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How to List Notary on Resume

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Do you know how to list a notary on a resume? If the answer is “no”, then you have come to the right place!

Looking for a job is a tough challenge, isn’t it? The truth is – offers do exist, but the competition is tough in almost every industry. One statistic supports that statement – people that apply for 20 to 80 jobs have the biggest chances to get employed.

But, is there a chance to reduce that number? Everything depends on your expertise, work experience, and a bit of luck. In other words, your task is to write a unique resume that will ensure you a job interview where you can prove who you are and why you deserve to get a job!

Should You Put Notary Public in Resume?

Creating a good resume requires an additional level of creativity. You need to add something that will split you from the masses and make you interesting to the hiring managers. That is the reason why we want to teach you how to put a notary on your resume. Doing that will certainly boost your chances of getting an interview invitation! Did you take time off from your job? Re-enter the workforce by adding judicial internship to resume.

Unfortunately, most applicants do not even know how to add a notary to a resume properly, so let’s find out together some useful tips!

How and Where to Add Notary on Resume

There are three ways to add a notary to a resume, and each one can bring the best possible results. Let’s find them out!

Add Notary to Work Experience Section

Source: Qwikresume

Have you ever worked as a notary public? If the answer is “yes”, how to say you are a notary on a resume is not going to be a big problem. Simply put it in the work experience section like in the example that we shared above.

As a rule of thumb, people primarily highlight the place where they worked and how long they worked as a notary public. After that, it is recommendable that you use a bullet list to highlight the main responsibilities that you had back then. If you manage to do this part of the job right, then you can be sure notary public in your resume will certainly raise your chances of getting a job!

Add Notary Public to Certificate Section

The certificate section is certainly one of the options. But, how do you list the notary public on the resume certificate section in the right way? Believe it or not, the answer depends on the structure of the document that you plan to submit.

If you are using the functional type of format, then adding an Education subheading there is the answer to “how to put notary public on resume properly?” On the other hand, if you are using the chronological resume format, it would be more appropriate to put this characteristic under the Skills section.

Don’t worry, we know these tips may seem a bit confusing as they certainly require a high level of creativity. You can always hire experts to write this part instead of you. But, before doing that, read the legal resume writing service reviews, and ensure that you are making a good decision!


Still not sure where to put a notary on a resume? Well, writing this fact in the summary section is another option that you have. Check out the example below!

Source: Coverlettersandresume

As you see, there is nothing too long or complicated! Highlight all the things you did, how long you worked on notary public jobs, and shortly describe your achievements if you have any.

Actually, you can consider this as a mandatory option in case your notary public expertise can ensure you an interview invitation. Combine this option with the previous ones we mentioned in case you want to be a step closer to your goal!


Bo Bennett said in one of his interviews – “Resume is a written exaggeration of the good things that each candidate has done in the previous period”.

Remember that quote! Forget about personal disadvantages, and focus on things that you can offer. That is the reason why a notary deserves to be on your resume.

You now have an idea of how to include the notary public on your resume. But, things may be more difficult when you start applying our pieces of advice. That is the reason why legal writing services may help.

Does everyone know how to put case competition on a resume (find out more here) or how to list PMP on a resume (we explained this as well)? It is okay not to understand everything immediately. Use the assistance and grab some useful tricks that way for the future!


Where to Put Notary Public On Resume?

You can put it in the summary section (at the beginning of the document), in the work experience section as well as in the certificate section.

Does Being a Notary Look Good on a Resume?

It does, especially if it proves certain skills that the employer is looking for. Do not hesitate to add it. Check out the tips above and use the method that suits you the most.

Also, dig this guide if you have experience attending conferences and don’t know how to list them on your resume.


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