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By Brooke Hayes fb Oct 11, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

The bare minimum to stand a chance of success in today’s super-competitive job market is a good resume. It is the first point of contact between you and that dream job. If you want to make a strong first impression and be noticeable among many other candidates, you simply can’t leave it to chance! Even if you possess all the necessary skills and competencies, if your resume doesn’t catch the eye, it won’t get you to the interview stage. A lot of recruiters are overwhelmed with applications; thus they can seldom spare more than a minute for each candidate to decide if they warrant further interest. No wonder there is such an increase in the number of professional resume writing services! But how to choose the best? Is that one legit or scam?

One of the best reviews our team has come across was of the website It is consistently among the top five best options that will help you get your CV up to par. Our peer review just proves this. We believe it is one of the best measures of quality because it takes into account all the subtleties that ensure your CV is top-notch. Our experts have studied and edited hundreds of different resumes, a lot of which have gone on to bring success to their subjects.
There are several criteria we choose to identify whether a resume is well-written. Above all, it is the feedback from recruiters. It is a sound idea for candidates to request feedback in case of both success and failure. This way it is possible to determine which aspects the candidate needs to improve on to be successful in the future or share the best practices with strong candidates with weaker CVs. Other criteria include length, formatting, emphasis. Each resume needs to be tailored to the needs of the employer. It is impossible to produce a generic CV that will suit all your needs because job description for each position must be taken into account. With generic CVs, all you will do is antagonize the recruiter, who has to go through hundreds, if not thousands of CVs. Most job descriptions clearly state the essential and desired competencies and qualifications. If you ignore those, you have no chance of going beyond the initial stage of application. A general rule of thumb is to keep your resume easy on the eye and emphasize the key points. Resist the temptation to just list all your achievements and experiences! Ponder what is relevant to that particular job – what will make the recruiter nod approvingly?
There are different variants of resume writing, but we will concentrate on the four common ones. Depending on the industry, company, and position you need to use the preferred one for your purpose. Do the research and read around what your prospective employer is looking for.
The first type is chronological, which lists your work history by dates starting with the latest. A lot of employers favor this type because it provides them with a good overview of your career. If you have no lapses and your recent jobs relate closely to what you are applying for, this is a safe option to go for.
A functional resume, which is the second type, doesn’t place as much emphasis on your work history, focusing instead on your experience and skills. If your career path isn’t entirely logical or you had major changes, this could be your first choice.
A combination resume is a mix of the two above, where you highlight your traits and skills, but also place your workplaces chronologically. This can prove tough and take up a lot of space, therefore be wary of blindly applying this technique.
The final kind is a targeted resume. This is the most specific type you can use because it is customized to the position you are applying for. Everything else, including your history, background, and abilities are listed if only they reflect job requirements in some way. This type can be time-consuming because it presupposes close study of the job description and the company’s activities. Above all, you ought to emphasize how you possess the required competencies listed by the employer. Some of the skills you value highly may have to be omitted altogether if they have little relevance to the requirement of the job.
Whilst it is useful to know how to write a resume, it takes years to master the art and produce impeccable CVs every time. This is exactly why resume writing services are becoming increasingly popular. Their experts know what each job description implies and can tailor the resume accounting for all the nuances that matter to the employer.

When it comes to pricing offers very reasonable rates compared to other top-rated services. At under $96 for a resume from scratch and $104 for a package including a cover letter and a follow-up letter, the prices are very competitive. The payments are processed securely, meaning you need not worry about it getting lost somewhere. service also provides you with a very safe payment, just have a look for comparison.

This website offers all level of resumes, but what is certain is that all of their writers are highly qualified, which is testified by positive customer resumewritingservice biz reviews.

To add to the trustworthiness, the resource provides around the clock support through email and telephone for free. Their team is open to any queries and are able to process and solve problems swiftly, which is very important for your peace of mind. is user-friendly and mostly intuitive. We encourage you to try it for yourself. Test their support by sending your query too!

  • Low prices;
  • The high quality of delivered documents;
  • Convenient customer service and responsive support team;
  • They also offer some useful career tips, links, and other useful sources;
  • Professional writers;
  • Resume samples available.
  • One of the drawbacks, in our opinion, is that the website looks slightly outdated.
  • Some of the tips appear clichéd (but not necessarily for all of you!).
  • Also, if you are a first-time user you might be put off by the need to pay in advance before the work is done.
  • Another thing we noticed is that it can be tough to find what you are looking for and FAQ doesn’t quite address all the questions a user may have initially.
  • We also had slight delays with pages loading (although that might be also a bad Internet connection!).
  • Payment methods are safe and convenient but there are not many options.
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All in all, we would undoubtedly recommend this resource to all those inexperienced at resume writing, but feeling they deserve a good career nevertheless. With a little assistance, you can go a long way!

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