to market yourself throughout your job search. With it, you are selling yourself as a product to land an interview. Your resume should be an advertisement to entice the reader to continue reading. We tend to buy some products because of how they are advertised to us, and most times, they aren’t always the best on the market.

It is the same for your resume; if you can effectively market yourself, you may have a better chance of getting a response than someone with better credentials. You can also check out our article on avoiding fluff in your resume to see the things you should avoid saying in your resume.


How do you sell yourself in 25 words on a resume?

Just imagine you’re doing an elevator pitch and need to convince your recruiter in less than 30 seconds. Highlight your standout features and ensure everything is spelled correctly. Keep points in sync to the job you’re going for, don’t include all experience.

What to write to sell yourself for a job?

Research about the organization and know what they need you for exactly. So after your research, write out the solution you will provide if they hire you.

Also, show how proficient you are by showcasing your detailed experience and achievements.

Ensure you write enough experience and a well-detailed summary of your skills.

Lastly, show your enthusiasm for the organization and how much you want to be a part of its success.

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