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How to List Teaching Certification on Resume

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The importance of teachers in society can’t be overemphasized. As a result, it is no surprise that state boards of education and school districts require teachers to meet high standards. The principals and school administrators also scrutinize resumes whenever it’s time to hire new teachers to find the most suitable candidate.

One of the most effective ways to boost your chances of getting your dream teaching job is to get a professional certificate. A certificate won’t just show the school management your skills and expertise, but it will also show how passionate you are.

However, several applicants still don’t know how to list teacher certification on resume. In this article, we will teach you how to put teacher certification on resume and also provide some samples.

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Should I Put Teacher Certification on My Resume?

Before we go into the details of how to describe teacher certification on resume, you should know the right time to list it in your resume. Which prep course is right for you? Compare Princeton Review vs Blueprint LSAT side by side.

When It Is Requested By the Employer

This is the major reason why anyone would want to learn how to add teacher certification to resume. School managements that require applicants to have a specific certification won’t consider any resume that doesn’t include it. So, if your prospective employer has requested a skill that you have, it is in your best interest that you list it. Get where to get resume writing training with our help.

To Show Experience

It is a good idea to include your certificate in your resume if it’s going to show the school management that you have a significant level of experience. This is because only professionals that have a specific level of experience are eligible for certain certifications. So, your prospective employer will know your level of experience if you present this piece of information.

To Show Extra Skills

Another reason why you may want to learn how to add teacher certification on resume is to show your prospective employer that you have the necessary skills for the job. For example, when you list Elementary and Middle School credentials, it will show the school that you can teach little kids excellently.

When You Have Little Practical Experience

When applying for a job, you may have the necessary skills only to discover that you don’t have the required level of experience. A good solution in such situations is to include a certification that will cover up for the experience that you lack. Your prospective employer will recognize your dedication to the advancement of your career.

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How to List Teacher Certifications on Resume

To make your resume stand out, you need to know where to put teacher certification on resume. Follow the simple steps below:

1. Mention the Title

Firstly, create a new header and name it “Certifications”. It should be the same font and font size that you have throughout the document. Under the header, write the full name of the certification. Ensure that there are no errors in your spellings and spell out all abbreviations. This will enable your prospective employer to carry out a Google search if they aren’t familiar with it.

2. Add the Issuing Organization’s Name

For the hiring manager to be able to verify your credential, you have to mention the organization that awarded it to you. Again, remember not to make any errors while typing the name. We also recommend that you include a link to the organization’s website if you will be submitting the document electronically.

3. Include the Date Received

You may be wondering the importance of mentioning when you were awarded the certification. Firstly, it will help your prospective employer to discover how long you have held it. During the process of validating your credentials, this piece of information will make it easier for the issuing organization to find your data. Should there be a need to renew it, ensure that you include the most recent renewal date.

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4. List the Expected Date

Applicants who are yet to receive their certificates are allowed to include them in their resumes. If you find yourself in such a situation, you have to include the date that you expect to receive the certificate. You should also let the school management know your progress in the certification process.

5. Include Relevant Skills

You can make your resume even more attractive by listing skills that are related to the certificate. However, you don’t have to include this information if you don’t have enough room in the document. By listing your relevant skills, your prospective employer will get a better idea of what your certificate stands for.

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Existing Certificate Sample

If you have already been awarded the certificate, here are some examples of how to include it in your document:

Special Education Certification

US Teaching Academy, 2018

Expiry Date: October 2022

Relevant Skills: Sign language

Library Science

American Association of Law Libraries. Issued Nov. 2020

Renewal Date: Nov. 2022

Expected Certificate Sample

If you are yet to receive your certificate, it shouldn’t stop you from applying for your dream job. All you have to do is to mention that it’s in progress and the expected date of completion. Here is how to list teaching certification on resume when it’s still in progress.

Reading Specialist (in progress)

Texas A&M University

Expected Date: February 2022

Health Teacher (in progress)

National Organization for Public Health

Expected Date: April 2022

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